Thursday 27-04-2017 – Take Us Out To The Ball Game on Babe Ruth Day!

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    On April 27, 1947, Babe Ruth attended Yankee Stadium for Babe Ruth Day, sadly his last time at the stadium. Batter’s up for the kitties – who’s on first?



    Good morning. Struck meow-t….aww…love a good pun.

    So Caddy gets a new cat tree today? What a fun event! Maybe we should send some visitors thru the wormhole to help her break it in. Make sure Scottie makes it extra stable if my boys are going to try it out. :).

    My kits are doing well together, but I’m still nervous about shutting our bedroom door and letting them have the living space together at night (the old routine….but bedtime was when the big fight happened.) But Emily, who never used to mind and actually preferred being closed in our room at night, suddenly is not happy with it…and not quiet about it. Might try sleeping with our door open tonight so I can hear easily if there is trouble. Added to that Leo is going through one of his phases where he starts meowing for brekkie at 5 am. I’m an early riser…but not that early.

    Hope everyone has a great Thursday.



    Morning all! ECB, isn’t that just the way of cats? They are always switching it up–what worked last week, just won’t fly today! 😳

    AV, I know you are excited about your cat tree. Mine really enjoy theirs. It was surprisingly stable as the base is solid and wide to support all the height and the boxes and nests. I’ve noticed them lately getting into the boxes and staying there for naps.

    Cloudy and windy today, and we had a chance for rain but I think it went by us without a drop. We could really use a little since Mr. KZ finished planting corn last night!

    JJ, I love the name Aslan. What a sweet little kitten he is. He looks to be around the month old mark or a little over. He will start pooping once he starts eating solid food really good. Now you have an all white to add to your all black collection! The ‘domino’ effect!



    Good morning – “safe!”
    Oh s new cat tree for Caddy, yay! I agree with ECB, prepare for our kits to invade your wormhole! I have one tree and several perches and cubbies, all second hand, but great! May Caddy enjoy many fun times with the tree!
    Sure do hope peace reigns among your cats, ECB. It’s kind of funny the phases they go through. Comet has just started his pre-dawn spring song. I’ve determined that Aslan is not deaf; when Comet sings, Aslan wakes up and peeps. Oh and we have poop, yay!
    I’ve gotten a few decent pics of the little guy, so I’ll submit them to TDK soon.



    Hmm…no baseball games in my n’hood at the current time…currently cold/drizzly – may last thru Sun :/
    Shared Treat in honor of today’s theme:
    Babe Ruth Candy bars
    Dig in…haven’t had one of these in ages myself πŸ™‚

    End of year at this place…so, busy today/tomorrow with Dur dur dur ‘tude shared by higher-ups πŸ˜‰
    cat dur dur dur
    Oh well, one more day as TGIF/Doggie Friday tomorrow…hanging on!
    Wishing all a better than expected TGIThurs!
    Aw, Concats Joan on your li’l newbie cutie patootie…hmm, transition from 3 indoor kittehs to 4 soon, eh! πŸ˜€



    Afternoon everyone! ….. cute pics! Joan you new little guy is so cute! ….

    KZ, the cat tree arrived today! …. I’ll have to get Mr. AV and handy Scotty to put it together for me, I’m real excited to see how Miss Caddy likes it!



    KZ, “Domino effect” hehehe!

    Suddenly summer made what seems to be at least a one-day appearance – with humidity 30 degrees C! Dropping back down to 11 degrees C over the next few days. Did see my first robin, so for sure it’s Spring.



    Just because



    PG, you can have a virtual hug!

    I was starting to nod off knitting, watching TV and at the ‘puter. Which logic tells me indicates that I am beyond tired. Getting into my comfy bed, Dorry in tow (or not) and a book to read (or not) and IMHO an inane relationships talk show on the readio to listen to (or not.) Nite all!



    Good afternoon all. Didnt make it to the cafe yesterday with Mr MS having a small procedure in hospital. All went well.
    JJ, Airy had a gorgeous toy white cat when she was little- in fact she still has it somewhere although it’s not as white as it once was. She called it Persil after the washing powder that gets your whites whiter.

    ECB, sounds like that with a new house the rules change. They will get it sorted out eventually but fur will probably fly again.
    AV, you even have me getting excited about the arrival and construction of Caddy’s cat tree. πŸ˜€
    Shadz doesn’t have a cat tree and the only living tree she climbed fell over recently with the massive rainfall we had. Not sure what she will do now.
    It arrived, it arrived.
    KJ, you weather and our weather are on a par at the moment – gorgeous Summer weather but the weekend will be yet more rain and then Winter is making an appearance with some southern areas warned that it may snow.

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