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    Starting new thread for 2014. Originally penned by Dee. Joan has continued with this when has
    extra time to spare. Thought it was a good topic to bring into the new year!

    All taken from Associated Press.

    Today is Thursday, Jan. 2, the second day of 2014. There are 363 days left in the year!
    Today’s Highlights in History:
    On Jan. 2, 1974, President Richard Nixon signed legislation requiring states to limit highway speeds to 55 miles an hour as a way of conserving gasoline in the face of an OPEC oil embargo. (The 55 mph limit was effectively phased out in 1987; federal speed limits were abolished in 1995.) “Singing cowboy” star Tex Ritter died in Nashville at age 68.

    On this date:

    In 1492, Muhammad XII, the sultan of Granada, the last Arab stronghold in Spain, surrendered to Spanish forces.

    In 1788, Georgia became the fourth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

    In 1893, the U.S. Postal Service issued its first commemorative stamp to honor the World’s Columbian Expedition and the quadricentennial of Christopher Columbus’ voyage.

    In 1900, Secretary of State John Hay announced the “Open Door Policy” to facilitate trade with China.

    In 1921, the play that coined the term “robot,” ”R.U.R.” (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Karel Capek, was first performed in Czechoslovakia.

    In 1935, Bruno Hauptmann went on trial in Flemington, N.J., on charges of kidnapping and murdering the 20-month-old son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh. (Hauptmann was found guilty, and executed.)

    In 1942, the Philippine capital of Manila was captured by Japanese forces during World War II.

    In 1959, the Soviet Union launched its space probe Luna 1, the first manmade object to fly past the moon, its apparent intended target.

    In 1960, Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts launched his successful bid for the presidency.

    In 1971, 66 people were killed in a pileup of spectators leaving a soccer match at Ibrox (EYE’-brox) Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland.

    In 1981, police in Sheffield, England, arrested Peter Sutcliffe, who confessed to being the “Yorkshire Ripper,” the serial killer of 13 women.

    In 2006, 12 miners died in a methane gas explosion at the Sago (SAY’-goh) Mine in West Virginia, but one miner, Randal McCloy Jr., was eventually rescued.

    Ten years ago: Insurgents shot down a U.S. helicopter west of Baghdad, killing one soldier. British flights to Washington and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, were canceled as a security precaution. The NASA spacecraft Stardust flew through the halo of the distant comet Wild 2.

    Five years ago: President George W. Bush branded Hamas rocket attacks on Israel an “act of terror” and outlined his own condition for a cease-fire in Gaza. President-elect Barack Obama and his family arrived in Chicago after a holiday vacation in Hawaii. AirTran Airways apologized to nine Muslims kicked off a New Year’s Day flight to Florida. Actor John Travolta’s 16-year-old son, Jett, died at the family’s vacation home in the Bahamas. Peyton Manning won a record-tying third Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player award. No. 7 Utah finished a perfect season with a 31-17 upset of No. 4 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

    One year ago: The United Nations gave a grim new count of the human cost of Syria’s civil war, saying the death toll had exceeded 60,000 in 21 months. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton left a New York hospital, three days after doctors discovered a blood clot in her head. No. 22 Louisville toppled No. 4 Florida, 33-23, in the Sugar Bowl.

    Today’s Birthdays: Country musician Harold Bradley is 88. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is 72. TV host Jack Hanna is 67. Actress Wendy Phillips is 62. Actress Gabrielle Carteris is 53. Movie director Todd Haynes is 53. Retired MLB All-Star pitcher David Cone is 51. Actress Tia Carrere is 47. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is 46. Model Christy Turlington is 45. Actor Taye Diggs is 43. Rock musician Scott Underwood (Train) is 43. Rock singer Doug Robb (Hoobastank) is 39. Actor Dax Shepard is 39. Actress Paz Vega is 38. Country musician Chris Hartman is 36. Ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff (TV: “Dancing with the Stars”) is 36. Rock musician Jerry DePizzo Jr. (O.A.R.) is 35. Rhythm-and-blues singer Kelton Kessee (IMX) is 33. Actress Kate Bosworth is 31. Actor Peter Gadiot (TV: “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”) is 29. Jazz singer-musician Trombone Shorty is 28.

