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    This day pays homage to the tasty Mediterranean fish stew or soup, believed to have originated in Marseilles, France. Recipes call for variety of fish, including cod, snapper, flounder, halibut, sea bass, monk fish, and more. 



    Oh the poor kitties!

    I wish I’d have known this sooner, I’ve got a lovely recipe I haven’t even tried yet… Darn~ Oh well! Glad to see some activity here! It’s been a very long time for me, I know. Sorry for the long disappearance, but things in this House have been hectic!

    As I mentioned in my thread about my new additional kitty, I’ve been going through a series of health scares recently. I’ve been preparing to undergo surgery in Jan/Feb, to fix a decent amount of my physical issues, but one of the preparatory tests came back with high numbers for a specific cancer that tends to be common in men like me.

    A slew of tests, several biopsies, and a micro-surgery later, I’ve just been informed that I do not, actually, have cancer! So I’ll be recovering and preparing for surgery as planned, just a lot more sore and praying for better health on the other side.

    My Doctor and my surgeon both are very optimistic regarding my heal times, and I’ve had no complications so far *knock on wood!* Very glad to be back and vertical enough to interact with the world again, I’ve missed ya’ll!



    Good to see you back posting Kincaid, you have been going through it lately and I am so pleased to read that despite the tests indicating a problem that has proven to be not true. Sending you Positive Vibes for successful surgery in the coming New Year.



    MS, interesting use of the Douglas Adams quote “Hitchhiker” was a fave of ex-Mr. KJ and his cohort, me not so much as I didn’t watch it from the beginning.

    The rice ball kit – too cute to eat!!!

    Kincaid – great news re your test results and hope that all goes well with your surgery.

    Bitterly cold out but after gym plan to pick-up jewellery hoard and purrhaps go a bit out of my usual range for some jewellery making accessories, n subway for most of journey, but I’ll see. L8R!



    I’m hoping someone might whip up some of this soup (AV, hint hint)….so I’ll just leave a bowl by the wormhole just in case… 😆

    OH MY GOSH…the rice ball kit took me by surprise and finally figured it out, so cute! But my favorite was ‘you talkin’ to me, you piece of fish!’ 😎 Wonder why cats love fishy stuff so much?

    Kincaid, I’ve missed you. So glad your health scare was just that–a scare an not an actual issue. I am hoping for more wonderful things for you in the upcoming year, and I love that you have a new cat. Thank you for taking in another black kitty. I’ll never understand why they are so overlooked in shelters.



    Kincaid, so glad that you dodged that health bullet – and that you have a new black cat. Alas I think that racial prejudice also extends to pussycats; how could anyone think a cat was evil because of the colour of his or her fur?

    Years ago, friends in Italy took a picture of two of their cats – a black one and a white one – with the caption “I gatti contro l’apartheid” (cats against apartheid).

    I love fish soup/stews. There are variations all around the Mediterranean, and elsewhere. True bouillabaisse is very complex and some of the traditional fish are rare and costly nowadays even near Marseille, but there are many simpler iterations.

    I won’t be making a fish soup/stew tonight but I might for the year’s end holiday season, as it is delicious and warming, but also nutritious and not too heavy, as many traditional foods tend to be.



    Afternoon all! I love bouilliabaisee, and make it frequently! … living in Fla. I am so fortunate to have an abundance of fresh seafood. *leaves* a tureen of such at the wormhole 😉

    Well today, it’s almost 70 today ….. like 20 degree fluctuation in the past week! It’ll be a miracle if we don’t get sick …. can’t decide what to wear until I go out in the morning to see how it feels ! LOL

    Hope everyone is having a great day!



    Paw up – PM Waves on TGiThursday – finally!
    Yum – great idea to warm up with as today’s theme!
    Adding my 2.5 cents share:
    Chickpea Bouillabaisse
    chickpea bouillabaisse
    Chickpea Bouillabaisse – mmm…yum!

    Sunny but still cold today after yesterday’s snow day – approx. 2.9 inches in my n’hood…shoveling seemed endless for it would stop than start up again! Finally shoveled last nite when began to taper off!
    Sigh, no sign of Kiki/feral this AM – but there were kitty paw prints at nomz area! She let me pick her up but balked when tried to bring her into my vestibule…progress/very slow!
    Ok, time for part 2 day 4…back on flip!



    Good afternoon. I’m not a seafood fan, so no soup for me, thanks! Lagatta, I have a black cat and a very blonde cat (not white, but palest orange). I often sing “Ebony and Ivory” when I see them snuggled up together. Once I even got a picture of them together on the piano keyboard…perfect…lol.

    Cute pics today! The soup mustache made me giggle.



    Afternoon all, another hot sunny dry day here and now we have water restrictions. No using water sprinklers for gardens or lawns. The first time in almost 2 decades we have had restrictions. City counil say it’s because we’re using it on our lawns/gardens but the city has had a huge growth in population and that is the main reason I would say.
    KJ, I wasn’t aware of the ‘Hitchhikers’ saying but on looking at the pics gain I figured out which one had that quote.
    KZ, the rice ball kit had me laughing too, it took me a minute to figure out what it was.
    AV, thanks for that wormhole soup offering. I usually have my seafood as is with minimal other ingredients but this soup is excellent. For once we had a nippy morning but I was headed to the gym so I just pulled on a light jacket, didn’t need it when I emerged all hot and lobster looking as the sun was at full temp by then.
    JK, I hope Kiki shows herself to you again soon.
    Hi ECB.



    Nippy. MS? Hah! Not compared to my n’hood I daresay! 😉
    Those Xmas kits are adorable! Fortunately Dorry shows no interest in my Chanukah candles. Kits + fire = srsly bad plan!

    Yup that quote is indeed a Douglas Adams original, although I never got the meaningl

    Today of all days I elected to do more walking than a purrson should do – when it’s -29C with wind chill factor!!!!!

    After gym went downtown to p/u jewellery order. Then travelled over to other side of the city where the only “Michaels” craft store in our city exists. There seems to be loads of them in the US, and here you can’t order online. Needed rose gold-tone chain to put my “Cristofle” look necklace together. And could only find it there. Except for 2 awesome watches at srsly low price, kept myself in check. And got the daily discount of $4 off. Got lost on the way so walked more than planned. Getting back to subway much easier.

    Then had to immediately put jewellery together ’cause that’s me. And found other things to do – of course. Way wiped out!

    Necklace looks like my version of this one – ‘cept this one ONLY costs $1,250! Plus I put together one in silver-tone as well. And my viper bangle is so me!!! 😉



    Very nice. I know you don’t cook but if you have a friend who does, I found a similar kosher soup in Joyce Goldstein’s book “Cucina Ebraica. Flavors of the Italian Jewish Kitchen”. It is called “Sopa di pesce spina all’Ebraica. Venetian fish soup”, and like bouillabaisse, is as much a stew as a soup – a main dish.

    Those soup/stews were made all around the Mediterranean by fishermen, fishmongers and their families, often using the scraps left over when fillets or darnes (steaks) were sold as well as whatever vegetables they had on hand. They were economical, highly nutritious and at best, very tasty.

    I see three locations for Michael’s, none close to you, one east of me, two farther west from you… Cold day to wait for the bus…



    Sorry to bring back the last thread, but I just wanted to thank you all! Introductions between the kitties went swimmingly, and they seem to be pretty friendly so far! Will post updates as I can 🙂

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