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    Fake candle bulbs placed on white-napped tables for mark May as “Date Your Mate” Month. The grrrl kitties will be presented with noms menus with the prices left off as per “back when”.

    Hmmm … purrhaps not!



    Omg such funny pics!
    Every night is kitty date night around here – I even got a Huey hug the other day. Out of nowhere he just reaches up and wraps his paws around my leg, so cute!

    Didn’t make it to the Wednesday cafe – went to bff’s daughter’s university graduation. It was rained out on Saturday but today was purrfect!

    So sorry winter has arrived, MS. I know it will be hard for you; I tear up a bit thinking of HRH Moonshadow in her basket by the fire. (((Hugs)))
    Around here there is still plenty of talk about winter, as it took so long to let go.



    Yes JJ, we’ve had a fire the last two nights and it seems odd without Shadz sprawled in front of it getting in our way when we try to put more wood on it.



    Morning everyone. Yes, MS, I miss hearing about HRH and giggle thinking about having to move my cats to put wood in the stove. Not missing messing with the fire though, but I’ll be doing it soon enough.
    Avery calls me Nana…she didn’t get enough of me yesterday either and when her mother came to pick her up she was miffed because we didn’t get to snuggle in the recliner and watch her favorite cartoon. Poor mommy. All of my granddaughters have gone through this stage, where it makes their mothers feel bad when they don’t want to leave Nana’s house.

    It is beautiful here, and Avery and I will be potting up some of the goodies we found at the garden store. Yes, I did see things that I wanted, but didn’t buy them…can you believe my self control? 😆 Actually, I was a little disappointed in this nursery’s offerings, because I had wanted to buy one more hanging basket, but they were not looking good. Scraggly and in need of watering and I wasn’t going to pay the prices they were asking. Strange really, considering that this weekend is Memorial Day here in the US and garden centers should be stocked full for people decorating their yards.

    LOVE the pics and especially the one with the orangie hugging his owners arm — move along now!



    She already has a boyfriend. 😆

    Miffed! Avery is a cutie. It seems like this week is taking furever and and I don’t know why.



    Real candles for me (the non-drip kind) but my tablecloths are colourful. I like to set a pretty table, but there is no way a white anything is compatible with a totally black cat, even if I put it on at the last minute. Especially in spring when she moults, although I comb her every day.

    Kz, yes, that seems so sad when children are cross about going back to their parents’ home. I have friends nearby who bought an up and down duplex. The grandparents live on the ground floor, the parents and their two small children live upstairs. So it isn’t such a trauma for any generation.

    My Nadja was VERY jealous when I had a boyfriend.



    Paw up PM Waves…
    Hmm…here’s my take on today’s theme:
    bride throws cat to cat lady brides maids
    Hee-hee…cats are t’e best mates 😉
    Hmm…I guess in a purrfect relationship:
    cat as part of 3 some
    Purrfect Threesome 😀
    cat bride purrfect
    You belongz to me… in a purrfect world – besties!
    Ok..time for PM cuppa fave brew!
    Harry & Mehgan Muig
    Royal Cheers for Coffee!

    Ok, back to part 2 day 4 on a beautiful day around here 70s and sunshine!

    Oops…must add: After a while…babies makes 3 or 4 or 5…
    Preggers cat scan 🙂



    Still have the wood burner at the ready; a low fire feels good on a chilly rainy spring day. Hubby often asks for Leela’s opinion as to which piece of wood to put in the fire box, seeing as she’s usually parked in front of it. “How about this one, Leela?”

    Good self control, KZ. I love our little local garden center, could easily empty my wallet there every time I go.

    Comet has been a bit possessive with me lately. He’s been sleeping close to me st night, often covering my hand with his paws. He’s back to 3am concerts too!

    Lagatta, has hear you on the white linens versus black fur!



    I must admit that Dorry is in a sense prefurable to some of the dates I’ve encountered! Handsome, slim, clean, listens to me … or at least pretends to! 😉

    Got into a bit of apothecary-style DIY. Wanted a room/closet spray that doesn’t give me the heaves. I use mix of lavender essential oil/Epsom salts in bath and scent works. Found some way inexpensive Lavender/Chamomile Spray at our version of TJMaxx.

    So love these stores where I never know what I’ll discover. As in also got several boxes of sugar dusted ginger molasses cookies, just enough spice and ginger is soothing for stomach stuff.

    But also needed some more lavender oil which seemed impossible to find and I was not willing to spend $$$ at health food place. Fortunately on Tues ordered some gr8 oil from Walmart, it came today. For fun checked out some recipes online and mixed up a batch of the oil, the lemon juice that comes in plastic lemon, isopropyl alcohol and distilled water made by boiling water then allowing it to cool. Quite nice, fresh scent and light! Found nice bottles at $$$ store. Even made a neat label!

    Not up to par. “Just got to hold on” – and past Friday. *Sigh* Think I’ll go open tomorrow’s café with the intent of an early night.

    At least eye doc gave me purrmission to wear eye make-up again. And recommended some soothing cleansing cloths. Small things, but they do count!



    Hey all! I too think of sweet Shadz at the fire this time of year ..RIP sweetie!!

    Its HOT,HOT, HUMID here! Rainy, 90 …. hello Summer!!

    Thank goodness Miss Caddy has her protected porch …. girl just yawns as the rain and thunder rolls in …. she’s safe, dry, no worries;

    Seems like the hurries are spinning up early this year, hope Alberto doesn’t develop!
    Have a great evening all!

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