Thursday 10-08-2016 – Lazy Day Brings a Chance to Goof Off!

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    Everything can just wait one more day. A day best spent on a hammock, along with your favourite bevvie. And favourite kitty!



    Another day I can join in with, all too easily! Along with just about every cat I’ve ever known . . . Although on the whole, I think cats are better at it than the average human. They certainly get more practice.



    Thursday is one day til TGIF!

    I love the fluffy cat exercising 😆 ahh…laziness. nuff said!

    cya and have a happy~




    I barely got 4 hours sleep last night, I just hope I can sleep like the cat in the vid tonight.
    Love the cat blissed out on & off the lounge and the cat launching itself on to the bed.
    At least it is in my part of the world.



    Good morning! Oh the funnies today…cute caped super lazy kit might be my favorite. :).

    Nice theme, since I cleaned tough house yesterday and get to take it a little easier today. I have some organizing and clerical things to get ready for the school year. And I might go buy a chicken to make chicken and dumplings tonight.

    Somewhat in keeping with the theme…hubby and I are getting a new mattress tomorrow. I’m still happy with the one we have, but the support has given out for him. I’m excited…hoping he sleeps better. Good sleep is so important for good health.

    ETA….I’m finishing my coffee and watching the birds with the cats and a wren keeps landing on the window screen for some reason. Poor kitties are going nuts!



    I love lazy goof off days, yes, cats do it best!

    CWS, I wanted to comment on what you said about your mother: that she was warm and loving, a happy person and loved cats too (obviously, she passed that on to you)–what a testimony to a lovely, loving woman–we should all be so blessed to have people feel that way about us when we have left this earth. I also come here many days worn down, feeling sad, drained or whatever life has thrown at me and just being here amongst people who I love and know understand me, makes me feel better somehow. So glad you are back. 🙂

    My cats are being lazy after the crazies this morning after their breakfast. Peso is collapsed in one of the towers of the cat tree, Willow has claimed the changing table. What are they going to do when I take that down since Avery is doing so well at potty training? May have to put up a window bed for them!



    KZ, we still use our changing table for a toy storage shelf. :). Maybe it could be repurposed for cat fun!



    Cats are champions at relaxation . . . We could all learn how to do it from the experts! It can be very soothing to watch them hard at it, snoozing for their country.



    PM waves…almost Friiday!
    wake up when Friday
    Relaxing with Garfield until today turns into TGIF! 😀

    Sunny for a while after AM Rain…hope to go to Jazz in Park later…if the
    rain holds off…forecast says otherwise…we’ll see…
    Back on Flip!



    Cute pics, what an appropriate theme! …. Afternoon everyone! …. KZ, Miss Caddy loves her cat tree on the porch, and is in fact passed out there as I type! Miss Abby is all about her cat beds (she has 2) …. one is in my office about 5 ft. from my desk, so she can keep watch on me while I work … the other is by the big French doors so she can keep abreast of things going on outside



    Agree CWS!

    Sometimes I just stroke Dorry while he’s chillin’ on my lap and his purring thrums right through me!

    Anyway looks like as mentioned paid work will be headed my way over next few weeks, along with some volunteer stuff, so laziness will not be an option hehehe. Still need some details confirmed so that I can determine my fee, but org seems better organized for this project. I’m not concerned as it will get sorted out.

    Very hot/muggy out I sense that at some point it might pour, but as I’m indoors I don’t much care.



    Hi all – busy work day today, but I’ll collect on some lazy time later tomorrow. I like the lazy game of tag!

    Nice to see you, CWS!

    JK, hope the weather holds out for Jazz in the Park, enjoy!

    Woke at 4:30am to the hicka-hicka sound; Dewey was working on a hairball…on the bed! Hope to get a bit more uninterrupted sleep tonight!

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