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    Many professionals are notoriously late for something … their appointment with us! It’s supposedly proper to be “fashionably late” for parties. But as cat slaves we must pay heed to the all-important rule: “Never, ever be late for dinner!”



    Can’t find a crossover pic.

    Before it is too late.



    Yes, it’s too late now Sarah! πŸ˜† Seriously cute pics again guys–thank you all for taking such efforts for us–it’s greatly appreciated!

    Well, I don’t have anything planned for today, just me and Avery maybe watching a movie that she brought, and playing with some new stuff too–it’s fun to let your inner child loose occasionally!



    Too late for Jason too!!! πŸ˜‰

    And some a$$hole driver was just about too late in realizing that she had a stop sign and I was in middle of crossing the street. I shouted at her: “There’s a stop sign! Thank you!” She smirkingly said “You’re welcome.” So I said: “Bitch!” And did not wait around for her reply. Some peeps think that they are “all that.”

    A quick vent. So having not received a confermation call from dermatologist’s office for appt early tomorrow am, I called. Seems that the purrfect receptionist of many years is no longer there. And new one is anything but polite. I asked is this X? No, she huffily responds, X isn’t here anymore, this is Y. And adds that she would have called me this pm. This has happened previously when X left for a time then returned as her replacement got fired. I had no prob with her, but dermatologist told me that was not good with the patients and inefficient. And that she’s wished that patients would have complained before months went by. She of course has an entirely diff interaction with receptionist. Well, tomorrow I will be having a word with the doctor about this new person. Now she might be new and inundated with calls, but still. And the previous one would take my obsessive calls and had the experience to answer basic questions, which I will also mention. I don’t appreciate peeps who don’t do their job properly. OK, it was a longer vent. πŸ˜‰

    Got home from gym and am now in process of editing project. And then have a short bit of “light” DIY planned.

    Then I might knit and watch a PVR’d bio of the late gangsta-rapper Notorious B.I.G. Don’t think that it would quite suit Miss Avery.



    Hi all! … well, Irma looks like it could be coming my way πŸ™

    Mr. AV and I went to Sams club this morning and stocked up on water, and they were completely out by the time we checked out! It was crazy!! He also bought the last generator in town!! It was hard to find …. at least we can run the fridge if needed, and we bought extra propane for the grill, so we can cook …. luckily, our house is retrofitted with hurricane shutters …. later in the week, I’ll stock up on litter & wet food, and move Caddy in one of the bedrooms if we’re looking at a direct hit ….. been through this before, but it’s still scary! I hope GD and those on the east coast/Miami area are getting ready!



    Toot toot…waves from Up North on a drizzly cool Tuesday!
    Enjoying some down time this week…greetings from my purry duo Scoot/Luck too! Yup, they were serenading me last nite…not used to new temp relaxing ritual…Just bought some top soil – must fill li’l hole left by septic crew last week to check my 3 yr status…good – no need to empty yet but I need to repair their work…always something…wishing all a better than expected day…later/maybe!



    I was late to mom’s for lunch today. Thankfully she was not obsessing about lunch today and didn’t even know I was there for a while.

    Well, Irma is a cat 5. Sending good vibes your way, AV. I’m glad you prepare properly and in advance.



    AV, heard about Irma on news this am and thought about you and ECB as the warning was for the entire state. Smart to prepare in advance and I hope that all stay safe.



    lurk, lurk, lurk



    PG, I hope that you found something worth lurking at! πŸ˜‰

    And here’s an earworm referencing today’s theme by 80s Canadian rock band, Saga (another one of my many faves!) πŸ™‚



    AV, please stay safe–I haven’t been able to check the weather–I will check internet once I leave here.

    KJ, be careful when sassing drivers these days and you are on foot: your body is squishy and her car is not. That said, I agree with you 100%! And on the rant with the dermotologist–I would definitely explain to her how I felt, afterall, she is hiring these people to work for and represent her. I would also ask her about questions arising as one can’t always talk to the doctor–or would she like to call you back personally with the answer?



    For sure KZ. I did make sure that as I called out that woman, loudly, I was walking at my usual racing speed in the other direction.

    Proactive is my middle name. It’s touchy with dermatologist, as my questions tend to be srsly obsessional at times, ie when I am stressed out about something else. But after being a patient for like 14 yrs she for sure gets me, we’re on a first name basis. I just don’t like when things change which is how life works. *Sigh*

    Speaking of proactive, at gym cleaning guy was mopping the staircase outside spin cycle studio. The one that I have to walk down wearing shoes with metal cleats! Mentioned to him in English and French that there should be one of those warning things with “Wet Floor” or something like that. As he did not get it I had a word with reception and they said that it will be taken care of. Mentioned this to someone in locker room and they could not seem to get why I said anything at all. Some things I will just never understand. yet peeps complain about this or that, and do nothing, guess they just like to hear themselves talk.

    OK, me and my mood are off to bed now. Have a good night all!

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