Thursday 13-07-2017 – It's Barbershop Music Appreciation Day!

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    Today is for relaxing and enjoying the sweet voices of the Sweet Adelines, or a Barbershop Quartet. And there’s nothing quite like a rousing kitty chorale!



    Kits and music – what a lovely combination.

    “…hear me purr-fectly.” and “that’s Morey” LOL.

    We had a good lunch. Peggy is my kits’ sitter and she doesn’t believe I have 3 kits because LilBit never comes out for strangers. πŸ˜† The Tire Monitor light came on so I took my car to the tire shop. This is 3rd time in a year I’ve gotten a screw/nail stuck in a tire. 😑 Thank goodness, I have a lifetime warranty on my tires.

    Paws crossed that you get a good report from your doctor, KZ.
    Even if I don’t do laps just working in the water makes my knee feels good.

    After a humid day, we finally got some rain. Not much but every bit is needed. We have 8 fires burning in the state as of tonight. Thankfully they are small.

    And for those who are missing an ear worm:

    Cya and have a happy~


    Ti addormenti con il suono della musica nel tuo cuore (Italian)
    Fall asleep with the sound of music in your heart



    Good afternoon all, it is a stormy and bitterly cold day here with snow falling about a 40 minute drive away. That doesn’t often. HRH and I are tucked up inside with the fire going. The rest of the country is being buffeted seriously by a nasty Winter storm with road closures because of snow everywhere, flooding in Jcats area of the country. Airy has so many clothes on she can barely move and her housemate is going to meet her at the station to drive her home so she doesn’t have to swim home, uphill. The winds are horrendous and she was almost hit by falling lines as she stepped off the bus(not power lines). The city has trampolines flying all around taking out power lines and roofs, they are the only things flying as airplane flights are cancelled. Somehow this nasty category 3 equivalent storm is missing where I live, we’re just getting the associated icy breath. Oh and we are having pie for dinner, mince pie.
    LG(lagatta) I almost drooled when I saw all the glorious seasonal fruits in your link. They make me feel like it’s Summer as long as I don’t look out the window.
    JK, you temptress, those maple pecan bars look amazing and crispy crunchy. I am bookmarking that recipe. Beautiful lily and wow magical glowing daisies.
    Dell a sauna sounds perfect to me with the freezing temps we are getting at the moment. The cold is playing havoc with my osteoarthritis in my knees. Oh the poor calico to be abandoned like that, someone must have known you are a cat angel. Bless you for looking after her.



    I love barbershop music but like harmony in general by people who know how to sing it, that is!

    OMG that pics today… πŸ˜† You make coffee yet, I brought breakfast is hilarious! And I now have an earworm going thanks to ‘that’s a Moray!’… πŸ˜›

    Well, off to get myself together with ortho appt. this afternoon. Made it for right after lunch so hopefully there won’t be the wait that can happen in this busy office. Mr. KZ and Avery are going too so we can run some errands after. Later all!



    Moonshadow, remember that up here where KJ and I live, I don’t think we’ve EVER had a winter without snow. On average winters here are considerably shorter, milder and less snowy than 30 or 40 years ago, but there is still nasty winter weather for months. Chantal HΓ©bert, a well-known journalist here who works in both French and English, says that winters here are like what winters were in the milder zone Toronto area back then (and I tend to agree, as I did study in Toronto for a while and their winter was a joke to us). But the jagged weather also means more ice from melting and re-freezing, and more potholes in streets and roads.

    Climate change does expose you to the wild changes in the Antarctic and surrounding waters and winds. You must have seen the HUGE iceberg breaking off!

    Yes, we have lovely summer berries. The blueberries do best in boggy soil which is not good for much else (as found in more northerly parts of QuΓ©bec, New-Brunswick, Maine…) We also have very good tomatoes.

