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    Hi all! I’m back again with my little lion, LEO.
    I just want to update from my last post and also ask another question. Leo has POOPED, finally! and he has been going at it ever since. I’ve also started giving him some cat food(the wet food they sell here are terrible so I had to get dry food and soften them up in KMR) So far health-wise he’s doing well.

    the problem I have now is potty training. During the day when I’m not there or I’m not on my bed, Leo uses his bathroom very well, he doesn’t pee anywhere else but only one place. i give him lots of praise when he goes to the bathroom.
    However this changes when I go to bed. My room is a one room and my bed is low enough for Leo to jump on it and snuggle with me at night. And half way during the night i feel something wet… For some reason he is developing a habit when he sleeps on my bed he pees on it. I’ve “scolded” him for doing this but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m just going to think that this is like when a kid wets his bed during the night but it’s seriously annoying me. He’s still a baby so his urine doesn’t smell THAT bad… but i want to get rid of this habit before he becomes an adult.

    I tried putting him in a separate room(bathroom) and tying him up so he can’t reach the bed. When i do this he meows through the whole night.

    Any suggestions?



    Hi Joanna,

    Tying him up? OMG-PLEASE NO! I know you’re frustrated and I’ll give you as much help as I can now.

    I’m glad Leo is finally pooping in his box.

    Did you ask the vet. If he has a UTI? Some kits will pee out the box because when the do use the box it’s painful.

    Pick up some Nature’s Miracle enzyme removal and put it on the mattress and pillows; wash the linens with some in the washer as well. Wherever he has peed, use the Urine remover. Even if you’ve cleaned it, Leo can still smell his urine and he so he does again. I suggest getting a second litter box as well. Purrhaps, get some litter called “Kitten Attract” by Dr. Elsey. A lot of cats really hate scented litter so get some unscented litter.

    Some kits are so comfy and having fun that they don’t get off the bed in time to pee. Again, Leo can smell his urine so he’s “OK, this works.”

    Good luck,





    Dear Pussigato,

    Thank you for your reply!

    Don’t worry, I’ve only tied him once and even that didn’t last long (only about 30 min). I’ve took Leo to the Vet last week and he came out all good. No UTI, no worms (thank god).

    Unfortunately the country i live at doesn’t sell any of the products you have listed above -_- (one of the downsides living in a third world country). my current option is to just put down a towel where Leo pees and put his sandbox near the bed. I think Leo tends to feel too sluggish and lazy to go to his sand box(which I’ve put far from my bed) when he wakes up to go. I’m thinking of it optimistically because.. hey, at least he pees at the foot of the bed where i don’t even notice until my feet touches something wet.

    I’ll try this first and update you if there are any changes.

    Thanks again!



    Hi Joanne,

    I forget not everyone can stroll down to PetSmart to get needed products. If you’re so inclined, has the Nature’s Miracle but I have no idea how expensive shipping would be for you. So I found some homemade recipes for making an enzyme cleaner.

    The second recipe works well but do check for colorfastness.

    It’s possible that Leo has developed preference for a particular surface like your soft bed and pillow. Set up a 2nd box with softer stuff like newspaper. Shred it in approx. 4″ strips and put about 1″ in box. About 15 mins. after he eats/drinks take him to that box. If he’s used his other box, take a clump and put it in the new box. Remember, kits like privacy too. Put the new box in a private or less noisy place. I keep mentioning the 2nd box because you don’t want to just move his established box. That can/will create new problems.

    Hopefully this will help both of you.

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