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    Karma kitten

    Hi! I’m new here and just looking for a little friendly advice. One year ago I found little kittens under my house and we waited to see if momma was around but unfortunately we found out she had passed and was under our house.

    We are a strictly dog family but I couldn’t leave them and didn’t want to take them to the animal shelter as there is no, no kill shelter in our area. We decided to take them in and adopt them out. Well I fell in love and the rest is history.

    About two weeks ago my little one who I’m the most attached to got really sick and we didn’t know what was happening. We took him to the vet and she said they would keep him over night to give him fluids, do blood work and xrays. I got a phone call that night at 5:30 that he was having trouble breathing and she didn’t know if he would make it. I asked her to please do what she could do to save him. We headed to the office and she told us that it would probably be best to euthanize him because he wasn’t well and it looked as if he had a stroke. I couldnt do it and asked if we could please give him the night.

    Well low and behold he made it through the night and kept getting stronger. She said she didn’t know if it was a toxin he got into or that maybe he had an underlying heart condition.

    He was able to go home one week later. He was doing well he was very whiny but well. Three days later he started sneezing! He then was hiding and had congestion. Back to the vet and they tell us to give him an antihistamine. We did that and it kept getting worse and then his sister got sick. She was in hospital with fluids, blood work and xrays for 3 days.

    One night my boy was bleeding from the nose so we had to take him to the emergency vet and he pretty much blew off the fact that it was an URI. He said he has a grade 3 systolic heart murmur and could basically drop dead at any time!
    By the way the blood from his nose was from a scratch.

    Now our last kitty is getting the same thing!

    My question is can a kitty almost die from an URI? Did he get this URI from the vets? Is it really possible it’s not a URI when all three kitties are sick? Is it possible he will just die on me because I don’t think I can handle it! I just don’t know what’s up and what’s down right now. I’m sorry if this is all over the place and thank you if you took the time to read it.

    I have my boy going for an echocardiogram in 2 weeks but I’m so scared he won’t make it that long!



    First of all I take it that all three of your kittens are a year old, correct? So they have been healthy for a year with no problems to speak of? Next, are they inside only or inside/outside cats?

    The vets in question sound like they are all over the place with their diagnoses! Are they the same vet? As you were explaining the first incident (before I had read to the end) I was hoping you did not have your kitten put to sleep as I have had this same thing happen, where they pull through at the last minute. I actually went to the vet and brought her home, and she is still living after 15 years!! Also, yes cats/kittens can get a URI at the vet. I have had that happen too, to another female cat of mine who was in for her spay and came down with a virus she contracted while there. The vet told me he had put his own cat in the cage next to her and he had been sick with a virus he had picked up while he took him on vacation. 😡 Okay, so I guess vets make bad decisions too….. 🙄

    A URI can make your cat extremely sick. Sometimes vets prescribe an antibiotic for that Also the feline herpes virus can too, while it’s usually not fatal, it can crop up in times of stress and make your cat’s eyes run, nose extremely congested with thick discharge, and generally just feels horrible. L-lysine is an OTC med that is human grade but helps the immune system fight off the virus. I and many of us here use it by grinding it up and sprinkling it on their wet food. It seems to be tasteless and odorless, as mine don’t mind it at all. It almost sounds like it’s herpes, but of course I don’t have any way of knowing. It is something they contract, and will have it their whole lives, but it’s manageagle, as all 4 of my cats have it and it rarely raises it’s ugly head. Kittens seem to be more suseptible to it since they don’t have as well a developed immune systems.

    I am so sorry that you are going through this, and I hope they give you an all clear on your boy’s heart and that he doesn’t have something going on. Please keep us posted, and remember that if it wasn’t for you, they would never have had such a wonderful life!!



    Oh, and the reason for the question–do they go outside? They can contract all kinds of diseases from other cats if they come in contact with them outside. Inside cats only do not have to worry about those kinds of communicable diseases, except if they contract it at the vets’ office…



    This contains some info on heart murmurs in cats. I’m hoping that he could just have some lung congestion (which will need treated by antibiotics) and will clear up in a few days. Do you have access to another vet in your area?

    About the bleeding scratch on your kitties nose: I have an outside cat that has chronic URI…I have to keep his ‘thumb’ nails clipped so that he doesn’t scratch his nose to shreds. He rubs his nose because it itches and will scratch it and make it bleed. I though perhaps that your kitten may have done the same thing.


    Karma kitten

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. I feel like for the last two weeks I have been going crazy with all these thoughts and no one to really talk to about it. My husband is wonderful but he knows about as much as me lol.

    All three of the kittens are indoor cats only. They are approximately one year old. ????

    I actually just got off the phone with my vet and they got the results back from one of my girls. He said that it’s the herpes virus 1
    He said they need 150? To confirm a diagnoses and she is in the 3,000!

    I am giving them Viralys twice a day. Is that good enough for the lysine or do I need a pure lysine?

