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    As the “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” puts it “Don’t Panic.” Except for this one day when panicking is not only permitted but encouraged. But may any arising panic immediately disappear.



    Didn’t make it in to the Cafe yesterday.
    We have had lots of rain, with some areas getting a months rain in less than a day. Flooding, slips and closed roads became the norm for those areas. We had plenty of rain here but not to the extent of floods. It’s not finished yet with more heavy rains forecast over the next few days.





    Morning KJ and MS! …. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – what is that baby thingy? …. looks like maybe an otter? ……. just about all baby things are cute!

    time for me to start a busy day ….. blessed to have the business, but will be glad when things mellow out for a while! ….. made plane reservations for Mr. AV to take Lu to Boston to meet Son the first of April …. poor girl’s been with us since Christmas …. she misses her Ve and Daddy! ….. logistics aren’t easy when we live so far apart!



    Awwwwww-panic! Alas, a regular state in my life!

    “Dont press dat!” If I only looked so cool as first kit…sigh
    Da wee otter is precious.

    Sweet Lu will be so happy when she’s home with her purr papa and Ve.

    Not sure what I’m to do today-maybe PANIC!

    Cya and have a happy~




    I love otters. At the Biodome here in Montréal, there are some otters with a natural-type setting including a tank they can plunge into. They are at least as playful as kittens. Lovely things, unless you are a fish.

    Livia, not really panic, but very upset as the weather has turned cold again. She did go out for a bit in our garden below, but she didn’t stay long, with the cold wind. And is mightily annoyed at me, the Deity in her eyes, for turning off the warm, sunny spring weather.



    I “otter” make a plan to go visit Biodome, if only to see the otters. Words cannot adequately do justice to the squeeeeeeeability of the baby otter. Awwwter?

    Winter hoaxed us yet again as we are back into bitter cold after like a day’s relief!

    I hear you PG. Too much of the time panic seems to be my middle name! Poor Hobart! And I would probably “press dat.” 🙄 But try not to panic today.



    I’m still watching X Company, speaking of panic. Sabine is actually learning some Polish from Anya, whom she addresses by her real name. As all hell breaks loose!



    Paw up TGITH PM Waves!
    It’s Doggie Friday on Thursday!
    Don’t worry…I groom you today!
    cat goldie being groomed
    Yup, cats are best groomers…dogs kinda smell 😉
    That’s ok…Tdk kits are ready to lend a paw/lick!
    Brutie is here today…boss is on vaca next week so he’s visiting early!
    Furry fun but still NOT Friiiday!
    Waves, wishing all a good rest of today…back on flip/hopeful!



    Lagatta, I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you haven’t finished last night’s “X Company” episode, but my goodness, it was so fast-paced that I actually had to “rewind” to keep ahead of the action. One more episode and the series is over. I’m really curious as to how they’re going to wrap up the various plot lines.

    Today the too cold wind really did a number on me. At times I actually felt panic coming on, and someone made a “Sister Bertrille/Flying Nun” reference relating to myself LOL. Wrong religion, but analogy was quite on point. I don’t like being pushed around, even by the wind.



    Hi all – cats panic? I suppose so, or at least that’s what they want us to think! “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is a really fun read, I’ve read it a few times.
    Geez, MS, take care out there. Floods and closed roads are no fun at all, even if not close to you. I guess HRH is a bit put out by it as well, though we know she likes getting toweled off when she comes in from the rain!
    OMG that baby otter is adorable!
    It will be nice for Lu to be home with her daddy and Ve. Sure, she’s got it good where she is, but there’s no place like home!
    Sorry I missed you today, JK. See you on the flip!
    Well today was a bit hectic and fairly crappy. Took Louie to my hometown shelter, and wound up hanging out there for a while. The ACO was happy to hear about the JJ crew and gave me a big bag of cat food! She said they certainly meet the criteria for a donation, that sure was nice! Sister texted to say she was at mom’s as she had fallen. I had planned to visit with her and Tyler anyway so I would up spending the afternoon there in my hometown. Got me some quality Tyler snuggles, great therapy and really help lift my spirits. Mom is okay, as okay as a frail 90 year old can be.



    Nothing like coming into the cafe really, really late, but I did make it!

    JJ, so glad that you got some cat food for your crew from the shelter! You are wonderful for the work you do for your kitties! I hope your mom isn’t having any lingering effects from her fall.

    MS I hope all is well for you. There’s nothing quite like suffering through a drought, then all of a sudden getting hit with a deluge of rain! Too late to do any good now, but a good soaking would have been great a few months ago I’m sure.

