Thursday 22-02-2018 – Walking the Dog Day – for Kit Lovers!

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    Aside from being a yo-yo trick and most of us being kit peeps, this day focusses on al things doggie. Including their “relationship” with kits – such as it is – or is not!



    Couldn’t help myself! 😉



    Ew, ew, ew, ew – 😆 We’re suppose to get more snow tomorrow. Yea, what did happen to your summer, MS? Paint flaking off, KJ? I’ve never heard of that problem…ever.

    Have a happy~





    Well, had to fire up the woodburner again, and it feels wonderful. It is just plain gross outside…sideways rain and 40 degrees. We have had rain for 3 straight days, and are calling for more for the next 3!! The streams and creeks around our farm are swollen to the point of flood stage. I hope it gives us a break so that the water can move through between deluges so we don’t have flooded fields and yard!

    Love the pics–dogs and cats really do get along for the most part. I wish Bowtie wasn’t so savage about dogs…she’s scares the crap out of any dog that tries to enter and now they are all gun shy.



    Paw up PM Waves…get ready, tomorrow is Doggie Friday!
    My 2.5cents share with Earl, Moochie & friends:
    walking earl vs moochie indoors
    Hmm…still Winter in Norhtern Hemisphere…bundle up and go for walk or…
    Stay inside & Purrrr 🙂

    Grey, chilly around here today +35 today…last year at this time it was +70!

    Ok, time for part 2 day 4 ‘s fun…but, Coffee First!
    coffee right meow
    …back on the flip!



    I’m not a dog purrson but I do admire the looks of certain breeds, ie huskies, samoyeds, great white Pyrenees, Bernese mountain dogs. Big floofy breeds! But I could never see myself having to walk a dog at reg intervals. And I don’t like getting wet or drooled o when they show affection. Kits are just so much neater, cleaner and easier to care for. And seemingly self-sufficient. Like moi? 😉

    Indeed PG, paint can flake off a micro interior, at least according to I’Net forums/pics. They even sell touch-up paint, which mfr tells me is not a good plan. Advised to leave micro open for a bit after cooking stuff that produces a lot of steam, ie boiling pasta. Or I’m thinking that purrhaps when cleaning I went at it with too much force. In any case a brand new one is being sent to store where I bought this one. I do have a rep of going through micros rather quickly, I even laugh at myself! Going to see if I can score a ride to pick the thing up as it’s just that heavy. In the meantime current micro is safe to use.

    Just did Coursera quiz and had to do it 2x to pass. It was quite difficult as in I was supposed to remember names as opposed to just multiple choice. Not a deal breaker as it’s ultimately for my enjoyment and to further my knowledge.



    Poor Miss Gaea. 😥 We woke up to the sun shining in the bedroom. After a leisurely breakfast and a bit of play all the gang went into bedroom for their nap. After lunch, she went out and sat and rolled around because the sidewalk had warmed up. Fast-forward, it’s snowing, cloudy and the temp. is dropping fast. She sat in the doorway, gave me the stink eye and is in the bedroom again.

    I hope the streams and creeks don’t flood, KZ.

    When I was pet sitter, one of my jobs was walking dogs. Great exercise and I left them at their home. Purrfect!

    I usually have taken the quizzes again. There’s a lot of info to remember and I don’t do that too well. 😮



    This thread makes me think of Lucy when Snoopy kisses her. “Ugh! I’ve been kissed by a dog! Get some hot water! Get the disinfectant. Get the iodine!”

    After yesterday feeling almost like summer, we’re back to reality here in Jersey. Today was quite rainy – KZ’s weather from yesterday, I suppose – and the temperature has fallen to below freezing. The wood burner is going here too, and feels great! Mooch has the right idea, stay in and purr!

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