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    Every once in a while, a day comes along where everything you do seems purrfect! For kits – that’s efurryday!



    Crossover pic –

    Nighty night



    Sweet-I like this day and agree with the meaning of life! Squeee to the Wigglefloof-thud

    Esp. for KJ 😆

    Cya ltr and have a happy~



    Paw up waves g’morning from sunny cold my neck o’ woods…may hit low 30’s today…we shall see!

    Another version of Right…
    turn right gps gato
    GPS Gato 😀

    let me in right now lol
    captiong wrong lol
    Sigh, we made it to TGIThurs…yay!
    Need Coffee Now…MEOW!
    coffee good morning
    Have a pawsome day…later/maybe!



    kj, I presume you’ve seen the conclusion of X Company. I hope others will be able to watch this Canadian series soon.

    I’m just doing research work – and laundry. Hope everyones’ furry friends are warm and safe.



    Squeeee on the wigglefloof – reminds me a bit of “Star Trek” tribbles. 🙂

    MS, just what was yesterday’s wee creature?

    Lagatta, I haven’t seen conclusion as yet, planning to watch it this pm.

    PG, yes that pic of the winsome kit is one that I can easily relate to. On way home today I fell, but just once. And as per last night I landed in the snow. So bruised knees again and ice and arnica as per. It’s so not nice out, good that I don’t drive as traffic is a mess, peeps waiting eons for busses. Cars “parked” every which way. I think that some peeps are planning to not shovel in the hope that the snow will simply melt and reveal their cars. I guess that eventually it would.

    Right now I could catnap, I’m awaiting confirmation on a project, but if sleep takes over so be it. Just trudging in the snowbanks is a workout, more of which I for sure do not need.



    Woo hoo…spotted my first Robin of the Season on a bright sunny but breezy +35 walk! Unfortunately it flew away before got to take pic so had to borrow one from the net to share 😉
    robin in march

    Hope all are having a better than expected day…me…it IS getting better plus tomorrow is Friiiday
    almost fri feline fine
    Probably not back ’til the flip…later!



    I’m glad I took my late Mum’s cane, but people react in such stupid ways. I was walking along fine and an idiot (a male, in his 30s I’d say, started advising me where to walk and to “walk slowly” – I responded that it was none of his business to tell me how to walk… People make such assumptions.

    I only take the cane on such days as a couple of winters back, I hurt myself badly falling on a grate in such weather.

    The snow will eventually melt, but it is far more likely to melt during the day then freeze at night, and ice is many times harder to clear away than fresh snow.

    Then I won’t mention X-company spoilers until tomorrow… I thought it was a satisfying conclusion overall.



    Lagatta, I’m with you on how stupid some peeps are. On my way home from gym last night I was walking on the side of the road and soe driver asked if I needed help. Not a rude comment per se, so I inferred that I can’t climb a hill to get to the sidewalk. So he says “It’s not my fault.” I responded “I know that.” As though he controls the weather? 🙄

    Just watched “X Company” finale and read review on “TV, eh?” Things wrapped up more or less neatly. Although I’m still a bit adrift re Faber, who was so into protecting Sabine and unless his death becomes a mystery, with him I assume being blown to bits, she might suffer consequences. He remains a bit of an enigma for me. Would have like to see Schmidt get his, from a documentary that I once saw, when higher-ups were taken to England as prisoners they were extremely well-treated, lived in manor houses and such, and spied upon, but nothing even remotely resembling the way the Nazis treated prisoners. I will miss the series.

    I’m worn out from yesterday and today’s weather in tandem with not getting enough sleep and overdoing the gym thing. Still awaiting confirmation re project and not starting until I get this, although it should be a go. I think that a catnap is my next plan.



    *skids into café* Hi all – down the valley today at mom’s and misc errands. I should have done my walking down there as up here the roads are narrow and when snow covered there’s nowhere to go when a car comes by – if I’m lucky there’s a driveway I can dive into. At home I mashed the snow down that leads to a few of the shelters so the cats may more readily go to them.
    Big surprise last night, Berta spent the night in the house! She came in and soon discovered the comfort of the wood burner. Other than a few insults in the form of growls and hisses, she didn’t bother anyone, and by this morning she was ready to go back out.



    Hi all.
    KJ I have no idea what that wee creature is. Cute as a button though.
    JK, the first robin. Is that a sign of Spring?
    JJ, wow ! Berta inside and enjoying the delights of the wood fire. I like the way she just came in for a night of warmth and is back in her natural habitat. There’s a girl who knows what she wants.
    There is a mini TDK meet up taking place today, Jcat and Kapitikats(KK) have got together for lunch and a good chat. I was lucky enough to get a pxt of the Limoncello cake they were enjoying. 😕



    Oh, KK and Jcat meet up! and lemon donuts to boot!
    Hiya all, JJ, I love Berta coming in. Miss Caddy loves her snuggly bed on my porch ! Hopeing my St. Paddy s day isnt too crazy, they dye the hillsborough river green every year, so there’s always a crazy party downtown



    A KK/Jcat meetup, cool!
    The Robin is indeed a sign of spring. However, a few years back I rescued a robin from the middle of the road in early January in single-digit temps. It did not seem injured, and may have seen the pavement of the road to be warmer – or less cold – than the snowy landscape. I placed the bird on a branch in the woods (fortunately I wore my workboots to work that day). It was gone a short time later and I stopped to look for it, fearing it fell, but it must have just needed a break from the snow.
    A pre-St. Patrick’s Day tale: about 8 or 9 years ago, my mom was feeding a kitty who was hanging out by her house. When it became apparent the cat was pregnant, the kitty was brought to the shelter. Since my mom was the only human associated with the cat, she was asked what the cat’s name was. The kittens were due approximately March 17th, so mom named the cat Paddy. Paddy had a healthy litter of kittens in the safety of the shelter on March 16. The kittens all found homes, and one kind soul not only adopted a kitten, but Paddy as well!

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