Thursday 17-05-2017 – What Does Pack Rat Day Mean for Kits?

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    Things may pile up. After all, each item one acquires along the road of life may have value or serve some meaningful purpose. The kits, however, have an entirely different take on this Special Day!





    The black kitten hugging the rat is seriously sweet, but I can’t imagine my cats letting one live in peace in the house. They say they make excellent pets, but I would be afraid of the Hanta virus…same with mice…I like them but don’t know about having one as a pet. We have too many rats in the barn for me to be comfortable with having them as pets.

    A cooler day and beautiful here this morning. Chance of showers again this evening, but Mr. KZ did get the lawn mowed yesterday while I was gone. It was so thick and tall (that’s what you get when you fertilize) he had to go over one section twice!

    We have wrens making a nest in a little ceramic house on the front porch. They are so interesting to watch and the little male sings constantly!



    I strongly suspect that Livia would NOT hug that rat.

    Remember that pack rat also refers to hoarding, and an excess of clutter. Some cats hoard odd things too… such as socks.

    I’ve done a lot of decluttering – have more to do. Livia helps me – ha!!!

    papers, books. I still have 5 bookcases – had 8… in a small flat. As for papers, always hard to know what we must keep, what we can toss. These are all filed, but I’d like to do another clearout.



    Hee- hee…g’morning TgiThursday waves!
    In early for had to drop car off to fix fan blower as “reisitor” so Officemate gave me ride back to this place!

    Cats/Rats…I’ll chose the first! My n’bor used to have a pet rat…used to cuddle with it…hmm, um – no thank you!

    Adding my 2.5cents share:
    cat rat frog picture
    Never heard this little cat/rat tale!

    Ok, time for cuppa fave brew…before back to desk for day 4 part 1’s fun!
    rat pack mug



    Hi Efurryone,

    Eeeeks! Go away, gross creature. 30 stuffed rats-hmm, a Willard remake?

    Miss Gaea plays them to death and them eats them. Before I figured out what she was doing, she brought a couple in the house and out the door they went which totally offended her. Now that I know what she’s doing in the yard, I don’t open the door for her until I’m sure she’s finished. I don’t know what MM and LBG would do with one, though.

    The Acupuncture went well. She did the that and then a deep tissue massage. The overuse of my pirofirmis muscle causes it to spasm resulting in pressure on the sciatic nerve. Prior to the acupuncture she checked to see where I hurt and she touched that muscle and I nearly jumped off the table. I need to do daily stretching because my muscle has “set in its way” (muscle memory) and that’s what I have to change.

    Between the two I feel better but if I move a certain way, I feel the muscle start to spasm. The stretches – Owie.

    Have a happy~



    Thanks PG – I now have that abysmal tune “Ben” from the “Willard” movies as earworm! 🙄
    Great that acupuncturist was able to figure out prob. Yeah, stretches cause pain, but I would think that she would have told you at what point of pain threshold to stop. From experience profs can only do so much in a session and keeping up with “assignments” at home makes a definite difference improvement-wise.

    Well to add to what’s been too long a spate of things going on, I now have eye infection commonly known as “pink eye”. I thought that my eyes felt dry/achy and looked red because of lack of sleep, but gym cohort diagnosed that there was prob. Opthamologist and optometrist N/A, was fine to go to pharmacist and got some OTC stuff to use for a week. And have appt w/opthamologist next Wed which I could cancel as should be OK by then, but the way I stress prob best to have him check it out anyway. Have to be extremely on guard re touching eyes. Told that eye infections can be quite contagious. And no eye makeup whatsoever for entire week. 😥

    And my other c**p, well last night not fun is all that I can say. I am being followed but certain things don’t quite follow the instant fix plan.

    A/C guys just cleaned/checked out unit on what is a not so warm day. And now I’m re-thinking whether I want to move. Think the past months have just all been too much and that as there is no decision to be made right now, i’d do myself huge favour by trying to give it a rest.

    Purrhaps I should be on ‘puter a bit less as eye is achy. burning a bit. Hard to do though. Hmm …



    My nephew was going to mow on Saturday but now, it’s supposed to rain all weekend. My Z is having his (Catholic) Confirmation on Sunday.

    Not pink eye! That nasty crap hurts but this will help: use a cool compress on the eyes. You don’t want to use a warm compress because that can spread an bacteria and/or virus. Make sure to use a different washcloth for each eye to prevent spreading any infection. And use clean washcloths each time. Clean the eye from drainage by wiping from the inside to the outside of the eye area.

    I’m catching up on Handmaiden’s Tale. Nick is an SOB!

    She told me about stretching in that “pain is not gain.” When I hurt let up a bit and hold it. Don’t push myself 🙄

    Shavuot begins on Saturday so you will be able to rest.

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