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    With everything that’s going on, I meant to remember the murders of our fellow peeps in Canada. They were taken from us by (once again) senseless murders.



    Peeps will ask why? And “talking heads” will chime in with theories ad infinitum. And in the end there are no answers. Seems like every other week there is another horror.



    A lot of the recent ones seem like people “acting out”, and instead of simply committing suicide like many depressed and discouraged people do, feeling they have to make some king of “statement” by dragging along innocent people going about their affairs.

    One light in the tunnel was the extremely positive, disciplined and professional response of the first responders, from the police officer who talked down the perp to the ambulance and fire department crews who carried on calmly under fire.

    Like here, in Toronto that was the first beautiful spring day, and office workers and local residents were pouring out on the main drag to enjoy the sun and not having to wear heavy coats… Usually Toronto is far milder, but this winter even there has been brutal.



    It is important not to rush to judgement after such horrible events, but it seems that the perp was involved in a misogynist online group and may have wanted to kill as many women as possible. A majority of the victims were women, but that could also simply reflect the demography of a location with many office and retail workers.

    Polytechnique here on the 6th of December 1989 was a misogynist massacre.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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