Thursday 15-03-2018 – "Beware the Ides of March" – If Julius Caesar's Your Name!

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    Caesar should have listened to his wife Catpurrnia (sp). According to Shakespeare, she warned him to “Beware the Ides of March.” He paid no heed to her warning. The rest as they say – is history.





    That “rooster style” Roman soldier knit hat. Dare I make one? Purrhaps not. πŸ˜‰
    MS, I’ve at times taken to copy/pasting posts to doc for later posting in case I can’t get onsite. As has bee happening of late. *Sigh*
    AV, I’ve bought a lot of stuff from Animal Rescue Site, although the exchange/shipping rate is not all that much fun.
    Yesterday we had a genuine Winter storm! Ad today looks like yrs Winter!!!!
    Had annual opthamologist appt in am. More or less across mall where “Marshall’s” just opened up! Yes! They actually have handbags “on sale” for a mere $999.99!
    But I walked right past them into shoe section, where I scored me a neat pr of sandals. Suoer-comfy and excelleht discount! Company (Toms) donates shoes to kids in Third World countries for ea purchase. Would have bought them anyway, but it’s nice to know. And tossed a pr of sandals that have been uncomfortable from the outset into charity bin near gym.



    Yes, I’ve been to the Torre Argentina cat shelter in Rome. Very impressive place!

    In Italian: Gatti di Roma!

    I know that area well because I was living just above that area when I was doing scholarly research and one changes buses right across the street. There is also a nice cafeteria-type restaurant (think it was called Delfino) which evidently still exits. I hope I get a chance to go back, for some kind of project – a history of cats in Rome?



    Hmm…interesting facts for #IdesofMarch today!
    Yes…beware, for today is friend’s R birthday!
    (few years younger than moi – but looks older for all grey now!)
    Hee-hee luv my bottle of “Clairol” πŸ˜‰

    Today is also the 40th anniversary of my dad, Louie’s passing heavenward…
    but with Happy Memories for he was a great influence on me…just gone way too soon- so long ago!

    Anyway, happy to report feral Kiki was around last nite & again this AM for nomz πŸ˜€ Still playing Coy – but since it’s warming up at least don’t
    have to worry about horrid Winter Conditions for now!

    Yes, we got our new chairs today…assembled now…and in use!
    kliban cats mug
    Double cheers…
    Ok, time to get another cuppa fave brew… back on the flip!



    I confess I was very tired of “dyeing” a bit every month. Fortunately my grey atop and dark around the temples and back looks rather nice… I need a haircut; I had braided my hair and the elastic came out and I had nasty tangles to take out. My hair is very curly, even with a bit of a kink.

    Livia’s fur is just perfect, though I’ll have to rev up the brushing and combing when spring arrives…

    Livia wouldn’t wear a soldier’s helmet; she’d have a fancy coiffure like an elegant Roman lady, but I’d never impose that. A wig on a cat? In a minute, it would become “prey”, looking like something the cat dragged in…



    Happy Thurs. afternoon all! ….. wrapping up a busy week here, tomorrow is a ‘free day’, meaning we’re scooting off the work grid and taking Son and MIL to the beach for a fresh fish sami ….. it’s nice to be able to work on our own schedule, been doing it for 30+ years, so we can take a long weekend whenever we like! ….. And tomorrow is mid 70s so it should be purrfect!

    I’m fortunate that I’m a ‘late gray’, cause I became allergic and haven’t dyed my hair for over a decade …. luckily, I’m only about 20% gray and 80% my natural color …. hair looks like it has silver highlights, and actually flatters my fair complexion. Most of my friends my age are the opposite, 80% gray and 20% natural …. most have to dye at least every few weeks, or they have a gray part …. thanks Grandma for good genes!

    I am at wits end to get Luna (son’s other cat) to quit pooping outside the box (directly in front of it) …. she absolutely refuses to poop in!! Thank goodness she pees in the box … I can’t really figure out why she won’t poop there …. I clean it all day every day (she shares it with Ve) and change it religiously …. I think it’s her way of communicating that she doesn’t like Son traveling, being gone so much, and when he is home, he’s working …. so I live with a system of keeping the litter box in a carboard cutout, lined with a towel …. keeps the floor clean, and towels are easy to change/wash ….. I just wish it made my life easier!

    Well, I bought some beautiful tenderloin steaks to grill for dinner tonight, so I’d best get to marinating them ….. rounding off the meal will be baked potatoes with many choices of toppings and steamed asparagus with butter/lemon sauce …. now I’m making myself hungry! LOL …. have a great evening all!



    I’ve “played” with hair colour, at times rocking an “Annie Lennox” black roots/bleach look, at times going shoe polish black, but have not done so for many years.

    My hair is it’s natural very dark brown, with purrhaps a few strands of silvery grey, not noticeable at all. If I go grey I’ll probably go with it as I don’t like being “married to my hair colourist”. Plus with hair this short any colour would grow out and roots would show in like 2 wks.



    Hi everybody



    Hi PG,

    Good to see you here. Hope that things are more in place for you.

    I look out window and it’s like Winter just started.

    Did just finish “Aubergine” Classic Pullover. And of course had to throw it in washer on “hand wash” cycle – right now! Along with a load of other stuff.

    Now I’m letting it hang dry, although it could go in dryer as it’s acrylic. Anything knitted looks somewhat crumpled since it’s been handled lots during knitting process. But now it looks all nice and crisp! Rest of stuff can dance around the dryer while I sleep.

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