Thursday 07-09-2017- Neither Rain nor Snow Day. What Gives?

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    This Special Day celebrates the opening of the New York Post Office building in 1914. The following was inscribed on the building:
    “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Unless there’s a postal strike!



    Mailman jumped 15 feet…
    With email, IM and others we forgot the post was a modern miracle.

    It another exciting day in the neighborhood. If I keep saying that then it must come true.

    Cya and have a happy~




    Many thanks for all your kind thoughts for me today.
    Hmmmmm, how do I out this. The patient died on the table. My tooth has two cracks and will be removed early tomorrow. 🙁 😥
    KJ I am so sorry about what you witnessed yesterday. Thank you for staying on and helping. A pox on the driver ! !
    Gosh the news on the destruction care of Irma is absolutely horrible and to see that another hurricane is forming close behind is terrible.






    Good morning everyone! Elaine–your cat is very regal and beautiful!!

    MS, RIP poor tooth, goodness sometimes no matter what you do, they just can’t be saved? Do dentists there try to get you to get implants like they do here?

    KJ, I forgot to mention yesterday how sorry I am that you had to witness that awful accident. You can never unsee that. Years ago when I was just a new driver, someone hit a ginger cat on the main street in my town. It was night and my headlights fell upon the poor angel in it’s last moments…it traumatizes me to this day. 😥

    Still cool here but beautiful, even though rain chances are slim, they keep saying we could get rain. Prayers with all those affected by all the damned hurricanes…!! 😳



    Aww, the three kits waiting for their catnip order have very similar coloring to my three….a familiar look!

    Thought I should check in ahead of Irma, who should be here Sunday evening or Monday, I think. Boy, people are not procrastinating getting ready. I haven’t seen any water in five grocery stores I’ve visited since Sunday afternoon! And word is there won’t be any. That’s a whole week ahead of time. Nonperishable food has been in short supply too, but through multiple visits I was able to get some cans and boxed stuff. For water, I’ll fill some jugs and stuff ahead of time.

    Of course, the first thing I took care of was visiting to get some nonperishable food for the kitties since they usually eat raw. I always have some on hand, but it was a good time to replenish our supplies. Should arrive today or tomorrow.

    Since we have creeks in our neighborhood, we’ll probably be told to evacuate like we were last time. But cats make that really difficult, so we probably won’t. As a native Floridian, I associate evacuation with living near the beach. We’re inland, so I just can’t see doing it. One of the many benefits of not living near the beach…lol.

    Hope all is well with you guys!

    Joan, thanks for the email. I’ll keep your number to text in case I can’t get online.



    EC, stay safe, we’re prepared here. Even though I live a block from the Bayshore, this historic part of the City was engineered to sit way up high, and the streets slope down to the Bay. Storm surge on only a few occasions has come up over Bayshore, and then only got up to a very few homes that actually front Bayshore. We’re like 6 ft higher than that, plus our house is on a 24″ crawl space. In it’s 109 years, it’s never flooded. We have a generator and extra propane for the gas grill, so we can keep the food cold and cook. My family has ridden out many storms over 5 generations here. Our 91 year old long time family friend of Frank’s parents is with us … he lives in a mobile home retirement park in Bontin Beach (between Ft. Lauderdale and Miama) … the direct path! … I always insist that he come up to us, even in bad storms …. Caddy may be put in Son’s room during the worst of it …. her porch will be protected, but I think the loud howling winds and lightening will frighten her and she may try to go out in it …. I’ll set her up a litter box and put her bed from the cubby of the cat tree in it, and she’ll be safe .

    Don’t know if I’ll loose internet, but I’ll keep in touch with JJ …. take care everyone!



    MS, sorry that your tooth had to go. I had a similar situation, but did go the implant route and had a new faux tooth installed. I wasn’t going to go around with a gap where my front tooth should be. Took like months until the whole procedure was done with. And that’s when I ditched my insurance as they would only pay a small percentage of the initial extraction. Hope that you are not out of commission and/or that you were provided with the “good” drugs.

    ECB and AV, you both sound prepared. Purrhaps Irma won’t be as bad as expected/ Or will give your n’hoods a miss? In any case stay safe!

    So my attempt to convince myself that I had a ragweed thing going on was a fail. I have a really bad case of the crud and feel totally cra**y. Which will see me curtailing my activities not at all as I need said activities to keep my head together. Caturday will be soon enough for srs rest. 7 days/1 wk is what “they” say. Ahhh!!!!

    Thought I might be over reacting re yesterdays horror, but told that seeing a living creature die is in fact traumatic. And it brought back memories of when I had to help my Nicky cross over to the meadow. 😥 On way home I saw “Lost” kit signs, for a sec thought one pic was of a noir kitty, but it was a tabby. Sadly my n’hood is plastered with such signs. I will steer clear of this highly charged topic ‘cept to say that any kit who owns me will furever be indoor-only.

    Off to do some chores as I switched up bedding/pillows/etc.
    then purrhaps I can try to chill.



    I am home minus the offending toof and with a mouf full of gauze. Also came home to an all day power shutdown that didn’t happen yesterday ! Great. HRH is keeping me company. Won’t be posting until much later as l need my phone battery full.



    Yes, everyone and their kits stay safe!

    Kittyzee, Monty was not regal, he was mischief in stripes. He’d sit on the letterbox and grab at anyone who dared to walk past without stopping to pat him.



    Hi all – “mailman jumped 15 feet”
    “Just mail it to the South Pole.”

    Elaine, great pic of handsome Monty!

    Im sorry for what you dealt with yesterday, KJ. I have first hand experience with that horror and though it happened 14 years ago this past July, it’s like it just happened and I can’t write the words describing what happened.

    I am so glad you are prepared, ECB and AV. I hope the cats – and you, don’t get too frightened.

    Sorry it’s not ragweed but in fact the crud, KJ. Hoping the Sabbath brings the rest you need.

    Oh no, RIP tooth, MS. And double oh no on no power! Glad HRH is keeping you company. Hope your mouf feels better soon.

    So I got through my first 12 hour day on the job, whew! Topped it off with a 10 year old girl yakking in front of me. Poor kid. Mom took care of the cleanup and I took care of the girl, who seemed grateful I didn’t make a big deal of it. I helped her wash up and sat her down while the color returned to her face. Before the doctor saw her I told him she was awfully pale. After she threw up her purrsonality completely brightened, and she told me her headache was gone.

    Hubby had a pizza waiting, but I came home to 3 hungry kitties outside, then 3 hungry kitties inside. “We’re starving!!!” But before feeding me or the cats, someone decided the litterbox wasn’t satisfactory so that came first. Now everyone is fed and the bathroom is clean, so all is right in my little corner of the world.



    JJ, good grief, what gives in your corner of the world sounds exhausting! First the girl, then cleanup all over again when you get home…plus a 12 hour day!

    Elaine, your description of Monty was hilarious! My Thumbalina, who is also a striped beast, always has to throw out an arm when anyone walks by if you don’t acknowledge her..sometimes her claws get stuck in whatever you are wearing….I know it’s not mean spirited, but peeps who don’t live here are afraid of her! 😆

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