    Yesterday evening I made a little salad with fresh, small strawberries, desalted goat’s feta cheese, basil from my balcony, good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. That is all I ate; I haven’t been very hungry since my back and hip aches – good thing, as I’m not doing the level of exercise I usually do and don’t want to put on any weight.

    And we need the Stray Cat Strut!



    Tks for “Stray Cat Strut”, lagatta!

    KZ, when we need to alert KM to something amiss on site the thing to do is (ampersand symbol)kittenmaster. It becomes a url that he gets right away. Tks!



    Paw up waves…lalalalala…sweet Adeline…lalalala
    sweet adeline mug
    Don’t worry …I’ll stop…mmm…coffee instead of singing!

    Hee hee….Throwback Thurs Retro Quartet Fashions:
    quartet purple 4 some
    Lalalalala…not sure what they’re singing don’t have my volume on at this place! πŸ˜€

    OK…too much fun for one post…later/hopeful!



    I like the quartet theme today, KJ, cute pics!

    Afternoon all! …. I love the ‘Stray Cats’ …. say them in concert years ago ……

    MS, I hope you guys all stay safe from the winter storm – a cat 3 is serious! Prayers for Airy, Meegz, Jcat, your Mum, KK and all your family! …. It poured rain here yesterday, winds were 30mph, but that’s not too bad ….. my hurricane screens really are a wonder!
    MS, your mince pie sounds wonderful. I imagine it’s a version of what I call ‘pot pie’ …. which I was just thinking of making the other day! ….

    it’s been so stinkin’ hot here, we’ve been eating a lot of salads ….. hot meals just feel heavy when it’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk ….

    Hope everyone has a great evening!



    JK, I’d assume from the context that there are no “unfluffy” words in either of those vids. And the get-up that the first group of ladies is wearing – wow! πŸ˜‰

    What started as a chilly rainy morning became quite warm and sunny in n’hood.

    Good to be back home, as today’s “look” involves new floral skirt (the one with the parrots), knit cotton sweater that matches one of colours purrfectly and sorta as one purrson put it “Ruby Keeler”/flamenco heels. OK, they’re not all that comfy and it will be great to take them off, but now that I can, I still have them on. *Sigh*

    So here’s a deal. I generally buy my makeup (eye stuff/lipstick) at chain pharma and on liquidation/sale. Just the other day I was thinking that I could use yellow shadow. I do wear lots o’ colour! And cat eye liner. Today they had exactly the right shade – for 29 cents!!!! What can you get for that price today?

    Actually just a bit leery about tomorrow’s Knitting Circle and that “B” as mentioned in a post. For sure I’m going. And if she (as threatened) “lets me have it” if I say anything to “upset” her, ie tries to get physical, I will call the police. You know that I will.
    Someone at the gym actually did this when a problematic person almost pushed her down the stairs, so there’s precedent. Hah! I guess in a sense it adds “drama” to my life. πŸ˜‰



    you have every right to do that. I was teaching languages (English and Italian; elsewhere I taught French to Anglophones) and a certain student submitted horror stories about rape and murder and also belittled me and was menacing to me and other women. Several reported him. This was at a centre similar to yours, at the other end of town in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. At least the management took it seriously.



    Actually Lagatta, my “drama” takes place in a knitting store, at a regular Fri pm Knitting Circle get-together, open to anyone. Aside from being “disturbed” the “B” spends a lot of $$$ there and therefore the manager will not be telling her off anytime soon, not realizing that when this woman went on her rant it put store customers off. My plan is just to ignore this woman unless she actually gets violent and then I will call the police.

    For a while I gave some knitting classes at a women’s shelter – in English and French. This was a challenge, but ultimately gratifying.

    And right now having finished what will be wither the front or back of latest sweater (depends on how it falls) my plan is to get to bed. Night all!



    Yes, I know that the knitting circle is in a yarn and knitting needs shop; I was just referring to health and recreational centres in different neighbourhoods, as an unusual place for such a thing to happen. But so is a knitting circle.

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