Thursday – 19-05-2016 – It's Boy's Club Day – "Girrls Keep Out!"

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    “The club can’t handle me now” lol

    How did we get from a stout heavy stick used as weapon to social groups with united interests or cliques? Kits know how to have a blast in forts, in clubs, in cliques…or out! And they are soo darn adorable.

    Have a happy~



    KJ – warm, gentle energy flowing to you from me and my gang!




    Tks PG and gang,
    I had a bad allergic reaction to something that was supposed to help another issue. Muscle cramps and not pretty. Fortunately I got med advice almost immediately on time delay, tips to get stuff out of system. Shaky, will see how it goes at gym, will just have to see and speak to those who know best. Here goes!
    And cliques and me did not click LOL!



    KJ, I hope you feel better and have a great day today! Love the pics….especially “the club can’t handle me”…so cute. “Secret club handshake” is pretty cute too. :).



    Morning all! … yikes! KJ, hope the allergic reaction doesn’t cause further problems! …. I can totally relate to that, since I’m allergic to almost everything! … glad you sought med advise, my only words are – drink lots of water …. flush the toxins out as much as possible!

    Just gave Abby her dose of ‘oxy’ …. girl doesn’t like meds ….. probably a good thing! …. she’s doing great, I can’t tell if her mouth bothers her or not, cause she’s not a complainer and is eating like it’s always her last meal ….

    rain in my short future, I just tarped A’tuin and gave him his greens/squash …. a good day for getting ahead on my inputting …. I have a hair appt. with long-time stylist at noon today …. since I’ve not been able to dye my hair in 6 years, it’s finally all grown out, so I thought with the upcoming wedding, I need a good style/cut …. just have to live with the silver highlights …..
    Have a great day everyone!



    Beautiful day here today–have dentist appointment to get my crown put on. Of course he can’t see my ‘real’ crown…but it’s there all the same LOL! Planted flowers yesterday, now I need to get some for my planters and some hanging pots. I would like to do that today, so I’ll see how Avery is and we will go for it.
    I came up to turn off my computer before bed last night and it was downloading Windows 10!! I did not tell it to do that, and was told that a tech person should do it so that if it ran into problems the tech can fix them. That’s the thing about Microsoft, they just sort of take control. I don’t mind having the newer version, but would like to be able to designate when and where. Have heard lots of good things about it, but don’t know enough to form an opinion yet.
    So glad Abby is feeling better and still loving her food. Really, what else is there for cats? My cats’ world revolves around food, eating food, thinking about food… 😆



    Did windows 10 complete downloading KZ? I’m a Mac purrson but a couple of friends said Windows 10 screwed up their apps. and some files. They had have a techie remove it.



    Hi everyone – Leela is happily ruling the house today while Comet and Mac go and hang out with the boys. Comet can’t wait to make a fort! Of course the Jersey Cats pic rules!
    Hope you feel better soon, KJ. You may have to slow down a bit for a day or two. Take care.
    Sounds like Abby is feeling pretty good, yay! How exciting getting a new ‘do AV!
    Good luck at the dentist, KZ. I’m sure you’ll be glad to have that crown done. I caught Windows trying to load version 10 last night. Hubby upgraded a few months ago but had to have a tech work a few things out. Niece from out of state will be visiting and I may get her techie hubby do the upgrade for me.



    Paw up waves to all from my n’hood on gorgeous day!
    Yes, enjoyed a little walk – here’s proof:
    tulips in rw brewtown
    More pretty tulips spotted today – enjoy!

    Oh,oh – our ‘puter guy didn’t have a very positive opinion on Windows 10!

    Happy Abby kit is doing better.
    Hope all under the weather start feeling better too!

    OK, time to enjoy some patio time w/fave kit – Hey Tux, let’s do it…cuddling is just what I need today…Purrrzzz…zz…zz..



    Hi JK – beautiful pic! How nice of Ma Nature to give you flowers when you go out for a walk!
    Think I have Windows 7 now and am happy with it. However, I’m hearing that Windows will no longer support versions older than 10 in a year or so. *sigh*
    Just did some community service, no, not court mandated! The lake/pool/clubhouse needs sprucing up each spring to get ready for the summer months, so I went down with my gloves, loppers, pruners and broom and cleaned up the huge cement staircase that goes from the street down to the lake/pool/clubhouse. Since I walk it often, I’ve been seeing the growth that’s been building up. Many hands make light work, so every bit helps.



    Afternoon all! …. because of my business, which constantly updates, I’m always having to update my operating systems because my on-line software and research websites are constantly updating …. Windows 10 hasn’t been bad for me, I’ve had no issues with it.
    That was nice of you, Joan to help with the clubhouse gardening, I like the idea of everyone pitching in to beautify …. gives a nice sense of community ….
    I love my haircut, my long-time stylist/friend will have me in top shape for the wedding 🙂

    Almost finished with my work today, I think I’ll grab my book and read on the porch …. have a great afternoon all!



