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    Yoga is a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual exercise. Celebrating this day is especially easy for kits!



    I love the new yoga position. I can do that one! Kits are purrfect at yoga. Most of the time I’m so tense that I started my own stretches lying on the floor. It’s difficult to get a good massage because I need one that’s deep tissue…deep, deep tissue. Has anyone heard of rolfing?

    I got my pedicure yesterday and feel better.

    Have a happy~



    Pawsome Friday’s Eve Day wishes!
    It’s a beautiful day now…sun is out and burned off drizzly gloom maybe hit 70 today! Happy First Day Summer from my n’hood!
    Sharing my 2.5 cents worth for today’s theme:
    cat yoga poses ๐Ÿ™‚
    Still not time for lunch so will pour myself another cuppa fave brew!
    cat yoga mug
    Cheers…back later/??



    I like that new position too! This said yoga is so not my thing, but I appreciate that others love it. Too Eastern and trying to clear my mind stresses me out even more. Plus those mats that peeps tote around are way thin, I’d end up bruised from the neck down!

    I don’t quite now how to attain “inner peace”. Shopping? Yup. Knitting? Generally. And come September there will be something else on offer here in CAD that supposedly helps one chill – the weed!

    For me it’s something aggressive and fast-paced, ergo spinning esp to gangsta tunes, with the lights off or strobe lights and the music “break the speakers” loud. And without my bike seat I cannot do the class.

    Although I’m so way tired that I actually dozed off for a sec in the class. The c**p I am dealing with takes it out of me big time. I very much love new bed, just wish that I could get better sleep.

    PG, I have heard of rolfing. You might want to ask a prof. It’s supposedly a srsly deep tissue massage where I believe that the fascia are separated. Said to be EXTREMELY painful!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    MS, congrats on your PM’s baby grrrl! ๐Ÿ™‚



    Good evening – A monthly cat yoga calendar hangs in my kitchen, so many cool poses! Other than a few basic poses, I donโ€™t do much yoga. Comet practices yoga often. He makes it look so easy!



    Good morning all,
    Our Prime Minister had a baby girl late yesterday afternoon, 7lb 3oz or 3.31kg. All doing well. Only the second sitting leader of a country to give birth(behind Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan who co-incidentally was also born on 21 June) and the first leader of a country to take Maternity leave(6 weeks) then back to work while her partner becomes the ‘house hubby’.

    I definitely can do the new yoga position as long as it’s off the floor. The floor and I seldom come together except at the feet.
    PG, I have heard of rolfing but only through passing comments some time back, I had to look it up again.
    We have a beautiful sunny day too JK, it began with a frost here and sub zero temps further south. Airy said it was 0C where she lives and everything was white with a hard frost but she took time out to let loose her inner child to crunch around on the frosty grass. That’s my girl, I always told them to take time to splash in the puddles or crunch the frost as it’s good for the soul.
    KJ, i’m not in to yoga or quite contemplative exercise either. When I do my gym routine I prefer it to be energetic, having said that when I’m on the treadmill I also play the games on the screen so I am exercising both body and mind and I find I walk much further with that distraction. Good grief you managed to fall asleep in class with all that loud music etc? You must be cat tired.
    JJ, cats do make cat yoga look so effortless and attainable until we try it. Then it’s the ‘get mum’ pic.



    MS, congratulations to your PM! And congratulations to NZ for having her for PM.

    Wonderful pics today.


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