Thursday 2/11/2017 – Today is Look for Circles Day!

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    Looking for circles is a lot like swimming in a round pool. You go round and round. There’s lots of splashing. But, you don’t get anywhere. Take a circuitous route to a happy and fun-filled day!



    I love the ring of food bowls.

    why it in round thingy, mom?

    I got the OK to go to the pool. I have to wait another 6 weeks before I can do the marathon though. 😆

    Cya and have a happy~



    PG, woohoo on the clearance to head to the pool and 😆 on the marathon.



    Good morning – Shaddo was a master of the purrfect circle. Leela thinks she’s pretty good too. She rolls her eyes at the endless Shaddo stories, but then remembers he approved her adoption, so it’s all good!

    Feeding cats in a circle looks like fun, but I don’t have the space.

    Cloudy but mild here in Jersey today. I’m working later today; the schedule is lighter because the boss is out of town. The new doc is building up a good patient base though.

    Forgot to mention that Dewey seems to be feeling better after favoring his leg earlier this week. I guess he just needed a couple days of downtime. Resting indoors during a rainy windstorm has its benefits!



    Morning all! Yes resting indoors during a rainy windstorm is a good plan, even for humans! It poured here yesterday and evening, nice to be lulled to sleep with the rain on the roof. It’s not cold today, but is a bit windy.

    Willow seems okay, but I need to patrol him this morning and see if he is peeing. Haven’t heard him complaining, but cats rarely do. I sprinkled his other medication over his food this morning, and he had no qualms about eating it. Whew. Dodged another bullet.

    We are going to dau’s for a birthday dinner this evening. Avery’s daddy’s birthday is today. I reminded her this morning while she was in the bathtub that we were coming for supper. She said “I’m getting tired of you guys coming to my house to eat”. 😆 I laughed and told her the other people that were coming and what we were having and she said “NOOOOOOO, I don’t like basketti!” She makes me laugh everyday.



    Paw Up – still AM waves around my n’hood!
    Hee hee…fun theme!
    Here’s my 2.5cents:
    cat circles fun
    Today’s art challenge…draw a circle ~ create a cat out of it!
    circles in litter LOL 😉
    OK, Still need another cuppa brew…
    coffee ring cats
    Coffee rings as cat art…later/Hopeful!



    Evening all!

    I didn’t have to look far for circles today as I guess being on a spin bike is in effect going around in circles! Our new Thurs instructors teaching the type of class that I love – extremely dancey with lots of diff moves, ie balancing with hands off etc. Not for efurryone, but this is the new style class or so I’m told. Requires an extremely strong core and I’d guess it’s easier to balance if one is extremely spritely as well hehehe.

    Been rainy all day, now it’s pouring yet not all that chilly. had appt in pm then went to n’hood library to p/u reserved book, they only hold them for 2 days, but neat that one can request a book from any of the many libraries in the system.

    Then spent like 2 hrs on my knitting, had to get to a certain point where it will be relatively simple enough to brig to Knitting Circle tomorrow. I’m wiped again, it was a stressful beginning of week. And next week it will be dark by like 4 pm!

    Anyway, here’s a song about circles that I find always picks me up:



    Your class sounds almost attainable KJ. Today, was my first day at the pool. I mostly gossiped with friends and paddled in circles with my good leg.

    Talk about circles



    Circles !
    I spent a couple of hours at the gym this morning doing my circuit/circle.
    Then later in the day Mr MS and I headed out to a store but I forgot to take something we needed so we had to come home through the Friday traffic build up and then head back to the store. Talk about going in circles.
    Yay, we won a ham in a raffle this evening, it’s in the freezer for Christmas.
    HRH spent all night asleep in bed and didn’t get up until this evening other than to come downstairs for breakfast sometime. She went out this evening but that was short lived as neighbours were letting off fireworks. She came in, checked out her plate for more food and hasn’t bothered to come in to us so I guess she is back up in bad. It’s a hard life being a cat.



    Concats on the ham, MS! It’s nice to have a start on the (usually) most expensive part of Christmas dinner.

    The life of cat is rough! 😆

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