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    Effuryone needs a day (purrhaps more than one) to just monkey around, doing anything that comes to mind. It can be silly. It can be inane. So on this Special Day enjoy some untamed fun!






    Monkeys creep me out, esp. Baboons. Yuk! I have a redneck joke but better not post it. The ones in the last picture are cute. Cotton Top Tamarians are cute too.

    Yea, MS. A couple of days of rest makes all the difference.

    I forgot I was wearing a sleeveless shirt yesterday and tonight my back started itching. My back is a bit toasty but not to bad. Now, if I can keep from scratching it…

    I’m watching a scary movie “Nobody Lives.” It cooled down enough so Miss Gaea went out.

    Have a happy~



    Paw up waves – yay, had and early dental fix…now my crown is back on! So
    have my duchess of brewtown stats back! 😉

    Hee hee – fun picks of kits/monkeys!
    Here’s my 2.5cents worth:
    kits as see hear say no evil:0
    Used to call my Choco-point Sushi my li’l monkey years ago! 😀
    Actual see – hear – say no evil! 😉
    monkey see hear say no evil
    Ok, now back to part 1 day 4s fun – too be a gorgeous day today!
    thurs coffee mug
    But first…time for another cuppa fave brew!



    That’s a wicked, nice bed! I wonder which corner Dorry will give you! 😆

    In the past, I’ve taken stuff my kits favor and rub them all over bed and frame. Dorry isn’t going to be pleased but if he recognized smells, he may OK.

    They still give out the milk boxes at our schools. What kid is going to drink water and they can’t have sodas so what’s left? Does anyone remember Government cheese and canned meat (Spam)? Mom did taxes for most of the north Rio Arriba County. Some people couldn’t afford the fees so they would give mom cheese and canned meat. My sister and I loved the cheese. Mom liked Spam.

    I’m watching the World Cup. The first game was a blow out.

    Guess who stayed outside until 3 a.m. I was so mad and worried at Miss Gaea. The kits and me were dozing in the recliner with the door open. I let Miss Gaea in, she had a few bits and went to sleep. Geez!

    It’s already 92f/33c at 11:30 a.m. I’ve put on the pounds in the last 1.5 years and that doesn’t help when I’m getting around.

    Have a happy!



    Tks PG! Actually Dorry is quite decent re bed space. Strange how with a huge queen size bed I only sleep on one KJ sized area when could logically sleep in the middle. N’s BF says my bed looks like no one ever slept on it, completely flat, well yeah!

    Now Dorry might be dissed that underbed area under new bed will not provide him with the utmost privacy. 11″ clearance versus current 7″ clearance. He’ll just have to learn that in life one doesn’t always get all one’s supposed needs met. Hmmm … still want to find home for current bed, not as easy to donate furniture as I would have assumed, as I cannot give non-profit orgs a 1 month window, no room for 2 queen size beds here. Might end up as street find of wood pces.

    It’s N who will be doing most of the assembly, I can barely slide the box on the floor. Guess I can hold pces in place or something like that. Plan to do this Tues or next Tues.

    Today temps dropped quite a bit so I’m chilled right through. And rainy. And damp. But 33C is way hot! I remember Spam when it was unrelated to INet jerks. And Klik and Kam luncheon meats.

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