Thursday – 4/1/2018 – It's Trivia Day – How Much Do We Know About our Kits?

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    This Special Day presents an opurrtunity to share many little knowledge tidbits about our purries!



    Good morning! I love the cat tail chart. Cats are such fascinating creatures…love them! Leo has the craziest raccoon puffed tail you’ll ever see…made more amazing by the fact that his fur normally lays very flat to his skin. Would try to get a photo of it, but we’re usually busy trying to prevent him from killing Eko when he gets puffy tailed…lol.

    We didn’t get snow in Jacksonville…just cold rain and a hard freeze which had folks worried about the roads…but I think they’re mostly okay. Tallahassee, a few hours west of us, did get snow…a decent amount by FL standards.

    I hope Joan and others in the cold places are finding ways to keep warm. I sure have been thankful for our heater this week. I even had to resort to shoes with socks yesterday. Usually I’m like, “You can pry my flip flops off my cold, dead feet.”

    We’re enjoying our last day of vacation today. Our Friday homeschool co-op starts up tomorrow and other regular classes and things next week. Did I mention I’m helping teach a geography class at the co-op? We’re covering Antarctica tomorrow…appropriate.



    Paw up waves…psst – it’s already Thursday – yay!
    Hee hee…like the kitteh tails share/thanks!
    Hmm…know kits like to have fun so
    on this 4th day on Jan ’18:

    may 4th be with you
    may the fourth be with you

    Also know kit – my Lucky tries to wake me up when just dosing last few min before must get up as daily timez for nomz fun! LOL

    OK…weather report from my n’hood…still COLD +4 but Sunny – may reach +10 woo hoo..alas, no sign of ferals or strays this AM…

    OK, time for cuppa fave brew…thanks Tux
    may fur be with you mug
    Mmm…cinnamon java 😀 later/hopeful



    Good morning – love all the trivia today! I didn’t know about the origin of Puss, thanks!
    Hi ECB, have fun in Antarctica!
    Guess your neighborhood bunch are hunkered down, eh JK? Hope they come around for noms soon.
    I’ve got the day off as most of our patients today are old folks and they’re not going out today. It’s been snowing sideways since 5 this morning and it’s cold. Berta went out before breakfast, but she’s back in. Dewey merely looked at the back door. Star and Huey came in for breakfast, but are back outside.
    It’s been 10 years since Jiggs has been gone. He was my gorgeous brown tabby Maine Coon and I was his person. In his early years and into his prime, he would have loved a snowy day like this. In later years napping by the wood burner was much better!



    I thought cats didn’t like water but now I know the reason. Thanks KJ.

    I got an A+ on my dental examination. This storm is hitting a lot of peeps in the states. There’s Storm Eleanor in Europe that was moving toward the British Isles. I talked to Niemh last night. She said the wind and rain were keeping her up but no major damage.

    No ECB-not real shoes… 😆

    Have a happy~



    Has anyone heard from Lagatta? She sounded miserable this weekend.



    Wow – took a quick walk, +11 and sunny – no strong breeze either…ok but not purrfect!

    Now, here’s purrfection!
    purrsday purrfection
    Couple of orangie showing kitteh purrfection on a Purrsday 🙂

    Keep on tippy tapping at this place as part 2 day 4 is waiting at my desk…so, time for a fill’er up please…thank again Tux…
    4th be with you mug
    …later as back on the flip!

    Psst …Joan & all in arctic/snow blast – stay safe & warm ya hear!



    pussigato, you may have seen my message above. I was able to get some much-needed exercise and fresh air yesterday. Feel much better.



    Hi all, glad everyone is staying warm, we’ve got another freeze warning tonight, so all furbabies are staying put for tonight! …..

    I had to de-Christmas all by myself today 😕 …. but got most things put away, just need Mr. AV to drag the tree out to the street, so the recycle guys can pick it up …. I hope all those feeling under the weather are on the mend …. my Hazel couldn’t come today cause she came down with a bug, so she went to the doctor.

