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    It’s finally arrived – the day to unload an entire year’s worth of questions that we thought were too stupid or dumb to ask. BTW kits don’t deal well at all with stupid. Just sayin’!





    LOL @ the pics today! ….. another HOT start to a humid (but dry) day here …. it was 95 with a 100+ ‘feels like’ yesterday, and promises to be similar today! ….. when does fall start??!!?

    I made reservations to have a nice dinner out on Friday with a couple that have been our friends for 30+ years ….. the guy plays golf with Mr. AV, and his wife and I go way back ….. should be a fun time …. we don’t socialize enough anymore, so I’m excited to catch up with old friends.

    Dau started her BSN program, and had her first clinicals (starting at 4am) – welcome to the health care practice! …. and Son is vibering amazing pics from Cairo …. he flies back to JFK on Sunday …. I have his girls, and will keep them until he moves back here in Dec.

    Time for me to start inputting, have a great Thrusday all! Catch everyone L8R!



    Good morning! AV, I wish you could feel this cool breeze whipping the curtain out–63 degrees and sunny! Thank you, thank you for cooling it off here weather Goddess! πŸ˜† Also, Mr. KZ started combining yesterday, which means harvest has started. The beans are coming off first so I need to get to the grocery and get stuff I can make to give him in the evenings to take with him and eat in the combine. Avery and I will do that today.

    PG (considering today’s topic) do they have you up yet? I hope you are in no pain, but if you are try and stay ahead of it with the meds cause it’s harder to catch up than to just stay leveled out.



    Hee hee…like the #SarcasticAnswer Kit πŸ˜‰
    Adding my 2.5 cents:
    tuna lunch
    Timez for Nomz yet πŸ˜€

    Direct from my neck o’ the woods:
    Here’s trivia question … Who was Brewtown’s Concertina Millie – Mildred
    Kaminski/RIP…Accordionist known around town for many years:
    Playing “Alley Cat” for us!

    Hope you enjoyed the ear worm πŸ˜€
    OK, time for Java…back later/hopeful



    Hi efurryone,
    Has the bus come yet!?!! ????

    I made it and now we’re working on pain meds. I expect to be in hospital another night. Doctor said the surgery went very well.

    More l8r




    Do I see PG in the CafΓ©????

    Or is my mind playin’ tricks on me????

    Hey grrrl!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Glad that surgery is over with. And hope that they get the pain meds sorted out and soon.

    Weather peeps were actually right – complete turnaround and actually chilly in am. Warmed up some later, but I am wearing tights and wool sweater. πŸ™‚



    Paw Up Lunchtime waves…back in from short pretty walk…upper 60s and sunny today πŸ™‚
    There’s cake from cafΓ© crew as Happy for PG successful surgery!
    Cat model is wondering if it’s Tuna flavored πŸ˜‰
    cat cake and model
    Cake to celebrate.
    As all CafΓ© Cakes…it’s whatever flavor you can imagine!

    OK, need cuppa brew & back to part 2!
    Oh, it’s doggie Thursday…Brutie is here today too!



    What a cute cake and cat!!

    PG! Yes, get your pain meds sorted out and stay on top of it–don’t let them wear off! Glad your surgery went well, woo hoo!



    I’m thinking that the awesome kitty cake is vanilla and butterscotch! The Staff and Agency kits are delivering some slices to PG!



    Afternoon all! PG, glad everything went well, looking forward to seeing you post that you’re home! I agree with KZ, stay ahead of the pain with meds …. When Mr. AV broke his arm, he didnt like taking them, and got a couple of times in a bad way waiting for them to kick in. Hindsight, it was twice as bad, should have stayed ahead of it!

    So now he’s been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, so were looking at getting a deviated septum fixed, then some options for sleeping and not interupt breathing …. D$$m geting older sucks monkey toes!! Luckily, he’s in very good shape, not over weight …. Just snores like a grizzley …..

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