Thursday – 30/11/2017 – It’s National Model Railroad Month!

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    Model railroading is a hobby in which rail transport systems are modelled at a reduced scale.

    The earliest model railways were the ‘carpet railways’ in the 1840s. Electric trains appeared around the start of the 20th century, but these were crude likenesses. Now model trains today are way more realistic. Today modellers create model railway layouts, often recreating real locations.



    Whohoo-we’re almost at Friday!

    I’m going swimming tomorrow or rather, playing the pool. I still can’t bend my knee to swim so I do basic pool exercises. It’s good though. Yea Vikings! I opened TDK and realize I didn’t send my post. *sigh*

    Railway names Tama the cat’s replacement as stationmaster

    Io sono così carino, nighty notte
    (I am so cute, nighty night)



    JJ good to hear the crud is easing back on you.
    JK, love the redneck camel
    Had a busy day here, it was stinking hot but when Mr MS came home he was drenched with rain and had been through two thunder storms. He was so wet he squelched with every step and was shilled to the bone but soon warmed up. Crazy weather. Other parts of the country had hail and thunder and heavy rain. Tomorrow is the first day of Summer here.



    Great pics, all! Thank you.

    MS, if you get the aftermath of Oz weather you could be in for an interesting time. Melbourne’s 12-day stretch of over 30C (a record for November) is forecast to end tomorrow, with a three-day downpour expected to give us a whole summer’s worth of rain.



    Paw up waves ~ TGiThurs g’meownring!
    Hee hee…fun theme/shares – thanks!
    Happy Mems of our mostly bros. train set-up growing up! Had a partial room w/pull down table that held train tracks – buildings etc…needless to say cat at that time wasn’t allowed in basement so it was safe from purry train wrecks 😉

    Adding my 2.5cent share:
    cat train car
    Meowrrring down the tracks >^.^<
    cat train

    choo choo fun
    Chat Choo Choo Fun 😉

    Now, time for cuppa fave brew…
    train mug
    Woo hoo…choo choo…ah, hits the spot – thanks Tux 🙂
    …later/maybe for it’s end of month day!



    Hi everyone! Cats on the tracks shouldn’t surprise me…just like a cat to lay on them and cause a delay! And pushing the train off the tracks made me laugh! What in the world would we do without their silliness?

    It’s raining here today, started a couple of hours ago. Not cold at all, but the stove feels plenty nice with the dreariness outside. Avery is asleep on the floor on a fleece blanket and pillow. I’m feeling a little drowsy myself.



    PM Psst…Borrowed from TDK/FB – Leslie/Av’s post…thought I’d share here:
    cat leggings
    Purry Leggings 🙂

    Still sunny ~ nice around here +40s next couple days/yay!
    So time to get back to end of month/day…back on the flip!



    I had a good playtime in the pool and we gossiped. Now that I’m home, I’m getting caught up on “Un Village Francais.” We have a channel (MGz) on CenturyLink that’s for the Globally minded Individual. 🙂

    I saw The Eagle and the Palermo Connection, as well.

    Good stuff

    I don’t know if this is going to affect folks East of Denver but we’re expecting a cold front starting on Tuesday through next week. Hopefully, we’ll get some snow. It’s so dry here and makes for bad summer.

    I’m back to my show




    When I think of trains “Petticoat Junction” comes to mind. I would probably prefer train as opposed to plane travel – if I travelled at all, which I don’t.

    I would easily rock those purry leggings at the gym – but they’re way expensive! Thought they might have some on Animal Rescue Site – alas no!

    Getting chillier outside by the minute, we might get rain/snow. So long as I’m indoors I don’t much care.

    My gifts to self are arriving. Picked up my new boots yesterday. And my lovely nighties arrived today. I don’t get why these lighter than air things which would easily fit into a bubble envelope and hence into my mailbox, get shipped in a huge box, meaning my having to go to post office for pick-up. And when I arrived home there was another card re another parcel for pick-up.

    I might start watching 1st 2 episodes of this season’s “Vikings” – rather than binge-watching. Decisions, decisions. 😉



    Good afternoon all.
    PollyMonster, I saw about the forecast terrible weather for Melbourne and Victoria. It sounds terrible. I have a niece and family living in Melbourne and hope they are all set for the downpour. Where I live we seem to get what is left of Sydney’s terrible weather if it makes it over the ‘ditch’ so probably not the Melbourne storms. We havve had a week of afternoon thunderstorms,torrential rains and flooding and hail further down country from my area although it has been slowly getting closer by the day. It has been a very unusual weather pattern. Over 30C for 12 days is terrible. We’ve been in the early to mid 20’sC this week and it has been quite uncomfortable some days. Luckily we had rain overnight.
    Jk you reminded me that my brothers had a train set when I was little, I didn’t often get a chance to play with it though. My FIL had a fantastic model railway with mutiple tracks, tunnels etc on several levels and all the buildings that go with it and little people. We were only allowed to look at it when he operated it. Men and their toys ! !
    PG, fun at the pool sounds great.
    KJ, lol I remember Petticoat Junction.
    Had the sutures in my mouth removed this morning and then took Mum to the garden centre and we bought plants

    🙄 🙄 🙄 It is very seldom that we don’t. I will be planting out Delphiniums, Italian parsley, Spring onions(scallions) and one yellow low acid tomato this afternoon.
    HRH has been a pain in the butt lately refusing to come inside at night until she WANTS to. Grrrrrrr



    You might ask when they package stuff to use the smallest packing available. Amazon started that but you have to ask for it.

    I’m glad the stitches are out, MS.



    Hi all – model railroading brings fond memories of dad and his trains.
    Hey, an earthquake was felt in these parts! A 4.1 centered in Delaware and felt for miles. Guessing minimal damage.
    It’s a chilly evening and a small batch of rain is coming through. Dewey is in for the night. Leela is a satisfied puddle by the fire, Comet found a new nest upstairs, and Mac is watching my every move.

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