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    Celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day, this “Special Day” is for those who are unattached. Traditions include:

    Singles get together. It’s a chance to meet.
    Singles give each other gifts – Why not?
    Spend a little time checking out online dating sites – I don’t think so. LOL



    He he he
    There you go KJ, no more creepy ants. ๐Ÿ™‚



    Singles day, eh? Blue balls! ๐Ÿ˜† Where did this tattoo come from?

    Have a happy~

    Getting ready for a wild night out



    OMG PG, did you see the blue balls pic too?
    ROTFL at the cat being brushed with toothbrush. Mama’s boy.



    These pics are seriously cute!! The black cat with the long fangs is adorable!

    MS, I hope you don’t have to deal with more rain and storms. I don’t mind ants outside, but we have so many different kinds. Down to the tiny ‘piss’ ants ๐Ÿ˜† that get into the sugar and dry cat food, to the huge black carpenter ants with the pinchers for jaws. Ugh. Like any bug it’s cool outside (to a point) but when they are in my house, I will do what it takes to get rid of them forever.

    KJ, hope your calf is feeling better and your butt muscle too…hee hee!

    PG, I have WTF moments all day everyday…referring to your post of yesterday. If I didn’t have them, it would be like a day without sunshine.



    Hee hee…fun theme…oh, yes – fits me & my kits purrfectly!

    Plus today is:
    cheap candy day
    Yummy Idea…
    feb 15 sale day
    Get them while you can! ๐Ÿ˜€
    luv my cat mug
    Need Java – MEOWR…busy/dizzy…tgith! Later/hope



    MS, tks for virtually eradicating those creepy pests!

    Tks for concern KZ. Thankfully both my achy muscles are so much less so. Purrhaps ’cause I do the “first-aid” thing immediately or whatever.

    Should I knit Dorry a fetching hat? But then efurryone will know why I’m still single.;-) And I so embrace this status, as a companion IMHO a cat outdoes most guys efurrytime! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the be-fanged kit with those awesomely big ears.

    What would I do without my WTF moments? Speaking of … new law here bans stores giving out plastic bags. I generally have no prob carrying a sturdy foldable plastic tote for groceries and such. Otherwise I do what efurryone else does, I buy packs of white plastic bags at $$Store and use those. Not sure if they are recyclable. So no one wins. In the meantime our streets are ridden with potholes and snow removal/salting is a hit or miss situation. Priorities? WTF! ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Afternoon all! ….. I live a WTF life! LOL ….. always something wonky going on – it’s the ‘new normal’ LOL

    Our weather is back up in the 80s for good, hot and muggy …. looks like we’re skipping Spring altogether and going straight to Summer! it’s gonna be a hot one!

    So our local TV cable has been playing ‘Titanic’ in marathon mode for the past 2 days …. I mean it was fun to see it again, but seriously, for 2 days back to back??! …. what programming genius though THAT was a good idea?!!

    Well, back to my Thurs. hope everyone has a great evening!



    Good afternoon all. We have another sunny day (no rain ! ) and it will be like this until Monday/Tuesday when TC Gita or her remnants hit us. Until then the clothesline will be full and HRH will continue to stay outside at night.
    LOL KZ, WTF moments are what keep us on our toes although I could do without some of them lately. We also have different types of ants but thankfully no ants with pincer like jaws although some of ours no give a very nasty nip.
    KJ, no worries about eradicating those pesky ants for you but then I had the horrid thought that the spray can sneezing might creep you out too. Good to hear your aching muscles are less so. I’m presently icing my foot by rolling it over a bottle of frozen water. They are looking at banning plastic bags at stores here too. We got along without them in the first place and supermarkets used sturdy brown paper bags in the past. If they can find a sustainable source of wood for the paper bags then I am all for that. I used recyclable fold up bags for all my shopping and have several spares in the glove box.
    AV, waving at you girl. This is where I admit to never having seen Titanic.
    Hey anyone watching the Winter Olympics in Sth Korea? I’m watching the Men’s Skeleton at the moment and it’s awesome watching them speed down an ice track on what looks like just a tea tray. Speed freaks that’s for sure.



    I’m much happier with Livia – and Renzo before her – than the last guy in my life. I’d never say never, but I’m not particularly looking.

    Online dating is riddled with con-men, and I presume con-women. Yet another story of a woman paying thousands of dollars to a man she’d never even met.

    I’ve been carrying totes and at least a canvas bag with me for shopping at all times for at least 40 years, but then I’m an old tree-hugging hippie who rides an old Raleigh Sprite everywhere (when there is not a tonne of snow, with ice underneath). And who adopts stray cats…

    I’ve only watched a few replays of the Olympics, because I’ve had quite a bit of work (other than the book) which I had to get done in a hurry. Tonight I’m attending a small party with friends and they may well be on, as the friends whose place it is at is the daughter of a professor of physical education who was a tennis champ into his 80s.
    I’m not as much of a sport fan as she is, but I enjoy watching them with friends. I also like going to some of the Italian cafรฉs around here and watching the calcio (football/soccer) and obviously, bicycle races.

    And yes, some of the events do look very dangerous.

    That said, I don’t want to be defined as a “single”. I’m the same person whether or not I’m partnered at the time.

    One thing has changed; even if I do have a serious companion again, I want to keep my own little flat. I need an office/studio to work in anyway.

    Ants are nothing to having MOTHS. Just hope I never get them again; they are heartbreaking.

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