    The vet came today to see Ve, her allergies are back, boy do they get bad quickly! Of course, Son is in Toronto with GF who flew in from Central Africa Republic …. she got 2 shots and a butt temp taken …. wasn’t happy, but will feel better soon! ..

    … time for me to get to making my chicken and dumplings – a comfort food for cold days! L8R all!



    Good morning or rather very windy morning. Just heard from Airy that she has made it to KK’s place and they are off out for lunch. The storm is only brushing them there. As for here wow is was a wild night. Heavy rain and winds. I woke to chainsaws and heavy duty chipper down the road as the council removed a fallen tree. We are fine so far but the winds are rising fast with gusts reaching 50mph now but supposed to reach 70mph later in the day. HRH has spent the morning in and out the door but I have kept her inside now as she was getting blown over. No rain for hours but more is on the way as the storm spins across the country and it hits us again.



    Hi ECB, Leo’s tail sounds amazing but the reason no so great. Brrrrr on the cold there. LOL on the topic you are teaching. I am very aware of it’s cold during our Winter and it sends a frozen finger of weather out at the country. Brrrrrrr.
    JK, you have lovely weather compared to other areas, you must be pleased.
    JJ, snowing sideways do NOT sound nice at all. We had sideways rain yesterday and during the evening when Mr MS and I went out. We ended up with wet legs and bottoms despite having an umbrella firmly gripped over us. The good things was everyone had wet bottoms and legs and we all steam dried inside. Get enough damp humans together in one roo and we all smell like damp cats or dogs. LOL
    Berta is being sensible for a mature lady, inside is the best place, those youngsters can go and play in the snow and use the shelters you have provided for them. I wonder if Jiggs plays in the snow at the Meadow.
    PG, it is Friday – here. You must have tuned in to my day. Oh and thank you for the first Christmas card of 2018, very forward thinking of you. I will leave it on display. Great result on your dental examination.
    Lagatta glad you were able to get out and about. I hate being stuck inside too.
    AV, you trooper de-Christmasing all by yourself. It’s quite a chore isn’t it. Brrrr freeze notice in Florida, seems so completely weird to me. Poor Ve, hope they go soon so she feels more comfortable.
    Lunch time and I feel I should fill a thermos flask in case we lose our power.



    PG, actually it’s thanks to the info superhighway that discovered all this stuff about kits.

    ECB, neat about teaching geography. Now I’m not all that proud to admit that I can’t find my own province on a Canadian map. 🙁

    I should try all those ways of petting Dorry, ‘cept the last one could put me in harm’s way! 😮

    Supposed to get some sort of snow bomb tomorrow – oh no!!!!

    Just got in a short while ago and totally wiped! After spin class went to hptl to see med prof re stomach thing. Mon results should be in determining whether the issue is bacterial or as MD strongly suspects viral. Bacterial means anti-biotics, viral means I have to just wait for it to go away on its own, but purrhaps I could get immodium which they won’t prescribe before results. I have previously scheduled appt Tues and we’ll take it from there. Must just get nomz in me and hope for no unpleasant reaction. *Sigh*

    Seems that ideally might have sourced out new fix-it guy. He comes into bldg to do odd jobs and has done stuff for 4 other peeps in bldg. Also one of the bldg admins has known him for like 20 yrs so this seems to be a good recommendation. Not a good plan for me to be tooling around with heavy glass fixtures!

    N brought by my final (for now) 2 prs of over-the-knee boots. They are awesome! Wore one pr already. We both said that they look like riding boots, ie higher in the front. Right now the shopping is purrfect. Bought me a cozy flannel house gown that’s a tin to one I have, at half-price! And picked up a bag with it’s own baby bag that store generously set aside for me.

    Plus ordered me some ankle wts which I wear on knee to do home workout. They’re at post office and I might call and see if they’re in, if now purrhaps tomorrow, unless city is shut down due to storm which “they’ve” threatened.

