Thursday 15-06-2017 – It's Smile Power Day!

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    You never know, your warm smile just might turn someone’s day right around!



    Awww, my cats do smile, especially Willow and Peso. I don’t know why, but they are just the most appreciative of the lot, and they are both males. The girls however, expect what they get like it’s their due… 😛 with no appreciation required. Ahhh but I love them anyway!



    Awwww-mah tummy has a happy

    As I always say “Have a Happy!”




    smile power day w dog & cat
    TGiTH – Smiles all around with reminder:
    Tomorrow is Doggie Friday!
    smile power day doggie
    Also smiling for the new A/C unit is cranked & finally working!
    cool inside

    (Was +84 inside when arrived this morning…now down to 74! YAY)
    Joe cool
    Snoopy Approves too…ok, later – maybe!



    Afternoon all!

    I could for sure take a page from Euphorikat’s book!

    So I just bought me some new facial cleanser. I get whatever seems good at the weekly sale at chain pharma. I like to alternate brands. So the one I chose is Aveeno Ultra Calming stuff for sensitive skin. One question – should I use it on my face – or drink it? The Ultra Calming effect could be useful for moi. Purrhaps I should ask customer service? Hmmm … purrhaps not! 😉



    Hi all – my gang isn’t smiling much these days as they are being pestered by a high energy kitten! Although I’m sad for Comet, he doesn’t remember doing the same to Leela!
    Yay for the new a/c, JK – you’ll be nice and cool just in time for summer. Joe Cool is great.
    KJ, I’d love to drink some of those calming creams if they worked. Alas, ingesting topical stuff is probably bad.
    Survived my first day at work and boy am I tired. I need a back massage, but will make do with the heating pad. The good news is that although I’ve been away 11 years, some stuff is coming back to me. The basics of the profession are the same, but it’s way more computerized and there are more laws to follow. I’ll try again tomorrow!
    Four hungry cats were waiting outside for me, three inside cats looking for attention, and one kitten swinging around his crate wanting to come out and run around.
    Keep on smiling…



    JJ, sounds like a typical first day on the job. You’ll probably be up to speed soon and anyway the weekend approaches! Great that you kept in touch with previous and now current employer, as this way you know each other’s work style and you don’t have to “break him in.” 😉



    Just realized my last first day on the job with him was over 25 years ago! Whoa…

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