Thursday 04-05-2017 – Star Wars Day is Out of This World!

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    The unofficial celebration of all things lightsaber takes place every year on May 4, inspired by the pun “May the 4th be with you”. Watch the kits practice for the next invasion from the Evil Empire!



    May the 4th be with all of you, always.



    Crossover pic –



    May the 4th – ugh!

    Have a happy~



    May the fourth be with you! I like puns.
    Funny pics. Ooh, the dark side has tuna! I worked for the dark side for many years, there’s nothing special about it.
    Aslan seems to be my biggest fan, he perks up when I walk by and roars till I let him out of the crate. He’s been off the syringe for several days now, but not too keen on solid food yet. He laps up the formula and eats some of the food that’s mixed in. The ACO was sure he was blind and deaf since he was sitting in the middle of a grassy area in the rain while a sibling was running around (the resident, from another town, didn’t bring or didn’t catch that one). His eyes and ears work just fine!



    Hee hee…timely reminder:
    Star wars coffee time
    May 4th and Coffee time 😉

    star wars cat
    LMpurryButtOff 😀



    May the 4th….hahaha, that’s how Avery would say it anyway!! Gimme a kith!! God how I love that little lithp! 😆

    JJ, so glad Aslan is doing so well and he can see and hear just fine. That would be a worry, even though deaf cats (and blind) do well, but just the same if he can see and hear, that makes his life just a bit easier. Little Peso is doing fine also. He just got fed and put back in his little nest. Avery brought him one of her stuffed animals (a little lamb) and some of her receiving blankets that she doesn’t need anymore. She is a very big help with him and full of kisses and gentle hugs. I am mixing KMR with his goat’s milk as his poop is a little thin. This way I can firm it up a bit and know he is getting everything he needs. He has such a sweet scent, the scent of baby kittens is the stuff that heaven is made of. 😀

    Rainy and cold here today, and I guess for tomorrow too. I really wanted to weed my front flower bed, but that ain’t happenin’ today!

    I love the pic of the Darth Vader drinking tea with the pinky finger up!!

    I’m thawing out some chicken breasts for dinner, I’ll make a salad and have crunchy bread. I feel like cooking when the weather is cold!



    So glad little Aslan is doing well! ….. I’ve considered being a foster, maybe when Abby passes and I retire (in the next 5-10 years) …..

    There’s a big rain/wind storm headed our way, and I’m so thankful to have my front porch for Caddy – new cat tree, and hurricane shutters closed, which keep out the wind/rain …. she will be safe and snuggly! ….. life is good

    KZ, I too am thawing some ‘chicken boobs’ (as MS calls them) …. haven’t decided what flavor direction I’m going in yet !

    Hope everyone is doing well, TGIF tomorrow!



    Caddy on her tree ….. screens down ….. rain pouring ….. not affecting her! LOL



    I chatted with Buttons on FB. She’s up to eyes in work and getting the house built. Buttons loves it all but she’s learning about not having all her time to do as she pleases. Mr. O is one year old today!! Yea Mr. O!!!

    Buttons said she’ll stop in when she can and misses her litter mates.



    Good afternoon all from Friday.
    My ears are burning, someone must be talking about me.
    Awwwwww JJ, Aslan sounds adorable with his wee kitty roar when he sees you. it might be cupboard love but it’s still love. That is wonderful that he can see and hear just fine. 🙂
    JK, I love that pic of Darth Vader being so delicate drinking a cup of tea with cocked pinky finger, hilarious.
    KZ, awwwwww Avery and her lithp, so sthweet. Oh you have called your barn kitty Peso, cute, and Avery is being such a wonderful surrogate Mama.
    Mmmmmm chicken boobs.
    Hunker down there during the nasty weather AV, your cats will certainly be safe and snuggly.
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA it was AV talking about me making my ears burn. Yes we call breasts boobs, chicken or otherwise. I had to 😆 😆 😆 😆 the day sister KK messaged that she was massaging her boobs with orange juice an olive oil. 😮 😮 Then I realised she was referring to chicken boobs for dinner.
    Awww Caddy, you don’t have a care in the world do you sweetie. Comfy high place to curl up and screens to stop the rain from getting in. You are one lucky cat. Great pic AV.
    Hi PG, thanks for letting us know how Buttons is getting on. I miss her posts here.
    Wow Mr O is one year old already? Where did the time go?
    Happy Birthday Mr Olta Minnesota.

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