    I’m sorry I was all over the place with my post. My boy Darryl was the cat who the vet thought I would need to euthanize. I didn’t do it because I wanted to see if he would pull through and I’m so thankful I didn’t because he got better every day but now he is figthing this herpes and has to have the heart test. I’m so happy to hear that you didn’t listen to your vet! It really gives me hope that I can have at least 15 more years with him!

    I agree with you on the diagnosis it seems to be all over the place! I have been to one vet but it has two different vets in the office and they seem to have differing opions. I also went to the emergency vet and he was the one who basically told me my Kitty could drop dead at any time. Which of course is scaring the crud out of me with his virus right now.

    I also think that’s what happened to him as far as scratching himself. He has a very runny nose so he keeps scratching lol

    Thank you so much for the links and I’m going to go read all that right now. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. I hope you have a wonderful day and I’m sorry for being all over the place lol.



    KK, don’t apologize — it’s natural to have your wits frightened out of you when your fur babies are sick! I don’t really understand why a vet would tell you your kitten could drop dead at any minute…that just seems cruel and not a good ‘bedside manner’ IMO.

    The Viralys will do fine, I actually used that first before I realized I could get it cheaper at the Walmart pharmacy in all the supplements. I use a blender to grind it to a powder (if you do this, take the lid off the blender outside as there is a lot of dust after grinding) and pour it back into the bottle to keep it. I just sprinkle it on my cats’ wet food and it helps with runny eyes and congestion.

    I hope things calm down for you and please keep us posted on how all of your kittens and you are doing!


    Rachael Taylor

    Reminds me so much of being apart of my own human munchkins doc office….never seeing the same physician twice causing confusion and extra hours of worry. I agree, the one has zero bedside manners and should not have been so dire in what they said….especially if you were still confused and worried about what was going on with your loved fur baby. I hope you get much clearer answers and that your fur babies start feeling well very soon


    Karma kitten

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond. I am happy to say all three are finally moving around and seem to be doing much better!
    They still have some sneezing but do seem much better!

    Now I have to just wait for Darryl’s heart appointment and hope it goes well.

    I do have one more question if anyone has any ideas. My girls are still not being very friendly with my boy. They will give him kisses and then all of sudden hiss at him. He loves to be loved and cuddled with them but the girls won’t allow it anymore. I’m trying the feliway we are on week 1. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you so much for reading and the good wishes.

    P.s. the doctor 100% had bad bedside manner and I would definitely not return to him as a full time vet but unfortunately he is the closest open near me for emergency vets.

    Thanks again
    Darryl, carol and michonne appreciate the good kittie vibes! ????



    Thanks for the purry update KK (we abbreviate names in TDK-land.) 🙂

    Glad that your furry babies are doing much better and hope that Darryl’s appt goes well.


    Karma kitten

    So today was Darryl’s appointment and I’m afraid it wasn’t the best news. He has HCM and will hAve to be on medicine for the rest of his life. I’m so upset right now because it seems there is really no answers on this disease and that there is no guarantee for him.

    If anyone has any stories or good links to pages to read on I sure would appreciate it! Just wanTed to keep you guys posted and needed to tell someone.

    Thanks for taking the time to read!


    Rachael Taylor

    Was the HCM diagnosis a primary or secondary diagnosis? Can the vet determine the severity of it? Just like humans with Congestive Heart Failure, it’s not a death diagnosis, even though medication and life style change hindering, it can be managed to extend years with us loved ones. Hugs, sorry to hear it’s a stressful and worrisome diagnosis


    Karma kitten

    Thanks for the hugs I should could use them!

    His diagnosis says:
    Unclassified cardiomyopathy – likely a variation of juvenile onset hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

    I’m very happy to hear I may still have years with him.

    I guess it was just the way the vet talked to us about it made me so very scared! When I asked her about how long we would have she said she didn’t know and that it’s very possible he could pass on us without going into heart failure first? She told us to keep a very close eye on him and so many other things that maybe it just scared me to overreact! I sure hope the case. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to me! *hugs*




    There are a bunch of articles giving you the details of HCM. Cornell University is the front-runner in feline health research. However, they talk in medical terms (duh?) so the second link is an easier to read article.

    So HCM is an incurable disease but can be treated and where do you go from here?

    1) Take a deep breath-you need to be prepared for your future together. That could be 1 month to 2 years or longer but you need to be ready.
    2) Make you boy a comfy, quiet area away from loud noises and distractions,
    3) Find the appropriate diet and medications,
    4) Spend as much time loving, cuddling and hugging together,
    5) Always be good to yourself and your boy.

    That’s all you can do. Worrying and being angry doesn’t help you.

    I feel bad giving you this information in this way and do apologize. Paws crossed that you will share your days with us.




    So sorry to hear of this diagnosis. But, (and I am not making light of it) he has what any of us has and that’s TODAY! We are all temporary beings on this planet, and that you have been chosen to care for him is a study in itself. Enjoy every day, YOU have changed HIS life, and he will surely change YOURS!!

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