Thursday 18-05-2017 – Honouring International Museum Day

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    Today brings the opportunity to visit, appreciate, and support your local museum. Especially if it has “impurroved” pictures such as these in the gallery!

    Dali-ing around LOL!



    Dali-ing around, dear? πŸ˜†

    It’s been raining this evening, Yea! The weather is suppose to be this way until Saturday A.M. When Miss Gaea comes in wet, I dry her off. She does not like it…at all! πŸ™„

    Have a happy~

    Amor amicum tuum (Latin)
    Love thy friend



    Holiday snap

    Ghibli museum in Japan cat bus

    It’s a wild windy evening here. HRH is somewhere out in it probably chasing falling leaves.
    PG, I think Shadz enjoys being dried off enough for two cats. She will even happily wander around with the towel draped over her.
    OMG I have just seen that superb pic of Aslan and his perfectly pretty pink jellybean toes.
    Thud ! ! !





    The pics are great again today!! Yes, Aslan’s toe are so pink and cute! Peso’s toes are pink too since his feet are white…I was studying them yesterday and remembered the FB post where someone had put a little face with a marker on a kittens toes. Now I can never look at those tiny beans the same way ever again!

    It’s thundering outside and very dark, not much rain for all the noise it’s making.. πŸ™„ We could actually use a little rain, but I’m sure Mr. KZ would rather get the rest of his beans in. He may just get that chance if it doesn’t rain anymore though. Avery fell asleep in my bed, she is fighting allergies and is all stuffed up with watery eyes…it has been so windy here and the tree pollen is very high and the farmers are stirring up the dust. She hasn’t learned to blow her nose yet, she still makes the blowing sound with her mouth in the kleenex. πŸ˜†



    Good Morning all,

    It’s snowing!!

    Miss Gaea is funny. She’ll stop in front of me letting me throw the towel on her. But when I dry her off…..

    When do we get to see wee Peso? I hear so much about him but haven’t seen him.

    20 Truths That Every Cat Owner Comes To Accept



    PG, saw your pics of Denver on Tues CafΓ©! Snow? Snow?



    Hi everyone – my computer has been on the fritz but now it seems to be working. Go figure! A friend of hubby’s may look at it.
    Kitties make for some great museum art!
    It’s well into the 90s here in Jersey. I dusted the pollen off of my car and truck and thought how nice it is to dust it as opposed to clearing snow off!
    Didn’t see Huey this morning. Hopefully he will be around when I get home tonight. I’ll venture a guess that he found a cool spot and slept the morning away.



    Paw up pm waves with purrzz…Wow Joan…90’s!
    You bet Brewtown by +20!

    Adding my 2.5 cents for theme!
    Kliban Cat ART

    with having fun yet…hey, it’s almost Friiiday!
    fun facts lol

    Time for PM cuppa fave brew…finishing off part 2 Solo style ’til MOanday!
    cat coffee
    Back on Friday as flip…



    Hi all! popping in for a quick hello, super busy, I hardly have time to check in. Love the pics and baby Aslan is precious! …. have a great day all!



    I haven’t seen Aslan. Did I miss a pic? And yes, we’d love to see Peso too!

    I got a kick out of this today…. The cats love the bay window area in the kitchen, where we’re currently having a cat window seat built for them (and cabinets underneath for me). They’ve been sitting on whatever cardboard boxes I put there for months. Now today they napped on the actual building materials. We’re almost there!

    This situation did have to be monitored closely as they had a setback two nights ago. They were doing so well before that…two steps forward, one step back.



    I copied a link address to my FB post I made a couple of weeks ago, and don’t know if it will work. For me it takes too long to download pics to a site, then pull them back out again….



    OOOOH, I think it may have worked. He was very little then, and still is, but I will try and update pics soon. I went to the vet and picked up some Clavamox for him today. He surely has feline herpes, but is fighting the sneezies and runny eyes. I have started him on lysine also, I just hope his immune system kicks in and he gets over the sneezies. It’s not fun for the poor little guy. He tries so hard to be big when he walks around looking at the other cats. They have quit hissing at him and find him more a novelty now…following him sniffing his butt. πŸ˜†



    It’s 56 degrees colder here, JJ.

    KZ- I tried to access your account but it comes up not available. If you want to send Peso’s pic to and I can post it.

    It’s good the gang is almost getting along and maybe, when the cat window seat is built they will finally get into a routine.

    Here’s a picture of Aslan.



    Aslan is lovely. However I am very disturbed by those extremely flat-faced Persians and related breeds, and pug dogs. The poor dears can’t breathe; a veterinarian friend curses breeders who developed such unviable extremes.

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