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    Just like Supertramp’s “Breakfast In America” only different. The Café kitchen is in the capable paws of Barrista Cat, along with cohort Breakfast Cat, who whips up golden waffles, crepes, eggs anyway you like, crispy toast, hot rolls, muffins, granola, oatmeal, fresh fruit and more.






    A butt warming breakfast.



    These pics are hilarious!! Yes–welcome to the Breakfast Club–I have 5 clamoring for sustenance every morning–they race down the stairs and swirl and twirl daring me to break my neck–they play pattie paw with each other and fuss and hiss while I’m getting it ready. Then….silence while everyone is eating 😆

    I’ll take coffee please, bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast would be good or a bagel. Of course the cafe kits will gladly dish that up for me–excuse me while I sit down for a while and let the kits cater…ahhhhh……



    I only have the one kit – but he certainly alerts me as to his desired breakfast time! And woe betide me if I am late!

    And here is the earworm to go along with the theme:

    Weather here is unbelievable – like 30C and humid – a lot of what we didn’t get mid-summer. No complaints from me, but A/C def on!



    Good morning Efurryone,

    I had my teefs cleaned and they felt so good, I almost didn’t have my Latte. I can empathize with Coffee Kit! Gimme! 😮 The breakfast mouses are too cute!

    I’m going swimming. I had an escapee Tuesday evening…more later.

    Cya and have a happy~



    Hee hee…as always: Timez for Nomz!
    Send Nomz

    outta nomz
    Breakfast served All Day!

    IMHO Cats recognize their fave hoomins by nomz supply: Both Luck/Scoot lick their lips when see me…than blink eyes…mwah, smooches for the fave food lady 😀

    Outdoor Kiki just follows me ’til fill bowl than rubs legs before chow down!
    Oj sometimes waits ’til I feed Kiki than comes around for his serving too…bit more shy…but lets me pet is orangie head now!

    OK…time for more pm fun on Thursday’s Eve day…later!



    Afternoon all! …. as a matter of fact, Mr. AV and I went out to breakfast this morning to our favorite dive …. scrambled eggs, cheese grits and Cuban toast …. yummmmmmmmmmmm!

    I had a nice birthday yesterday, went out for a steak dinner, then a quiet evening since all our ‘hurricane guests’ are gone … it was nice.

    Back to work today, hope everyone is having a great day!



    Miss Moppet found the one glitch on the catio. The way it’s attached there’s a space about 3.5″ between the window and the edge of the catio. Guess who was outside? She must have been after a moth or grasshopper that was on top and managed to slip her skinny, minny self through that opening. If LilBit hadn’t been meowing at the back window…

    I can only imagine after the first few minutes of freedom, she was like “ack” what now! 😮 It’s fixed much to her disappointment, I’m sure.

    That’s the adventure we’ve had this week. I’m hoping we don’t have anymore like that one.

    I’m glad Kiki and OJ have been coming around. OJ is letting you pet his Orangie head! Mwah!

    Sounds like a delish dinner and b-fast, AV. Another couple of years and you may decide Mr. AV is a keeper. 😉 This is probably the first breather since the hurricane, huh?

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