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    The cat is out of the bag that we’re celebrating two holidays – Easter and Miss Leelas’ birfday.

    Warm breezes are blowing through the brilliant green grass, the aroma of freshly bloomed flowers fills the air and the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds. The agency kits are making sure this day is absolutely purr-fect!

    Throughout the night, our kits have decorated the hall with the yarn ball garland and M-E-O-W balloons. Kits have used antique milk bottles to make interesting centerpieces made with cat grass and nip. Under foot and paw, all the kits are in a frenzy searching for eggs.

    The smell of bacon, sausage and fresh bread comes from the kitchen along
    with coffee and tea. On the tables are bottles of juice and champagne for Mimosas.

    Our patio features a beautiful garden complete with a natural waterfall and fishpond making it a destination for outdoor diners. So come one, come all to TDKland and join in on the fun! 😀

    Specially for Miss Leela

    Cya and Have a wonderful weekend~




    Paws up ! What a busy Saturday I have had, went out and did an escape room with Airy, Mr MS Meegz and Mr Meegz. That was fun. Then us girls wandered the streets listening to the multitude of jazz bands here for the Jazz Festival and had lunch at a Mexican ‘Cantina’, wings with ailoi and tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole. Wonderful. Airy and I have just got back from a swim at the thermal hot pools, so relaxing sitting there in the dim light with a large gold moon shining down and illuminating the steam coming up off the water. Now we are nibbling dried mango strips. Decadent.
    HRH seems to be more comfortable tonight and has spent the day eating more than she has been lately. I hope this means that whatever has been ailing her is now on the mend.

    Oh my PG, the table the kits have set for breakfast looks amazing.How will I ever sleep soundly with that image in my mind. 😯

    Nighty night



    I braised a duck; will roast or grill it just a bit to crisp the skin. So I have a delicious sauce with hints of red onion, garlic and ginger as well as (cheap) dry white wine. I don’t eat much meat; even inviting a friend over, that will be meat for a week, South-east Asian style with a lot of vegetables and rice or noodles.

    It is sunny and relatively warm by our standards for this time of year, but we’ll get heavy rain tonight. Livia is down in the garden (down two flights of those curly iron Montréal stairs) very happy to run and play. The cats in the triplexes on the other side of my street aren’t as lucky as the alley backs onto a major street and there is traffic including heavy trucks. I don’t see how they can convert it into a traffic-calmed “green lane” where children and cats can play. We’ve done a lot of work, but still, there are graffiti and non-residents who dump trash at each end of the lane… Nasty people.



    What a lovely setup in the café/lounge area! Leela has been basking in the sun, then the shade, then the sun, with her friends and is having a fun day. She is 9 years old, and outwardly considers herself to be too old for an Easter egg hunt, but she couldn’t help running around a bit and capturing a few brightly colored eggs!
    Sounds like a great day, MS! By now you are hopefully asleep and dreaming of the beauty of TDK land. A swim in the hot springs would be the highlight for me. I’m glad Shadz is eating more.
    Your duck sounds delicious, Lagatta and the sauce sounds absolutely fabulous!



    Happy Saturday! And Happy Birthday to Leela! Nine years old…still plenty young. Mine will turn 7 this year and are still kittens. :).



    Hi effurryone! …. Oh, all our days sound just lovely! …. and the happiest of purrdays to Miss Leela!

    PG, wonderful Cafe opening and that spread looks amazing! and the purrfect princess cake! …. you have great descriptiveness (is that even a word? LOL)

    MS, my millenials love those escape room adventures, they’ve been trying to get me to do one, guess I’ll have to give it a go ….. hope it doesn’t bring out my claustrophobia too much! LOL …. hot/thermal pool sounds wonderful, I don’t know what I’d do without my jacuzzi bath tub!

    Lagatta, your braised duck sounds absolutely delicious! Mr. AV is a poultry addict, I always forget about duck, maybe will look for some this week!

    Nice that Leela is enjoying the sun, and that Livia enjoys her garden! … Miss Caddy is excited to attend the birthday bash with Abby she is new to the TDK gang! …. but doesn’t have a shy bone in her body! She is very much a tom-boy kitty, and loves her outdoor adventures!

    EC, I too, can’t believe how fast time flies! Leela 9 ?!? She was a kitten when I first started with TDK Abby was only 4!

    Well, we’re relaxing also today, and plan on going out for a fun bite (not sure where yet) later on! …..

    Have a great one all!



    Hello everyone! Late in today, but WOW, the table is groaning with all the wonderful goodies on it!! PG, your description of the weather sounds exactly like what we are having today. It’s 80 degrees, breezy and green! We went to dau’s (Avery’s mom’s) for Easter dinner today (her hubby’s family was there too) and had a wonderful time with Avery finding bunches of Easter eggs hidden in the yard. Poor kid was covered with boo-boos after running on the sidewalk and tripping. Hands, knees, legs and cheek have a little road rash… 😳

    Lagatta, your duck does sound delicious and the sauce too. Hope you had a wonderful time with your guest.

    Happy Birfday Miss Leela–you are still a kitten by my standards sweet girl!

    MS your day sounds really delightful spent with family, music, and good food. And to top it off with a soak in the pools….aahhhh! So glad that HRH is feeling better, I surely hope she stays feeling good.

