Thursday 17-08-2017 – It's National Thrift Shop Day – Do I Hear Shopping?

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    “Thriftshop” is an old term for stores that sell deeply discounted merchandise. Today they’re known as discount department stores or dollar stores. And one can find some seriously great deals!

    Oh no!!!!



    It’s Thursday! I love wandering in Thrift Store because I never know what I’ll find that I must have right now. 😉

    I’m swimming tomorrow and then my nephew, kids and me are going to see “The Dark Tower.”

    cya and have a happy~


    Sleep tight little Noir Kit



    Thrift or charity shops are usually non-profit, though, and their take goes to some kind of charity, or to help people who have been out of work for various reasons – including disabled people – get back into employment.

    Here is the one where I take my “stuff”: They help women in crisis, homeless women…

    And of course places of worship also hold regular bazaars…

    But delicious black kitten reminds us all (including Livia) that today is also…

    Black cat appreciation day!!!



    Here in NZ they are called Op Shops (opportunity shops). My Mum works in her church shop every few weeks and the profits are donated to a different charity each month.

    Thrift store find

    Shopcelot and hebby creme & mouse tails !
    😆 😆
    PG, do let us know what you think of The Dark Tower, I have heard so many negative things about it.
    COA warning on that kitty with the abundance of jellybean toesies.


    Interesting and funny article.
    As I mentioned yesterday Mum has a ginger boy cat who visits her every few days for cuddles, company and to sleep by her heater. This morning while visiting a former neighbour of Mums there was a beautiful creamisicle cat, not hers, rubbing around her legs. She said the cats owner across the road drives out the driveway to work and Mr Creamsicle crosses the road straightaway to his day time ‘home’.
    I can assure you that HRH Shadz doesn’t cheat on us, she is most definitely a one family cat.



    Good morning – “yes I do need them all”
    Invisible shopping cart is cute!

    Hope the movie was good, PG. That baby with the jelly bean feetz is just too cute!

    MS, that’s quite a thingamajig in that last pic! Funny about mum’s neighbor’s cheetin’ kitty!

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day from Leela, Comet, Star, Huey and Dewey!



    Livia celebrated Black Cat Appreciation Day by coming in from the back garden and throwing up on the floor… just grass. Guess I should be happy that it wasn’t on a carpet, bedding etc.



    Hee hee…gotta luv thrift shoppe fun! Have my own “boutique” Up North…always find something must have/need with every stop! They’ll be having fill brown bag for $5 this Fall…woo hoo…I’ll be there!
    Cheers for Noirs today!
    blk cat coffee fun
    Mmm…java~ black & hot…now, back to my desk…later/hopeful…



    It must be Black Cat Day here . . . our little visitor spend most of yesterday here, not leaving until nearly 8 am, and she’s been back since lunchtime!

    They were both very good yesterday, though. I was hard at work all day, editing and publishing – I wanted to get the proof version of Mum’s book out on her birthday. I didn’t think I’d manage one, but ended up getting both out, and nothing else done all day . . .

    Well apart from feeding cats, of course. That always takes precedence! Now they’re enjoying their sunbathing reward for being good.



    Afternoon all! …. My Son loves thrift shopping – he’s good at picking up ‘finds’!

    Miss Caddy is celebrating her black cat appreciation day by sleeping atop her perch and she got an extra helping of tuna in gravy wet food this morning … it’s her favorite flavor by far!

    Abby wants to know when Meezer appreciation day is 😉



    I don’t know – perhaps do a search? The last two cats I had; Renzo and Nadja, were respectively half and three-quarters Siamese. And black, as Siamese “mongrels” often are. Nadja had bright blue eyes.



    And Dorry wants to know just when is “Silver Grey Tabby with srs Cattitude” Day???? Efurryday, boy!

    So in keeping with today’s theme I took full advantage when someone who appreciates my penchant for among other items, jewellery, and told me of a 50% off sale at an awesome shoppe in one of our posh shopping areas. They carry unbelievably realistic knock-off’s. So I bought me a faux “Elsa Peretti Tiffany” necklace. Very dainty and a bit like pic, ‘cept mine has gold/silver/rose gold hearts and IMHO is prettier than original.

    I love a good bazaar and there’s usually an end-of-summer one at my gym/community centre. Items are donated by well-known clothing mfrs and I’ve gotten some amazing scores! And if you go on the second day before it closes they’re almost giving things away! This year N plans to come along.

    I don’t go for second-hand/vintage clothes but I do give previously loved stuff to a charity org. Also years ago donated my wedding gown to a special charity which helps needy brides get their look together. Prob too small to fit any grrrl, but they could always cut it apart and re-design it and for sure I wasn’t going to be wearing it again! 😉



    Yes, I’m responding to my own comment!

    Today I happened to take some things to a charity shop closer to my house, Renaissance, and happened to find a pair of Sorel boots for $10. Not brand new but in fine condition – those aren’t “pretty” boots anyway but outdoor boots for serious cold, snow and slush. They are very popular among young people now, even for city wear. They are far from cheap in the shops.

    Also, an electric wok. My electric “multi-pot” died. The manufacturer (or rather, local wholesaler) told me to send it in for a replacement, so this wok (in fine condition, but the other one is more versatile as it is much deeper and good for braises and soups) for 15$. It was clumsy carrying the stuff home, as I’d already bought cat food (discounted this weekend at Mondou), but I managed.

    We have to look up Meezer (or Siamese) appreciation day, AV. Since the country is now called Thailand, we don’t risk sites dedicated to the people of that country.

    Now I have to get rid of two things from my flat…

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