    We are supposed to get a couple of inches of snow tonight, after it being 60 here this afternoon. Rain, changing over to snow with winds, ugh! We have lit a fire in the woodburner yet again!



    Happy Friday all. It’s a mixed bag of weather here today, sunny then overcast with rain around the ranges and a good wind blowing. We have heavy rain and thunderstorms forecast for this evening and a repeat of the heavy rains that we had a couple of days ago. I feel so sorry for the areas that were flooded out as they haven’t had time to dry out and clean up before this net deluge arrives.
    Yet that is a baby otter or pup. Squeeeeeeeeeee indeed AV.
    Woohoo Luna, back with your Daddy and Venus soon. You will miss her though AV.
    PG, LOL @ Hobart.
    Lagatta, the Biodome sounds wonderful. I hope you get to see the otters there soon. Awwwww Livia, I can understand your disappointment at the change in weather.
    Ha ha KJ, nice use of ‘otter’. Oh dear, Winter is back again.
    LOL at the Sister Bertrille comment. Maybe you need weights to hold you down an stop you flying away. I used to love watching the Flying Nun.
    Waving to JK, cute grooming pic. Hi Brutie.
    JJ, Shadz used to panic when she saw the cat carrier. Now she just goes ‘meh’ and lets me put her in it with a minimum of dramas which is just as well as she has begun the Autumn sneezles and I need to take her to the vet for a steroid shot. I have upped her Lysine to 1000mg a day too now that she is drinking her milk again.
    JJ that is so helpful of the ACO to give you a big bag of food.
    I’m glad your Mum is okay and hopefully not too bruised after her fall. Tyler cuddles – bonus for you and your Mum too.
    KZ, we’re both late to the Cafe. Wow you with a reverting weather too. Keep warm and snuggly.



    Oh Livia, I’m so with you on being upset with the cold weather!
    I have been through floods when I lived down the valley and again when helping clean my mom’s flooded house. It is a messy and sad job.
    How often does Shadz get her allergy shot? At this last round with Comet the vet is thinking allergies as he seems to be snotty and sneezy about every six months.
    KJ, that wind was nasty here today too. Yep, the Flying Nun reference is a good analogy to you on a windy day!
    It has gotten sharply colder here too. The wood burner had a rest for the past two days but has been going in the evening and is currently going. Of course Miss Leela is happy! A few inches of snow is expected late tonight into tomorrow morning. I just took an inventory and there are three cats in shelters in my yard, makes me happy. A fourth, of course, is lounging inside. Mama Cat goes wherever it is she goes. I hope that for the next few bitter cold days she decides to stay close to her food source.
    I’m leaning toward the conclusion that Louie had a heart attack. He was a big boy, so he was certainly at risk.
    Before all of this happened I was thinking of my Uncle Ray, dad’s second to youngest sibling. 9 years ago today Chief Ray answered his final fire call. He was felled by a massive heart attack at the scene of the fire, which was only a few miles from my home. When I think of how I am pet as well as adult and infant CPR certified and that I am 0-2 in reviving unresponsive cats, I think of Uncle Ray and how first responders were already there, and they couldn’t save him. When one is trained for CPR, they don’t really come out and say that sometimes there is too much damage and you cannot save the person. Life sure is tricky, and I am happy that TDKr’s here seem to live life to the fullest. There’s always time for a kitty cuddle!



    JJ, Shadz gets her steroid shot once a year and she is very predictable about when she starts the sneezles, always March. I have also noticed that she takes to sleeping in places that I think totally unsuitable especially during the wet weather we are currently having. She was sleeping under the deck today, curled up on dead grass but in the wind. It’s almost like she is feeling hot and needs to be cool. Anyhow she now has an appointment and I will have to make sure she goes out early for her ‘walk’ and then I will keep her inside until the dreaded appointment.



    KJ, just wondering who will survive at this point… Wouldn’t bet on Faber, as he’s brassed off both sides…

    Yes, I also had to watch parts of it a couple of times as it was very involved. I guess we’ll never know how the Polish partisans managed. An interesting mention was of Stalingrad, a turning point in the war and deliberately hushed by the Reich during their celebration. After all, they are in 1943 now (the 10th anniversary of the Reich).

    I think Alfred pretty much has to survive as a bearer of remembrance, but other than that have no clue…

    Hmm, Sabine might take up with someone decidedly non-Aryan after the war such as a returned Jewish Berliner or a Black Allied soldier.

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