    Right now my furry friend wants his nomz and guess that I should think along those lines as well before I fall asleep at the ‘puter!



    Yes, and at least I have an abode – and a cat! I found my sleeping bag in my blanket chest (in case we have a power outage).

    It is very dry here, but I did some laundry and hung it up, which raises the humidity.

    I ache all over, but suppose I’m in good company, including many people with far more serious health issues than a bit of arthritis.

    One of my best friends will be returning from a long stay in Cuba (yes, she’s retired). I’m in charge of her house, but people have been staying there most of the time, so it hasn’t been too difficult in the severe cold. These are very dependable people who have stayed there before, more than once.



    I’m glad you got out Lagetta. Did Livia go out too?

    Poor HRH. The wind has no chance of knocking Miss Gaea or LilBit over. My card just got to you? Next year, I’ll send it in September. 😆

    I love Geography!

    What are Ve’s allergies? It’s good the vet. came by so soon.

    Purrsday – I love it!



    No. Livia chickened out. By next week it should get much milder, and she will probably want to go out.

    I want to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales to buy another pair of jeans, but except for yesterday it has been too cold to go shopping except in the immediate vicinity. There used to be a Reitmans nearby; it closed down. Business has re-opened, but is now a banner of that firm that is only plus-size. I’m plumper than KJ, but just as short and not broad enough in the waist or beam for a plus. Reitmans is a very “ordinary” shop, but their jeans fit me well and they have petites and even ultra-petites!

    Last year, their clearance sales continued well into January and it might well be the same this year as Sears Canada has closed down, producing a glut in the retail market.



    Snow has started up! And looks to be blowing way heavily!

    Very dry in my place too. I think I could do some sanding with my hands!

    You’ve never seen me Lagatta! 😉 I’m not too short, but yeah certainly thin or “wiry”.

    The sales will go on and on I’m thinking. Friend said this could be ’cause not too many shopped during the past bitterly cold days and stores want to get rid of stock. IMHO once you get to the underground city the weather is of no import. But to order boots online happily for $50 and discover price has been lowered to $30 when pkg and invoice arrives, well this is a good moment! Esp as I ordered brown and black prs to avoid decision making.

    Stomach not good seems that anything that I eat upsets me, ‘cept that I was OK during the day. Anyway I’m getting into cozy warm bed and hopefully sleep will come.



    I thought you said you were short as well, but I guess I misread “small”, in the sense of small around as small in both senses.

    Like many women, I put on some unwanted weight around the menopause, but fortunately have lost most of it, mainly through reducing portion sizes and upping exercise.

    Yes, the sales are continuing at Simons, and I want to get there, but I have too much work right now to take the time to travel downtown. Their stores are very attractive, with commissioned artwork. I’ve been to the Galeries d’Anjou store too, and have shopped at their original one in Québec for decades, when I was sometimes working there at events.

    Another factor is Sears Canada going belly-up and liquidating everything.

    But I haven’t seen any boots I want for $30!



    For sure I’m under the average size of 5’4″ as in 5′ – ‘cept I appear to be taller as my leg are very long – according to a former massage therapist who was also a kinesiologist.

    Suggest that you do not waste any time at Sears. Even though they are liquidating friend says stores are a total mess with nothing of worth left.

    Best place point in time for boots is the Bay and Globo. Too bad Simon’s doesn’t have a footwear dept, else I’d be there! But their tights collection is like no other. 🙂



    Oh, I had no intention of going to Sears. The closest to my place is Galeries d’Anjou – they used to have a place closer to me at Rockland, but that closed a few years ago, before the liquidation. It is simply a factor in there being a surfeit of merch left in the shops.

    I’m exactly the opposite; short legs, “normal” body. People are all different.

    Long legs are an advantage for cycling or running. I miss the women’s cycling championship that took place here; the time trials were in my neighbourhood and we could get a spot at a terrasse and sip espresso while the gals flew by.

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