    Thought for Today: “It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” — Ursula K. Le Guin, American author.



    Adding a couple more links to add to the fun this year!

    Food for this month:


    Holidays for January:



    Taken from the Daily Nibble:

    A whole new year of food holidays means more than 365 days of different food festivities. Each month has foods with entire dedicating feasting months, plus foods with special feasting weeks.
    •Bread Machine Baking Month
    •National Candy Month
    •National Egg Month
    •National Hot Tea Month
    •National Meat Month
    •National Oatmeal Month
    •National Soup Month
    •National Wheat Bread Month
    •Prune Breakfast Month
    Other exciting events: National Pizza Week the second week of the month, National Meat Week the fourth week, and National Irish Coffee Week, also the fourth week. And, if you didn’t have enough pale gold Champagne on December 31, start the New Year with something bright and colorful:
    •January 1: Bloody Mary Day
    •January 1: Apple Gifting Day
    •January 2: National Cream Puff Day
    •January 3: Chocolate-Filled Cherry Day
    •January 4: National Spaghetti Day
    •January 5: National Whipped Cream Day
    •January 6: Bean Day
    •January 6: Epiphany (make an Epiphany cake)
    •January 6: National Shortbread Day
    •January 7: National Tempura Day
    •January 8: English Toffee Day
    •January 9: National Apricot Day
    •January 10: Bittersweet Chocolate Day
    •January 11: Milk Day
    •January 11: Hot Toddy Day



    Great thread, JK – thank you for starting it! Dee has so many resources and she was good at keeping us all informed of, well, everything! But I will do my best to get the day’s history lesson posted and I do enjoy doing it.



    So much info JK – hope there isn’t a pop quiz LOL!

    Now if I combine National Oatmeal Month with Prune Breakfast Month I’ll be doing myself a great service ;-). Apple Gifting Day, would an apple shaped snowball count? And don’t think I can hold out until the 11th for my virtual Hot Toddy.

    BTW, never properly thanked you last yr for these lists. “Cause when I mentioned to a friend that it was “National Roof Over Your Head Day”, well it made us all just stop and think for a moment about things we don’t usually consider.



    Sounds like a plan Joan, thanks!

    Woo Hoo, it’s Cream Puff Day…Yummers:

    Cream Puff with strawberries

    Enjoy virtual treat as we continue with day 2 of 2014!



    I’ve been to Granada, the Alhambra is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. There is a place there, which is called “El ultimo suspiro del Moro – The moore’s last sigh”. It is named so to describe the moment when he loudly sighed while looking back and longing for his Granada palaces, and in particular the Alhambra, an act which moved his mother to whip him with the famous “Now you weep like a woman over what you could not defend as a man.”


    that doesnt look like enough….x 10 that creampuff serving and im gud.



    All info taken from:

    January 3: Chocolate Filled Cherry Day, Fruit Cake Toss Day, Sleep Day

    Jan. 3, 2014
    chocolate filled cherry drinkie poo

    Chocolate filled cherry day!
    Do we really need to eat these small cherries, surrounded by chocolate, filled with some sort of thick syrup, on January 3rd? No. I have a better idea. The three kings are still following the bright star of Bethlehem to bring gifts to the Christ child (it does not matter if you believe this or not—just stay with me.) They won’t arrive until January 6th. Let’s toast them on their travels (it is the right thing to do) with a chocolate-covered cherry martini! I will show you how to make one.

    2 Ounces Chocolate Vodka
    1 Ounce Cherry Liqueur
    1/2 Ounce Cherry Syrup
    1/2 Ounce Creme de Cacao
    1 Ounce Half and Half
    1 Ounce Milk chocolate, melted (garnish)
    1 Tablespoon Milk or half and half (garnish)
    3 Whole Maraschino Cherries (garnish)


    To make chocolate covered cherries, melt milk chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave until it’s just melted.

    Pour chocolate over cherries, coating them well. Let them cool or stick them in the freezer for a few minutes to harden.

