Thursday 19-10-2017 – It's Evaluate Your Life Day – Too Intense!

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    This Special Day is set aside to consider where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Or forget about it and just consider the kit’s take on life!



    I used to be a unicorn



    What a day or rather afternoon I had. The white rabbit appeared again to graze on my front lawn and get chased by people and children. I called the SPCA to come and rescue it and while I was waiting for them and keeping an eye on the rabbit I heard a noise. Onlooking down I saw another rabbit, a wild one hop past me into some shrubbery. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ™
    The SPCA people caught the white rabbit and returned it to the owners with a warning about not letting it loose again and take it to the vet as it had an injury on it’s back. They looked at the other rabbit I had found hiding and pronounced it as a wild one and not their concern even though we live in a city. ๐Ÿ˜• They then left.
    Mr MS has set a humane trap with silverbeet(chard) to see if we can catch the bunny and if so he will take it out to the country and let it go if it’s not tame, which is pretty good for a country boy as that goes against the grain to let pest animals loose like that. I will update when I have more bunny news.
    Oh, we have a new Prime Minister or leader of our country.
    I am pleased to say we have a young woman in her thirties as our new leader. It will be a coalition Government of two parties with the backing of a third. Interesting days ahead and we are looking forward to positive changes.



    Good morning all! MS, interesting news on your new prime minister–a young woman with the backing of three parties! May be that the US should take a good look about that and get over the ridiculousness that is going on here at present as it’s disheartening and unproductive.

    I’d rather not evaluate my life and leave it to the cats–mine have it pretty good, and so do I!

    Beautiful here today, again chilly here this morning. Hope you got your garden prepared MS, mine is being prepared for fall and winter and a good rest. My little garden produced it’s heart out for me this summer, but we had rain when we needed it and I don’t think I ever had to water it once.



    Psst…paw up waves ~ yes, it’s finally TGIThursday ~ yay!
    thurs throw back few mugs
    Yup…Java Time continues ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sunny, warm again…to last maybe thru weekend!

    Here’s my share of the day:

    Life quote cats
    cat life is short keep moving w catitude
    Purry sense to ponder!

    Ok…solo today so back to my desk!
    Mwah, smooch for Tux…later/maybe!



    Afternoon all! …. Son flew in to attend his BFF’s wedding, and will be flying out early Sat. am, so we will only see snipits of him, as his even schedule is very full! ….

    Awww MS, I hope you catch Peter rabbit!

    Mr. AV is recouping well, but like most MEN, is milking it for all it’s worth …. why can’t he get his own glass of juice? … they didn’t operate on his legs!!?!! LOL

    Tomorrow the mobile VET comes, I’m getting Son’s girls set up with her, and Ve might need an allergy shot, as she is starting to get bad …. plus, all four need a nail trim! ….

    Have a great rest of your day everyone!



    Evening all!

    I tend to over-evaluate and not to my benefit, so could learn a thing or two from the kits. ‘Cept for the long-haired tux AKA “Henri the Existential Cat” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    MS, glad that your candidate won election. And hope that you can relocate bunny to safer environs.

    My “dogs” are tired! Nope, nothing four-footed added to menagerie, just a use day. Gym then appt, and before and after shopping as exchanged high block heel shoes for the correct size and picked up of navy suede-look booties that I’d ordered.

    Opted to play with new ‘outer in lieu of working so I’ll have to catch up. Anyway now plan is to have something and srs coffee and then tackle completing back of knit dress where yarn co has been very gracious in helping me decipher pattern. I’m thinking that once I get this done front/sleeves should be easy.

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