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    Chaos Never Dies Day recognizes the turmoil in modern, everyday life. Things a little crazy at home? “That place” hectic and disorderly? Thought so. Take some time to chill out in the Café!

    Hmmm … *Sigh*

    Seems like it is. 🙁





    Paw up waves on Friday’s Eve Day!
    Hee hee…Chaos…lol fun pics!
    Here’s Simon’s Kitten Chaos Fun as my share 😉

    OK…now for cuppa fave brew…
    chaos mug

    Cheers…almost Friiday!
    Back later/hopeful



    You know you’re cat people when you have two cats of your own, and your grown children come home for the holidays and each bring their two! My house will be chaos this holiday, with six!!!!!! But we’re looking forward to it 🙂

    Taking tomorrow off (Veterans Day) and taking MIL and 91 year old boyfriend down to outlet shops and lunch on the water …. should be a fun escapade!

    I’m so proud of myself, I got up and walked 3 miles this morning, then met my 87 year old mom for breakfast, it’s her birthday! Came home and getting my work wrapped up so I can ‘play hookie’ tomorrow …. have a great day all!



    Chaos and cats! Why esploding toilet paper?
    After a mild day yesterday, today is overcast and cold. 😡

    Bravo for you AV. I’m going to the pool.

    Cya and have a happy~



    Great pics – congrats to the photo hunters! Purrsonal experience of so many of these.

    Best wishes to Willow – a litter box that gives him room to manoeuvre sounds like a good idea.



    Well I avoided chaos by getting Dorry his dinner LOL. 😉

    Relatively busy day and getting outdoor gear together in case ‘as promised” it gets suddenly way cold. Meaning my down-filled coats have joined their lighter friends, i.e. suede/leather jackets in the main closet.

    Now that my browser has joined the modern age I can get back on to certain fave sites. Saw this on Greater Good Network, meaning that furries get bowls of food when one spends $$$.

    This mousepad IMHO looks interesting and would go nicely in my “new” office. Must give it some thought before I just buy something that I don’t really need (not that this ever stops me hehehe):



    Good afternoon all. It was a fine day and quite warm but there is some cloud cover now and possibly rain as a front skirt by us out to sea. It’s not going to stop HRH from sleeping outside wherever she is but it has stopped my plans of smoking a pile of banana peppers I bought yesterday. 🙁
    JK, Simon’s Cat never fails to put a smile on my face.
    AV, are you taking bookings for AV’s cattery? 🙂 😉 Six kits, things could get chaotic but I hope they don’t. Nothing worse than hurt kit feelings, raised hackles and floofed fur. Oh have fun tomorrow the the mature teens. I’ve found when the elderly get out and about together they can be quite a handful at times. 😀 Well done on the three mile walk before breakfast. Happy Birthday wishes for your Mum.
    Love the chaos and mayhem pics.
    KJ, cute mousepad.
    Great story.



    MS, that’s a wonderfully fascinating tale of two kitties. They really do look alike and they’re both beauties!



    Just like cats to confound us humans too.



    Those kits do look alike and I’m the family kept Autumn. My nephew had two torties who were alike. It took me years to figure out that Deo had a skinny gold streak down her nose.

    I love your mouse pad, so classy.



    Kapitikats two new kits Leia and Bhodi look so alike being brother and sister. I can’t tell them apart in the pics and vids I see of them.
    I wonder if we could call them Siamese twins.

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