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    Volunteer Recognition Day honours the legions of volunteers who dedicate themselves to causes and helping others, assisting people, animals, and nature. Most don’t ask for recognition, just wanting to help and to “give back” where they can.



    Good afternoon – sometimes I think volunteers make the world go ’round.
    I had the rudest awakening EVER at 2am this morning. If you are squeamish, please skip to after the series of asterisks. I’ll wait.

    Turned over during the night and something cold and wet rolled on to me. It was…a hairball, ewww! I jump out of bed, clean the section of comforter, but because there were three cats on the bed I can’t take the comforter off, so I folded it down and dealt with it four hours later. My guess is it was Mac, since he sleeps close to me, but Comet was pinned to my other side, so maybe it was him.
    * * * * *
    It’s time to put the spring comforter on anyway!



    The bookmark for old women! ROTFLOL

    have a happy~



    Eww, Joan….lol…life with cats! Hi, PG and KJ. Oh yeah, my cats are such helpful volunteers.

    We have a patio, nothing fancy and not screened or covered, but it’s made of cute stones and rather pleasant. I’m sitting out here for the first time, because I got it cleaned up today and cleaned the patio furniture, which desperately needed it. I planted a few herbs and one pot of flowers and found a sunny spot or two for them. We’ll see how they do. It’s pretty shady out here. Nice for sitting….not the best for growing things. The bird watching has been great though….love it!



    Finally made it to the Café! …. completely missed yesterday, busy around here!
    Funny pictures! Abby like to be my book mark too 😉

    Got my new phone today, now I just have to figure out how to back up all my data and then transfer it to the new phone …. but I’m excited, it should run faster, and that will make me happy!

    Making a chicken/broccoli casserole for dinner, I think I’ll make a fresh peach and beet salad to go with …. have a great evening all!



    Dorry likes to make sure that what I’m reading is appropriate for my “delicate sensibilities”, hehehe, so he checks it out first!

    JJ, been there, done that, sorta. At one point in the middle of the night I ended up stripping the bed and doing a load of laundry – of course had to do it right then and there. But in your situation, I probably would have moved out. 😉

    Anyway so I’m hopefully slowly recovering from stomach issue. Thinking is a mix of Passover as in don’t eat enough of the food that doesn’t agree with me, plus some shredded cabbage that I ate yest did not seem 100%, plus other stuff. But it’s taken a piece out of me and I’m way tired. Tonight was told to forego anything with milk, ‘cept purrhaps fr yogurt, coffee …

    And next week stress hits big time so feeling weak/weepy makes everything worse. Plus way busy, place I vol/do paid work for saw 3 peeps discussing who gets my services first, nice to be wanted. Needless to say the paying job is getting priority.

    Got my taxes sent in, thankfully I owe nothing, ‘cept to my accountant. But without his doing taxes I’d mess up big.



    Finally made it into cafe today…actually I was here and read the threads and then forgot to post. Anyone ever do that? 🙄

    Oh, I got my teefs cleaned and they feel so good! I don’t have dental insurance either, and going to the dentist is way expensive these days. I actually had a great hygenist today that wasn’t afraid to get in there and do a good job. My teef feel ‘squeaky’! 😆

    Update on my sis–remember last week when she lost her precious cat. Well, in the midst of the aftermath of that, she was washing her face after a good cry and poked herself in the eye with her fingernail. 😮 Ended up at an eye doctor who told her she had shingles in her eye. Um hmmmm. Went to an opthamologist who said no shingles, but you have torn your cornea. They put a contact on her eye like a bandage would cover the surface of your eye, but her eyes are so dry that it shrunk up, it would not come off and her eye swelled shut! After getting it off they did it again thinking it was just too small, and it happened again!! OMG. So now she has a patch (aaarrgh!) over it but it is healing. They told her they have never had a patient that cannot wear a contact and had it adhere like that. I guess she isn’t a candidate for contacts, huh?

    KJ, I’m glad to see you are feeling better. Good thing the weekend is coming up so you can rest!!



