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    This Special Day is for all who have been spurned, and yet somehow somehow managed to survive. Then again, ever known of a kit who said “Sorry” – and actually meant it?




    Hi all, it’s been so wet here, a months rain in one day locally and a small town an hours drive away has been evacuated this morning as the river burst it’s banks and flooded the town. 2000 people had to leave town immediately. It’s been crazy weather. We found it hard to believe that the town was being flooded as we sit basking in sunshine not so far away.
    HRH must be feeling a bit better, she is eating with gusto and just this afternoon demanded meat which she gobbled down an then the went outside and caught a mouse and presented it to me. Thankfully this time the mouse was deceased. πŸ™‚
    JJ I hope your heavy rains don’t go crazy like here.
    Gotta go now, back later.



    Sorry? From a cat? πŸ˜† I just love the pics.

    At least, the mouse was dead MS. HRH is thanking you for making sure she feels better. So many places can use some rain but deluges are so dangerous. We had a 1.5 days of some slushy snow but it’s melted now. Miss Gaea is happy though and not being a b****. My nephews’ cat Miss Hypatia is like that as well.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Naten e mire te gjitheve (Albanian)
    Good Night all



    Yep, survived, “sorry Joan, but…” Things have a way of working out.
    Sounds like no one will be uttering the word ‘drought’ in your neighborhood anytime soon, MS. So happy HRH seems better, and showed off her mighty hunting skills to prove it!
    Rainy day here in Jersey. I bought a couple of fresh bagels yesterday and remembered to put them in sealed bags so enjoyed a cream cheese and bagel this morning. Marble rye, yum!



    Yummm, I’ll take a rye bagel with cream cheese too and I made a fresh fruit salad to go with and I’ll share!!

    Yeah, me too on the sorry Charlie, but there was no sorry in front of it… 😯 But hey, guess what? I survived—just like the Survivor on TV, I can outwit, outplay and OUTLAST!! πŸ˜†

    It’s a rainy day here today too JJ, after some ferocious storms last night, today is just rain. Fish pond is full, but my falls are up and running again and the water is clear. Even fed fishies yesterday for the first time since the water was above 50 degrees.

    Love the pics, very heartwarming kitties!! SQUEEE!



    I wish I had a bagel. We have famous wood-fire bagel places here in Mtl. But I made some wonderful soup, and am freezing half of it, as I wound up making quite a lot. Unlike Renzo, Livia doesn’t seem to like “human tuna”. Rainy here. Good day for work.

    I can’t have cow’s milk, so I sub some fresh goat’s cheese for the cream cheese (which I also find too fatty – this is a matter of taste more than calories) and for my ideal nosh, some slices of smoked salmon!



    Fresh bagels of all kinds and cream cheese coming thru the wormhole, as well as any other toppings you enjoy as well. The place down the valley in my hometown even makes rainbow bagels, which are nothing more than plain bagels with food dye, but they’re pretty!



    Afternoon all! My day too started thundering and raining, but it’s subsided, and actually cooled the temps a bit!

    Glad to here HRH is back to her huntress self …. she and Caddy would get along famously, as I am ‘presented’ a mouse or bird at least once a week.

    I got my hair cut today, been going to the same stylist for 30+ years, we are good friends and fellow cat lovers …. she just got a new baby, a calico/meezer mix …. a young adult she got from the Humane Society …. I’m so happy for her!



    Finally home! It’s like a deluge outside and my pretty shoes should recover purrhaps with some newspaper stuffing them as they dry, at least they’re not suede. And I did have my ginormous “suitable for family of 4” umbrella.

    Went to gym, then home, then appt. And of course had to bring in taxes so they’ll be ready to file end of Apr and with hols over next 2 wks no other time. Acct firm way on the other side of city. No prob I thought, bus/subway is the plan. Well bus took forever to come, on both trips. Thankfully I made it to acct just before end of business day. On way back (thankfully) at stop just before mine subway had equipment failure and so far as I know it might not have started up again! I got out and walked, and more working out is so not what I need. Got inside and just had a good cry, just because I’m way exhausted.

    Sound of pounding rain is somewhat soothing. And a srsly hot coffee or tea and (dare I hope) early-ish bedtime should help. Plus getting immersed in latest knitting endeavour which is a major distractor when stress threatens to overtake me. Back purrhaps l8r or to open Fri CafΓ© or both.



    Awww KJ, so sorry your outing ended the way it did. At least you got back home to your nest safely, and are warm and dry and Dorry is waiting for you. A hot bevvy, hot bath and into your bed sounds like the perfect tonic too. Tomorrow is another day!



    Wishing all the best to your stylist and her new baby calico/meezer, AV. Purrhaps she will send a photo to The Daily Kitten!
    Sorry for your rough trip home, KJ. Rain and travelling sure can be a tricky mix. Here’s hoping tomorrow blooms better for you.
    Heavy rain and thunderstorms all afternoon. Berta came in just before the first big storm hit and I didn’t let her out till several hours later after the storms passed. Not that she complained; she found a chair she liked not too far from the fire and seemed content. My only objection was that she insisted on hissing and growling at anyone who wandered by. I did scold her for hissing at Leela – no one disses Leela and gets away with it!
    In addition to warm cozy house on this stormy day, I made Italian Wedding soup so the house smelled great!



    Tks for helping to shore me up JJ and KZ!

    Italian Wedding soup? Never heard of it. Does one have to be married to cook it? πŸ˜‰

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