    AV, make sure to have some seafood for me, maybe an adult beverage too!

    Hi ECB! Hope your cats settle down soon so you can relax when they are together. 😕

    Doing some laundry after coming home. I wanted to strip the bed and put clean sheets on, and I had the fleece blanket on and decided to remove it as I think it’s starting to get too warm at night to have it on the bed. These in between seasons are hard to figure out, but better to get up and put something on the bed than to lay there and be too hot!! 😀



    Oh, here I still need my fleece blanket – it isn’t very heavy fleece. But Ive removed a heavy Hudson’s Bay woollen blanket, though it is still folded on the little chest at the foot of the bed in case I need it.



    Still sleeping with my winter gear on bed. Weather is strange here – tomorrow supposed to rise to 20C and on Monday back down to 10C. Not springlike for any length of time as yet. And heavy rain, which I don’t mind at all.

    Happy birfday Miss Leela! Dorry says that he likes “older women.” 😉



    AV, duck has “richer” flesh than chicken, which is a treat as I’ve pretty much sworn off “red” (mammalian) meat, but seeing the little duck carcass, I almost cried, and would really like to be a vegetarian – but have a hard time digesting legumes. I don’t eat much meat and am trying to eat even less. Sometimes I crave protein though. 🙁

    KJ, hope you are feeling better. What you described is springtime where we live… I also love warm rains, and have no trouble cycling in them unless they are very strong and limit visibility and braking. They should green the environment very quickly. Livia wanted out quite late, after sundown, which bothered me, but she returned home as soon as I called her, and saw her swift little figure bounding along and up the spiral staircase. Now she is sleeping soundly, bless her.



    Not sure if I would be interested in an escape room. Wondering if I would end up sitting on the floor crying?! The hot springs, on the other hand…
    KZ, your warm weather is headed this way tomorrow. One day of summer-like temps, then it will cool off again. Ah, such is Spring!
    Cut me in on some of that seafood too, AV. There’s nothing quite like seafood when one lives by the water it comes from.
    Leela has had a blast today with all her TDK friends. I think several of them will be spending the night in the lounge. Isn’t it great when your birthday falls on a weekend? Leela thinks Dorry is cute, for a dude the same age as her silly brother Comet. She has fond memories of her ‘older’ flames, Hermes, who has since crossed the Bridge after being reunited with his mom (Judy/Siobhan), and dear Crockey.



    However you plan to spend your Sunday –

    Warm fuzzies to TDKers and have a happy~





    A basket of Easter kittens!

    As I enjoy the lovely taste of il primo espresso della giornata… A rather “long” espresso, in a cappuccino-size cup.

    Not doing much for the holiday: a friend is coming over later for a simple supper with the duck. Neither of us like sweets, so no chocolate: cheese and fruit for dessert. Probably some greens, and little potatoes sautéed in duck fat – there has to be something indulgent.

    Inviting someone over means I have to tidy up, which is a good thing. I wonder who predicted the “paperless office” due to microcomputers. Ha!



    Good morning – Happy Easter!
    I wanted to post the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Easter eggs, but it’s no longer available :/
    Many years ago on Easter I was in England. Stayed with a rather affluent family; I still remember my beautiful little room with plush dark purple carpeting and French doors opening onto a balcony that overlooked their hedge-lined property.
    It’s a beautiful spring day here in Jersey, perhaps getting a bit too warm for time spent in the kitchen. The upside is that we’ll keep mom, who’s always cold, out of the kitchen so we can open windows and hopefully get a refreshing breeze.



    Tks for asking lagatta. In addition to stomach thing, which is better, although well, Passover poses its challenges, I managed to stub my baby toe, bruised slightly, so it’s the usual ice etc. Then Friday had major scare as Dorry grabbed a long piece of thread in his mouth and speeded away from me. When he went under bed I pounced in after him, dragged him out by his leg and removed thread which he had not swallowed. Phew. Called emerg vet and as he is doing all his normal things they are not concerned. Confirmed with my vet. I’ll have to watch things more carefully and/or kick Dorry out of room when I’m using craft stuff.

    JJ, Hard to tell with grey fur, but I’m sure that Dorry is blushing. he seems chill so he must be contemplating an ode to the sheer beautiful-ness of Miss Leela. 🙂



    Oh dear, scarry for Dorry! I guess I’m fortunate, Abby does not chew / eat things. She’ll bat something around on the hardwood floors for hours,



    Ouchie with the baby toe, KJ. Hope it doesn’t slow you down. Oh Dorry, please don’t scare mama like that. Comet likes to eat that kind of stuff too, so I can’t have any ribbon, string, etc. or he will eat it.
    Had a nice day at mom’s. Ham, hash browns, stuffed mushrooms and veggies. Lemon brownies, cheesecake and carrot cake. Flowers and chocolate and a nice breeze through the house. Mom was in good spirits and Tyler was beyond adorable!



    Purry psst…Belated Happy Purrday wishes to Diva Miss Leela
    purrday wishes
    Auntie Jkt with Lucky & Scoot xo
    Kits forgot to bring the card over the weekend!
    (Heard from their chatter last nite that it was a pawsome purry celebration!) Bet Crockey was sending her heavenly purrs from the Meadow too!
    Thanks for the Invite in honor of Leela’s #9
    bday cake
    Hope there are some cake leftovers for the hanger on kits!

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