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    The “High Five” is a celebratory slapping of hands atop raised arms. It’s long been a standard for celebration of sporting victories, special event, competitions and many other activities.



    Hi efurryone,
    I high five cause I’m a cat lover! Dude.

    Have a happy~



    I found it!



    I didn’t know which cafe to post in, but I’ll just do it here! Thanks MS for testing out Thursday for us–I’ll hope it’s better than just ‘MEH’, because Avery and I have to do a little birthday shopping to pick up last minute items.

    The pics are so darned cute and I can’t figure out why no one will give that little orangey five, cuz I WILL!



    I’d feel a lot safer giving that little ginger kitten a high five than the rather larger cat just beneath him!

    The Cat Deity with His host of Cat Angels breathing life into Cat Adam is a hoot!



    Paw up – Kudos on Thurs Café!
    cat high five fooled ya
    Hee hee…fooled ya!

    Sun is out – melting last eve’s snow/sleet – Again!
    To be 40’s so will melt – yay…warmer rest of week so NO More Snow…for awhile/hope!
    Kiki was around last nite/this AM waiting for Nomz – happy she’s back!

    Ok…time for warmer on java!
    cat snow mug
    No, this is not Kiki mug…but reminder to bring cat/s indoors in bad weather!



    Happy Thurs. all! well, TGIF is almost here again, whew! long week for me! …. we met flooring peeps at Son’s house today, getting bids on re-finishing the 118 year old pine – we may have to do some now and then he can save up to do some later, but I think they will be beautiful! He closes a week from Monday, it will be fun helping him move in and setting stuff up …. like me, he likes old Victorian era/decor, and has been collecting stuff over the past decade – he can almost furnish the whole 4-bedroom house! ….. I know Jcat would love it if she still lurks, she loves old Victorian era houses. He is so excited to have his own place, and it’s less than 10 min. from us (I imagine we’ll see him frequently for dinner, as he’s too busy to cook for himself most days! LOL – way too easy to head over to Mom/Dad’s and grab a plate 😉

    Dau is heading into her last quarter in nursing school, and graduates in Sept. She’s doing her clinicals right now in pediatric trauma, and loves it! Her most recent patient was a 6 year old girl, who was cat obsessed! Had on cat pjs, cat slippers, cat head band and was coloring a cat coloring book! They bonded immediately, and shared photos of their babies on their phones …. Dau said the little girl told her she was going to be a ‘crazy cat lady too’ …. I would say she’s well on her way! LOL

    Well, wrapping up here, I think I’ll make Mr. AV take me out, Son is traveling right now, and I’m too lazy to cook …. have a great evening all!



    I think the recovering little girl (sending her hopes for a good recovery) may well be a vet. I was absolutely like her at that age. No trauma, but horrible allergies, fortunately not to cats. Thank Bastet that allergies are recognized more than they were half a century ago!

    Of course Mr AV should take you out (or vice-versa, the economics of other people’s families are none of my business). Have a lovely evening.

    KJ, Lolé makes very nice performance clothing, and they are local. Oh,
    for training in a gym, I won’t waste money on fancy stuff. But I noticed that they had a couple of skirts with that vibe but that are modest: and the one after it. I really like the stripey one.



    Hi all – love all those high fives!
    Son’s new place sounds really nice, AV. How cool that dau met a future crazy cat lady!
    Had some snow/rain earlier, but now just cold and windy. No one was home all day so Leela didn’t get her box of summer till late this afternoon.



    JJ, we had snow – blustery snow – here too! I was shocked and appalled!

    AV I agree on Mr. taking you out. Wow dau has chosen an interesting career, the world needs more good nurses. So nice when a nurse takes the time to bond with a patient.

    Lagatta, there is a Lole near me sorta, on Sherbrooke O. Those skirts are neat and IMHO not too expensive. But no way would I shell out $$$ for gym gear. Esp when ridiculously expensive Lululemon tights are allegedly see-thru. There are those who are more interested in how they look than in actually working out, ie full make-up and styling hair before workout. 🙄

    Now I do like to look “kewel” and like my gear to match and last through tons of machine wash/dry but for me it’s Winners, Walmart, used to shop at Target, and found some awesome stuff at one of the PJC pharmacies. And I have 3 drawers and 1 chest of gym gear. I did spend $$$ on very high-quality special cleated spin cycle shoes, but that’s different. As one of my instructors puts it when someone compliments her on her gym gear, “Oh, I got this at “Lulu…” (fill in name of one of the previously mentioned not expensive stores.) 😉

    Well I was not overly “happy” today as yesterday’s stress segued in. But did discuss situation which calmed me down some.

    Nor did I “slap” anyone. Although landlord is asking for it as we are in “discussion” re floor prob, which in one email tacit implication that I caused damage. His “de facto” guy back-peddled on that one, and just for info I called repair place that confirmed that to cause this sort of damage I would have had to intentionally stand over area with a forceful garden hose! For now I must be careful where I step and I covered area with masking tape. This place has lots of probs as I’ve mentioned and should a potential buyer visit, well certain things that I’ve learned to accept are very obvious and the asking price is very high. Whatever.

    Set up new “roll top” toaster oven but have not had opp to try it out as yet. N wants my former one as it still works fine and it will be hers!





    It’s been a day of mixed fortunes. Had to see the Dr and I have had great results on one blood test but not on another. Sigh, swings and roundabouts. Now have to have B12 injections for a while and take a new med and see if it helps. Such is life.
    While I was out I left HRH Shadz locked inside and when I come home I find she has eaten her yoghurt and salmon and her steak and kidney and salmon. Woohoo, doing the Happy Dance. High Five
    AV, waving and high fiving. Sons house sounds wonderful and a 119 yer old pine floor. Wow. Your daughter is doing well too and I love the story of her and her young patient and their cats pics.
    JJ, still snow at your place. High time Winter stopped.
    We have a sunny but blustery day. One of those days where you are not sure what to wear because it will either be too hot or too cold.



    *Waves to MS*

    That pic – “gonna high-five ur face”! ROTFL

    And the wee long-haired tuxie – good thing that my COA airbag is close to hand!

    So get the “such is life”. *Sigh*

    And doing the “Happy Dance with you! Keep it up HRH!



    MS, wonderful that HRH is enjoying eating when you offer the right indulgence!

    Seems lots has been happening while I’ve been off-air. Everyone, I hope that your fingers, throats, microwaves, relations with landlords etc. are all on the mend, and that your cats continue to thrive and enjoy life.

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