Thursday – 5/1/2017 – TDK Café Honours National Bird Day

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    Bird watching is a favourite pastime of millions of people. It’s also enjoyed by kits – often with the intention to do more than just watch!



    I love the Calico with the watermelon and the bird in the cage, KJ.
    I used to have bird feeders but when I discovered Miss Gaea was making a sport of catching/eating them, I decided to get rid of the feeders. When she was out this morning, she went to a spot and was sniffing away. I didn’t see anything until I got closer. It was a bunch of dove feathers. I know it wasn’t Miss Gaea so purrhaps, I have a stray vistor?

    Here’s some stunning pictures of Peacocks:

    White peacocks (Pavo cristatus mut. alba) are not albinos, but rather a subspecies of blue peacocks (Pavo cristatus) due to leucistic genetic difference.

    Midnight (Pavo cristatus mutation negripennis and midnight)

    This image is circulating on Pinterest. It’s a photoshop of the White Peacock image. There are no bright fully pink peacocks.

    I’m watching the snow. I thought I would go out and get a start at shoveling because it’s coming down. Then I thought that it might be considered insane (to anyone else) if I went out now. 😆
    I guess I’ll go to bed.

    MS-I hope Airy got home safely.

    Cya l8r and have a happy~


    nighty night



    Crossover pic –

    PG, yes Airy got home safely and I am a much happier Mum now. Thank you for asking.
    OMG I am LOLing over the goth & hippie pic.
    Heading for bed.



    Love the goth/hippie, and the “Nevermore” Poe raven, and the peacocks! And of course the sleepy Dorry-esque tabby and his feathered friend.

    Peeps seem to be staying in yest Café. Whatever.

    Bitterly cold here and sidewalks are frozen over. But supposedly cold-wise this is nothing compared for what we’re in for on wknd when temps dip to -22C! 😮

    If there’s not too much wind it helps. On way home from gym last night I actually had to hold on to a structural rail else I was at risk of being blown into traffic!!!

    For now did gym thing, went for hair trim where “we” are gradually getting to where we are headed (me/stylist) style-wise. No plans to go out again today. A catnap might be in the works.

    Getting my work stuff in fits and starts, so that’s how it gets done. Not the way I do things, but it’s a paying job, so I’m not grouching.



    Paw Up w/Thurs PM Waves to anyone still around/lurking!
    Birds: Saw some this AM at bird feeder as was warming up car… Oj was waiting for me to refill water bowl too…fresh water – not frozen/yet!
    Did see Kiki earlier in the week but no Otto 🙁 Nomz are gone so someone is still getting fed 🙂

    Yesterday’s lunchtime walk find:
    Lion in winter
    Lion in Winter…It was about same today…currently +10 degrees/woo hoo!

    OK, pile of billy buds on desk…so back to part 2’s fun…back on the flip!
    Oops, almost forgot – Mwah, smooch for you Tux 😀



    “What bird?” Heh.
    Hi everyone – took Comet to the vet today. Felt bad for him with his sneezies and snot-flinging. He got an injection of Convenia, which helped him six months and one year ago. He’s sleeping it off now, hope he starts feeling better soon.
    I’m over my general freak out about the food recall, just have to contact the company and see what they are going to do about the 3 cases of food I have. I spoke with the vet about it who indicated that it could be a problem if it was a long term thing and if it was their only source of food. Of course I’ll still feed them something else until this is resolved. Thankfully the indoor crew is not affected.



    Afternoon all! …. that white peacock is amazing! …. and our Florida flamingos are very pink – beautiful birds actually! That crossover cat/bird made me LOL!

    Stay warm KJ!
    JK, I won’t even ask how you got that stone lion home! great find! I have two large stone griffins that sit outside my front door – gifts from Son some years back.
    JJ, I’m glad Mr. Comet is on the mend, and if I remember correctly, isn’t that walmarts’ brand of food? You should be able to take it back to them, they will take anything back!



    JJ, I can easily understand how food recall issue would freak you out. Good that you spoke with vet and got some reassurance. Now I would assume that the company will compensate you for your purchase, for decency and good public relations, and if it’s a store brand, same thing.



    I agree with AV, JJ. Pls take the cases of food back to Walmart and they will refund you.

    I spent 2 hours shoveling snow. Yea! I didn’t strain myself which is even better. We’re not getting above 15f/-9c until Tuesday. Thankfully, we don’t have the wind. I know this is silly but the wind makes me so angry.

    Miss Gaea wanted to go out with me so I let her. She did an about face right into the house. She, LilBit and Miss Moppet are rip snorting around.

    I love your lunchtime find. You work in a very nice neighborhood. Did someone replace the guy that just left?


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