Thursday 12-07-2018 – Oh Joy! It's National Pecan Pie Day

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    A great day to eat pie … especially of the pecan variety! If you like nuts, and you like pie, and you like sweets, then today is your day. However, any pie will suffice.



    The thought of pecan pie…talk about a sugar coma. Blah! Although, any dessert is so chocked full of sugar.

    Wink, wink, nudge, nudge-Cutie pie 😆 😆

    Everyday, I look at these pics we post and think they are just so darn cute! Now, I’m waiting for Miss Gaea to come home. It’s so hot during the day that she’s been sleeping in then she goes out for a stroll in the evening. This is a longer stroll than usual. I hope she doesn’t pull an all-night like Miss Caddy did to her mama.

    Have a happy~



    I love pecans, but that pie is far too sweet for my teef…

    I like to make a clafoutis, which is not very sweet, but it is rich with eggs.

    The authentic clafoutis is made with cherries, but variants with other fruit – and nuts – are good too. Here is one from Calgary in western Canada, but we have wild blueberries here in Québec… also in New Brunswick and Maine. Blueberry and Nut Clafoutis

    This recipe spotlights seasonal fruit, so make it with whatever is in season where you live, but the fruit should be berries or firm fruits.

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    I love pecans and the occasional piece of pecan pie, but it’s just too sweet for me. I love eating nuts just by themselves. It’s surprising to me that they each have such a different and unique flavor. People need to eat more of them because they have such healthy fat. I have to just take a few out of the bag or I tend to over eat them! 😛

    A beautiful day again here with low humidity. It’s a treat and a break from the extreme humidity and high temps that are forecasted for the weekend. I think we may even have some sweet corn ready!!



    Not a pie person ….. and pecan is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet!!!!

    Oh PG, I hope Caddy hasn’t been consorting with Gaea ….. those longer than typical strolls do worry us! LOL

    I did my 2.5 mile walk this morning ….. even if it was already 82 degrees at 7:30am!!! Mr. AV and I just booked a mini vaca for 2 weeks from now …. he’s playing in a golf tourney, and I’m hangin’ on the Palm Coast (Atlantic side of our state) ….. beautiful ocean, but much colder than my Gulf of Mexico (which is like a warm bath right now) …. but hey, maybe we’ll get some waves and do some body surfing 🙂 I also just happened to reserve an 80 min. massage one of the days ….. hey, gotta enjoy a brief getaway when you can! Looking forward to some fresh seafood and just time to relax and read my books …..

    Even though I don’t particularly like pecan pie, I do like the nuts themselves. Nuts are very good for you and they are my go to snack. I love smoked almonds a lot, along with my southern boiled peanuts (which are an acquired taste). A few years back I shipped some boiled peanuts to NZ, as MS and KK had never heard of them. She will have to weigh in if they liked them or not – typically people either love or hate them. Although if I recall, a pitcher of KOTSW might have been involved, so that can make anyone like them 😉

    Well, time for me to shower and get rolling. I’ve got a fairly easy day today, as I worked ahead yesterday, so that means early quittin’ time and reading on the porch! Have a great one all!

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    Mmm…yum, Pecan Pie ~ reminds me of Thanksgiving/Holidays as dessert my sis always enjoyed!
    Here’s a Vfriendly recipe:

    Vegan Pecan Pie Recipe | Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe

    vegan pecan pie

    Ok…now need cuppa java to continue w/day 4 part 1s fun!
    mug is it friday yet
    TGIt’s AlmostFriiday!
    Gonna be hot/sticky ’round here today!
    😀 …later/hopeful



    Boiled peanuts are interesting; I’ve never had them and couldn’t make them around here as we can only get fully ripened (dry) peanuts. They seem to be of African origin; wonder if they are also eaten in the Caribbean? I’ve never seen them in Haitian or Jamaican shops. After all, they are a legume, rich in vegetable protein, and most other legumes are boiled.



    I prefur the pie crust to the pie filling. Never tried pecan pie but have tried fr yogurt with pecans in the mix so I’d probably like it on a day when I’m wanting something sweet.



    Lagatta, I don’t know if they originated in Africa, but boiled peanuts are a long time Southern tradition. We have tons of peanut farms all through out the South, I can remember driving from Tampa to Auburn in college, they were sold at most every road-side market/stand, and many gas/convenience stores.
    They are made from green peanuts, boiled low/slow in salted water …. some people add cajun spices or such, I like them every which way. I’ve made them myself, but they also sell them in our grocrey stores in the fresh produce sections. The ones I shipped MS were canned – also sold in our stores. The canned aren’t as good as the fresh (cans never are IMHO), but they are tasty and a quick treat that I keep in my pantry!

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