    Good morning all. It’s a cool sunny day here that will become wet this afternoon.
    HRH is out doing whatever she does before the rains arrive.
    Have to include this link – make sure you are drinking while reading it.
    Love the boys club pics, just couldn’t find any to post. The Jersey cats and secret club handshake had me LOL.
    KJ, hope you are feeling much better after the nasty allergic reaction. Reactions can be quite frightening.
    AV, I had to chuckle at Abby eating like it was her last meal. Sounds like Shadz at the moment, she is rapidly becoming Butterball.
    I am also off to have my hair cut today. It’s been far too long since I had it cut and I have an absolute stack of hair now.
    JK, the tulips are beautiful.
    JJ, it is kind people like you that make a community what it is.



    Tks again all for kindness/concern. Going to need a bit more time until I feel like KJ again, and I lack patience. But scary how one doesn’t know one is allergic to something until one discovers that one is. In this case side effects include being almost totally wiped, bad muscle cramping, very not fun, purrhaps gym was not ideal, but I’m not renowned for common sense in this regard. Must add this stuff to list of allergic to stuff as never going near it again. And I managed to get vol work done plus a bit of knitting as opposed to yesterday when “out of it” was putting it mildly.
    I had thought of going for trim this week, but it will have to wait until I feel more optimal. Not like I have to wear a ponytail hehehe.
    At least weather is getting better as in by next week supposedly well into Summer temps, like 27C! Sandals alert!



    MS, that cat licking gadget just about set me back LOL. Can’t pin down exactly why, but it’s disturbing, purrhaps bit too close for comfort. Drinking something stronger than water might have been good plan. Think I’ll stick to Dorry’s expensive metal comb as recommended by vet.



    Bahahaha! The licki brush….I think I’ll try and get a couple–one for each daughter, what great stocking stuffers!!!! 😆
    Well, my crown feels a lot better than that temporary one did, WOW! My tooth is sensitive, but not like with that first crown. Somehow, it just didn’t fit like this one did, and sort of have hopefully temporary sensitivity because of it. Feeling better though.
    OH, and my hummingbirds are back!! I was hanging my fern baskets on the porch when one buzzed by my head to land on the feeder that had been hanging there waiting for her! They should all start trickling in, the feeders are cleaned again and ready. Can’t wait to watch them nest building!
    Put a few plants in pots, but I’ll do the rest tomorrow and this weekend. Finally looks like the weather is going to warm up a few degrees, although I really don’t mind this cooler stuff. It’s so much easier to work outside in this than when it’s hot, ugh! No more freezes though, I’m tired of replanting my basil!



    I meant to mention that so far, Windows 10 hasn’t caused me any problems. I really haven’t been able to mess with it much, I’ve been too busy today. I’ll have to check into my files and other programs, but hopefully I’ll be lucky and not have to take my ‘puter in to the techs.



    Glad you are happy with your do, AV – nice to have a fresh change that makes you feel good.
    Yes, no fun finding out when you’re allergic to something.
    Somewhat of a first around here. Leela was sitting by a toy mouse when Mac came by wanting to play with it. He got growled at. Generally Mac is the only one to play with toys, but I dunked this one in catnip the other night and she had a blast with it. Though Mac will play with any toy, one with remnants of catnip seem preferred!



    Beautiful Tulips JK. I really like the bi-color ones.

    You mentioned volunteering last year but the lake area was closed. Thanks for taking your time to spruce up the area. I love the B&W Joisey boy with the wee black spot on his cheek. Did Miss Leela get special attention since the boys were gone?

    It really good that Windows 10 hasn’t messed your system AV. Most of the people I talk with say it has to be removed before any of the programs will run which is why I gave up MS. Too many hits or misses for me. What’s the countdown to Dau’s wedding? I guess Miss Abby is feeling better.

    I just looked down and LitBit has his toes all stretched out to clean them. Cute little toes!

    You know you KJ and I hope you get your game back soon. I’d love to preach patience but I’d fall off my chair from laughing so hard. 😉

    That’s funny how HRH is chowing down. Winter is coming and who knows where her next meal will come from…

    Licki brush? creepy! But you know there’s a market for it.

    Miss Gaea is out running amok. I found a DIY site with a layout for a basic screened in cat area for the porch. I’m not a successful DIY but my neighbor knows the guy looking for carpentry work. So if all goes well, LilBit and Miss Moppet will have an outdoor area.

    I’m watching “Secrets of Great British Castles.” Cya l8r



    Hummers are back! I don’t have any birds because Miss Gaea attacks/eats them.

    Glad you got your permanent crown and I hope it feels more natural. I got mine two weeks ago and it was sensitive for a couple days but, mostly felt unusual.

    Alright Miss Leela-you go grrrl!

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