    Hi all, I am back. I ha a busy Easter with family visiting and have been busy since then but I am here now. 😉
    Volunteer Day, how appropriate. Mum spent the morning volunteering i her Church Op shop(Thrift shop) and after the recent flooding of a nearby town the number of volunteers to help clean up has been phenomenal.
    Oh no JJ, you had me worried imagining what could have caused your rude wake up. Sorry but I laughed when I read what it was, definitely rude and I understand your jumping out of bed too, ewwwwwwww. Been there as have most cat parents but even so. (shudder).
    ECB, your patio sounds like a lovely place to sit and enjoy nature. Maybe it will be a good spot to grow a fern or some other shade loving plants.
    Waving to AV.
    KJ, upset tummies are a pain in the stomach and leave you feeling blah. ! I had one recently and it took it’s own sweet time improving. Try yoghurt with probiotics. KJ take deep slow breath in through the nose, hold for a count of 10 then ease it out through the mouth and repeat several times. Helps lower your blood pressure.
    KS, chuckling and yes admitting that I have done that.
    OMG KZ, your poor sister. I am glad that it wasn’t shingles and that they now have her eye sorted and healing.
    I have two funny wee stories.
    since Mr MS resigned his job he has been working in the agricultural industry and often with his brother. Well last evening Mr MS arrives home and hand me a young rabbit-deceased-for HRH Shadz. It seems his brothers dog caught the rabbit and it was donated for HRH. The dog then went off and got a rabbit for herself, so in a way Miss Millie the terrier volunteered to catch rabbits for HRH.
    Second story has me involuntary or unintentionally becoming a cat trapper. I planted out my Winter vegetables hoping they grow this year and did’t get eaten by the nasty white cabbage butterfly as last years plants did. To ensure the butterflies can’t get at them I concocted a method of covering them all with bird netting to keep them safe. I went out this morning to admire my handiwork and found a young tabby teen trapped inside the netting. It tried to get out when it saw me(I am not that scary) but bounced off the netting in several places before I had a chance to talk softly to it and calm it. Then I was able to lift the netting and the cat raced out and then sat down about 20 feet away and tilted it’s head and blinked at me and showed no inclination to disappear. I think HRH has a new friend, I wonder if it’s a male, she has a weakness for young males. 🙄 😯 🙂
    Today is a beautiful sunny day of about 20C with a light but nippy breeze, definitely Autumn weather.



    MS, you made me lol with HRH training MR.MS brother’s dog to be her rabbit catcher (girl’s got taste ), and then you the net cat catcher lol ….

    My handy Jason (I hired my Scotty a Scotty lol) tells me this morning he saw Miss Caddy chasing one of the grey streaks across the yard …. girl’s gotta establish her ‘Queen of her Domain ‘ status …



    ECB, your patio sounds lovely, and how nice to sit and bird-watch! I hope the herbs grow for you.
    Chicken & broccoli casserole sounds really good!
    Hi KJ, I am glad your tummy is a bit better, sorry about the oncoming stress. Deep breaths…
    Clean teefs, KZ, yay! That squeaky clean feeling really is great. Your poor sister. Sending comforting vibes her way.
    How nice of Miss Millie to catch dinner for HRH! Interesting how the wee tabby didn’t bolt, but rather wanted to form an opinion of the soft spoken human. Will be interesting to see if it’s a male – a young buck for Shadz to admire!
    Stripped the bed so I could put fresh sheets on as well as a lighter comforter. During the time it was dressed with only the mattress cover, Mac yakked on it. Earlier, Comet yakked at my feet. (I was able to get a newspaper under it so it didn’t land on my nice rug.) Oh and I found a hairball downstairs, don’t know who is responsible for that. There’s suddenly an awful lot of yakkage going on around here! I think it’s mostly hairball related, so I’ll furminate more often, but will also keep an eye on the yakkage. Comet’s problem might be related to allergies, as I’ve heard him sneeze a few times.



    Oh no ! More yakkage. Definitely sounds like the cats are starting to shed their Winter coats at the moment.
    AV, sounds like Caddy is well and truly settled in her/your yard and is keeping the neighbouring cats in line.



    Yes, I’ve been combing Livia with a fine-toothed comb and quite a bit of fur is coming loose. She loves it – she must feel itchy.



    Aww, JJ, I forgot to mention about the yakkage on your bed, and now it has escalated. I was just thinking yesterday that it has been a long time since any of my cats has yakked. So Thumbalina decided to toss her kibbles after lunch. If she didn’t eat so fast, she probably wouldn’t barf a whole bowl of food. Grrrr. Sometimes it feels all I do is clean up messes–granddaughter, husband, cats…. 😡

    ECB, your patio sounds wonderful. I don’t know what I would do without mine…I love being out there. Am waiting for my humming birds to reappear in a few weeks. Most of my patio is shade covered by two trees once the canopy is grown in..just lovely. I have a raised flower bed back there with lots of shade plants like hosta, ivys, coral bells. I have a huge hosta in there and a very small one called ‘mouse ears’. The colors are all different and textures too. I put pots out there too that like shade with blooms (impatiens) and hang baskets from the trees. It’s my oasis and I love going out there with my Kindle and reading or playing games.

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