Thursday – 29/12/2016 – Hip-Hip Hooray – it's Pepper Pot Day!

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    On December 29, 1777 this warm and hearty soup was first made to serve the Continental Army, earning it’s reputation as “the soup that won the war.”



    Lol…that cat cooking dog is too funny. And the paw print in the dough…perfect.

    Life has been a whirlwind after Christmas. Last night we made an offer on a house! It was a reasonable offer, so we’re pretty confident we’ll reach an agreement there. We’ll feel more confident about it really going through after the inspection though. It is an older home and could have some issues….we’ll see!



    Morning KJ and EC! I am a big soup person! …. I love all kinds, cold and hot ones! My house too has been a whirlwind after the Christmas/Hanukkah holiday! My cousins from England came over and are with us now, we don’t get to see them but every few years, so it’s been so fun!

    Have a great day all!



    I simmered a stewing hen in my slow cooker, and while I used some of the incredibly rich stock in a Caribbean-inspired curry dish with the meat stripped off the carcass and a LOT of vegetables, once again simmered, but in a wok, I still have plenty left for soup. I’ll probably just keep it as broth, and make Asianish style soup with uncooked vegetables, perhaps some tofu. Something light but still warming is important these days, though I didn’t actually indulge much this year.

    I’ve never made the Northern US version of pepper-pot soup, though it seems to have a lot in common with soups from the Caribbean (or Creole cooking in Louisiana, which despite being in the US has much in common with the cooking of the Antilles). The Caribbean versions I’ve seen (from various islands) don’t contain tripe, which I’ve eaten but never cooked. There is also fish pepper pot, and now there are vegetarian versions. (vegetarian)



    Paw up waves to all on a sunny/chilly AM.
    Today is fave salesman’s last day. Yup, he’s retiring!
    So a chapter at this place will soon close.
    John – great, caring salesperson – very personable plus
    fellow coffee drinker 🙂
    We are having pizza lunch as send off later – Brutie is
    even here as farewell tail wager!

    OK, I need my java…wake up “soup” for the soul 😉
    star wars mug
    Special Remembrance Mug as toast to 2 lovely actresses!

    Sigh, another person has passed. RIP – Condolences with
    prayers for the both of them:
    Debbie R & Carrie F
    Mom – Debbie R with Dtr – Carrie F.

    Ok, back to part 1 day 4’s stuff!



    Good morning – “The Council Has Spoken” trio is so funny!
    Exciting times for you, ECB, best wishes that things go well for you on the house!
    How nice to have your cousins visiting from across the pond, AV. Busy but fun times for sure!
    Hi Lagatta – there’s some pea soup brewing in my slow cooker now. Part will be vegetarian and later I’ll add ham and bacon. I’ve never made pepper pot soup though.
    JK, best wishes to John on his retirement! It sounds like you have a really great office, you even get to have a goggie!

    Anniversary of my dad’s passing is today, sigh. Always a tough day, though as the years pass, the last time I saw him gets a little more blurry and happy memories come to light. At first it was hard to celebrate the holidays, but that too has gotten better as we celebrate for him.
    Interestingly, I may have gotten a teasing visit from him recently. I turned to the Christmas tree just as it was falling toward me. I caught it, and hubby re-secured it. Twelve years ago we came home from his funeral to find the tree had fallen. My sister (Jroc) had a wreath with lights that she set to steady. A day or so after my tree incident, she found the lights on her wreath were twinkling! He may not keep me from shedding a tear for him, but he will make sure I smile!

    Snow has been falling since daybreak, though temps have risen and it is changing over to rain. The inch or two of snow is pretty though, and I was happy to see the kitties emerging from their garland-decorated shelters for breakfast.



    Joan, we have more snow, and as we are north of you, it isn’t likely to turn to rain today, though it isn’t much below the freezing point. East of here in Québec and the Atlantic provinces there will be heavy snow; I don’t know about the seaboard in New England. Pea soup was a staple food for country people and poor workers here; often they didn’t have much more.

    And Jean, how do you feel about having your human luv underfoot all the time? Sometimes the sentiment is a bit ambiguous… But I suspect that he will keep active and find other occupations…

    I’m off to meet a client and run a few other errands. It’s only snow, not freezing rain or ice.



    Huh…not sure what you meant Lagatta ? John in a co-worker…Brutie is boss’s dog that usually visits on Friday but today was a special occasion as furry farewell to salesman John 😉

    Hee hee…count down to pizza lunch has begun 😀

    Oops – almost forgot! Here’s my 2.5 cents addy for today’s theme:

    7 Spicy Soup and Stew Recipes Helping You Beat the Winter Chill

    cauliflower soup



    ECB, hope the new house becomes a reality.
    JJ, must be a hard day for you.

    Well, for once they were right. They meaning the weather peeps. Said snowfall would start at 10 am and yup! Went from dry streets to ankle height snow drifts. With all the boots that I have in collection today I opted to wear dressier ones without much traction. 🙁 Anyway somehow made it home with heavy grocery bag. Tights soaked through, boots soaked through. Discovered that stuffing boots with newspaper as they dry really works!

    From the warmth and comfort of indoors I am looking out at our first snowstorm. Good that I do not have to go out again.



    Late into the cafe today–shocked to hear of Debbie Reynolds passing, just a day after her daughter! Wow, how does that happen?

    I love soup too, and have never made pepper pot though. I love broth soups the best, but would not turn away a good, creamy clam chowder!!

    JJ, you made me smile with the story of your dad. My parents seem to crop up at the strangest times, but that way they know that I’ll know it’s them!

    ECB, so glad to hear that you made an offer on a house! How exciting!! I hope it’s all you want it to be and there are no hidden surprises in the inspections. I love old houses the best!

    KJ, it’s good you can stay in where it’s warm and dry, with your Dorry, and you can get your boots and tights dried out in time for your next trip! 😉

    Lagatta, your soup sounds so good. The best ones are made with a good stock like you made, and it’s amazing how many meals you can make with one chicken! I think I know this because I was taught to cook by 2 grandmothers who had endured the Great Depression and my mother who knew how to be frugal too. I almost had a heart attack long ago when my mother in law (who had cooked a ham for a holiday) was ready to throw the whole bone with meat attached out to the dogs after a meal. GASP! All I could think of was split pea soup with that bone! She was never one to make soup that I know of.

    JK, I love that Brutie gets to hang out with your work gang each week, and sometimes in between. Maybe slip him a pizza crust under the table….. 😀

    AV, you have really been busy with children and guests for the holidays. How fun, but so great that you live where you do next to the ocean and all that seafood! The ocean itself makes for the best way to entertain guests!

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