    Add ice and water to a large martini glass to chill it.

    In a cocktail shaker, mix together all other ingredients with ice.

    It’s also Fruitcake Toss Day/LOL:
    ?~ Fruit Cake Toss Day:

    Fruitcake toss day!
    For those of you who are still holding on to that fruitcake from National Fruitcake Day (12/27), you are now officially permitted to toss it, according to fruitcake etiquette. Just watch out where you pitch that thing; they have been known to do some damage.



    Year of the Horse fun with MUTTS

    LOL/year of Horse fun continues wit Mutts funnies!


    im with u! lovin da cherries….mmmm 3 wise men…3 cute arabs…im still with u lol




    Teddy RooseveltQuote of the Day
    The 26th president died on this date in 1919.
    “The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” — Theodore Roosevelt



    All taken from:

    Today January 7, 2014:
    Today’s Quote: If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it. ~ George Burns

    It’s Tempura Day:

    Old Rock Day, Tempura Day, Coldest Places


    Today in History, Jan. 7, 2014
    BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)Published: January 7, 2014

    Today is Tuesday, Jan. 7, the seventh day of 2014. There are 358 days left in the year.

    Today’s Highlight in History:

    On Jan. 7, 1789, America held its first presidential election as voters chose electors who, a month later, selected George Washington to be the nation’s first chief executive.

    On this date:

    In 1610, astronomer Galileo Galilei began observing three of Jupiter’s moons.

    In 1927, commercial transatlantic telephone service was inaugurated between New York and London.

    In 1942, the Japanese siege of Bataan began during World War II.

    In 1949, George C. Marshall resigned as U.S. Secretary of State; President Harry S. Truman chose Dean Acheson to succeed him.

    In 1953, President Harry S. Truman announced in his State of the Union message to Congress that the United States had developed a hydrogen bomb.

    In 1973, sniper Mark Essex laid siege at a Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge in downtown New Orleans for about 10 hours, killing seven people before being slain by police sharpshooters.

    In 1979, Vietnamese forces captured the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, overthrowing the Khmer Rouge government.

    In 1989, Emperor Hirohito of Japan died in Tokyo at age 87; he was succeeded by his son, Crown Prince Akihito.

    In 1999, for the second time in history, an impeached American president went on trial before the Senate. President Bill Clinton faced charges of perjury and obstruction of justice; he was acquitted.

    Today’s Birthdays: Author William Peter Blatty is 86. Pop musician Paul Revere is 76. Magazine publisher Jann Wenner is 68. Singer Kenny Loggins is 66. Singer-songwriter Marshall Chapman is 65. Actor David Caruso is 58. Talk show host Katie Couric is 57. Country singer David Lee Murphy is 55. Rock musician Kathy Valentine is 55. Actor David Marciano is 54. Actor Nicolas Cage is 50. Singer-songwriter John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting) is 49. Actor Doug E. Doug is 44. Actor Kevin Rahm is 43. Actor Jeremy Renner is 43. Country singer-musician John Rich is 40. Actor Dustin Diamond is 37. Actress Lauren Cohan is 32. Actress Lyndsy Fonseca is 27.


    mmmmm tempura yummmm


    ahhh teddy is keepin it rather fuzzy i see :p



    I must remember to read this thread more often this year. Only 1 week in and at 2 pages already. This is going to be an interesting thread.



    Hi MS, happy you are enjoying this thread!
    Today is January 8th!
    •January 8: English Toffee DayEnglish Toffee



    8th day of 2014 with 357 to follow.
    Holidays for Today:
    *Bubble Bath Day
    *Male Watcher’s Day/LOL
    *English Toffee Day/Yum
    *National Bath Safety Month – See more at:
    Today’s wit from Milton Berle:
    If opportunity knocks than build a door!

    Another Link to help us celebrate thru this year of 2014:
    cat Bubble Bath/LOL
    January 8 – Bubble Bath Day
    Ladies, take some time to pamper yourself and enjoy this day 🙂 Here is a site with a few great tips to make your bubble bath the best possible.

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