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    The poor Princesses couldn’t win. Criticised for the hats they wore to Prince Williams wedding they were now criticised for being boring with their hats for Prince Harry’s wedding.



    Today in History 06/04/18:
    ballonist in history woman

    1784: Madame Elisabeth Thible becomes the first female balloonist…
    Eight months after first manned balloon flight, Elisabeth Thible becomes the first female balloonist. She boarded the air balloon “Le Gustav” which was named in honor of the Swedish King, Gustav III



    A look back at D-Day 74 years later
    DDay 6 6 44
    On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, to begin freeing northwestern Europe from under the boot of Nazism. Although it was a decisive Allied victory that changed the course of World War II, thousands of courageous young men gave their lives on those beaches in northern France. The U.S. National D-Day Memorial Foundation has verified that 2,499 Americans and 1,914 from other Allied nations were killed on that day — a total of 4,413 Allied deaths.



    I was thinking about D-Day last night and hoping it would be remembered among the days.



    LG – Thank you for you share/tribute for this Day of Remembrance of All who gave so much for our Freedoms.

    More news form today’s day June 07 – in history:

    On This Day In History. What Happened Today In History

    1498 Christopher Columbus leaves on his third voyage of exploration.
    1546 The Peace of Ardes ends the war between France and England.
    1654 Louis XIV is crowned king of France.
    1712 The Pennsylvania Assembly bans the importation of slaves.
    1767 Daniel Boone sights present-day Kentucky.
    1775 The United Colonies change their name to the United States.
    with more…



    Happy Purrday Paul Gauguin 1848

    Paul Gauguin



    June Purrday’s this week:
    purrday artist
    Happy Birthday painter Gérard Schlosser. Schlosser was eighty-seven 06-12-18.

    Purrday artist
    Born today in 1854 painter and illustrator Jenny Nyström. 😉



    Wow, love Gerard Schlosser’s painting.



    Me too! Each detail so brilliantly captured!

Viewing 9 posts - 361 through 369 (of 369 total)

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