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    Some may say that this Special Day is not needed, as a girlfriend should be treated nicely, and in a special way, every day of the year. This day is an opportunity to go beyond nice… all the way to spoiled and pampered. Now that’s efurryday – for kits!



    I went the other way on this KJ. I like the black kit.

    I’m watching Trailer Park Sharks. You don’t know what you’re missing.
    Cya and have a happy~

    Al final del día, siento el sueño (Spanish)
    After a busy day, I feel the sleep



    PG, these bizarre themes allow for such leeway – that’s what makes them so much fun.

    “So we compromised and got a cat” 🙂 Love it!

    This is true – someone asked me “What if you met “the perfect guy” – except he didn’t like cats?” Hello! “Then he wouldn’t be purrfect!”



    Good morning! Perfect theme for me today because my girlfriend and I are meeting for dinner tonight. Every girl definitely needs a black cat…my Eko is the best!

    Speaking of my kits…they are getting along well. Things seem back to normal, but it is discouraging how long it took it to get that way and how quickly all that can change. The stress and sleep deprivation have been so bad, I’m not sure if I’d ever have multiple cats again. :(.

    I’ve been popping in the last few days but haven’t had a chance to post sometimes. Joan, when you mentioned the Jersey beach of recent infamy, I smiled because I totally thought of you when I saw that on the news. I thought the whole thing was pretty funny, but I thought Jersey citizens like you might not think so.

    Busy day today…a house to clean, guitar lesson for older son, then dinner with my friend. Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!



    Hi ECB, glad you stopped in–have a great dinner!

    My cats are my best friends…and they still like me even after they’ve seen me nekkid…!!! 😆

    I have Avery today, after not having her for 4 days….I’ve missed her. She gives me ‘nose peeps’ now (rubbing her nose to mine) and then takes her finger and says ‘peanut’. Yea I know, more grandmother stories, but she is also doing well on the potty training. Seems like this time, SHE might be ready! 😆



    Paw up afternoon waves…LOL Men temporary…cats forever – luv it!

    Adding my 2.5cent worth:

    dog girlfriend cat girlfriend LOL
    Hmm… ;

    woman with cats
    IMHO this is more like cat girlfriend 🙂

    All in the Family:
    all in family kittehs
    LMyPurryButtOff 😉

    Sista – kits 😀
    OK, got interrupted at this place…gotta go…back on flip…



    JK, got a smile out of me too! Esp “His Mom”. 😉 And the stripey tabby w/ cradle o’kits looks like my Dorry!

    IMHO on kits vs. men. Could be based on my exp with men but: Kits are (generally) cleaner or self-cleaning; in better shape (as in more buff); they like to workout as in stretching and leaping; you don’t have to wash their socks or other things; they eat what you put in front of them; they never leave the toilet seat up; they’re not whiners. Don’t get me wrong I like guys and some girls can be genuine “B”‘s. But agree – kits furrever. 😉



    Afternoon all! …. funny pics today! …. finally a respite from the rain for a day, altho I understand it will fire back up tomorrow …. *sighs* …. Dau has been feeding a stray, who I think will soon become Dude’s girlfriend ….. she’s already named her Tammy …. another gray stripey, pretty girl! ok, time for me to run L8R all!



    Get in loser, we’re going shopping. Heh.

    Trailer Park Sharks, eh? I should pay closer attention to shark week.

    Glad you were able to stop in, ECB. I thought what happened was a little funny, but it was kind of a blatant “do as I say, not as I do.” I’ll give him credit for one thing, he makes no apologies. Ever.

    Hi JK. The few girlfriends I have are cat girlfriends. That’s cool. Dogs are great, but even better if they share their home with a cat. Love the sista kits in their bonnets.

    Oooh, Dude’s got a girlfriend!

    Taking Aslan to the shelter tomorrow – someone wants to meet him. I’m nervous, of course. I hope whatever happens, it will be best for him.




    Hi ECB. It just took a couple of weeks for your kits to settle down.

    Dude has a girlfriend!

    Wee Aslan may have his furever home! You can cry in the car JJ.

    These movies are on SyFy. It’s the B movie run up to Sharknado 5 on Sunday.



    PG, that vid gave me a laugh! Just how would a kit, lacking opposable thumbs fire a semi? Well at least it proves that the local police respond to calls. *Sigh*

    JJ, if Aslan gets adopted tomorrow I can only imagine how for you it will be simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking. As PG said, you can cry in the car. And in the Café.

    Well tomorrow I’m going to one of 2 lectures that I signed up for a while back. Topic is “What if …” about the fascination with alternative history. It’s at my old uni, but I’ve never been in that bldg. It’s a one-shot deal but hoping that I’ll enjoy it. Don’t feel like getting it together on my sorta sleep-in day, have to get my attitude in gear and get to bed.

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