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    I’m sure you guys rarely get these but here’s an update on Calliope.

    She’s a brat. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fussy or finicky feline than Calliope, and I’ve had some feral cats before. She definitely likes things her way, anything less is unacceptable. She’s a little bottomless pit that eats nearly anything (she eats 2 cans of kitten food a day plus 10 Greenies). If you won’t give it to her, she’ll steal it. We’ve done everything to discourage her but she’s so stubborn! She’s also a biter if she doesn’t like what you are doing. She’s still full of play aggression but that’s getting better. She does respond to “No!” really well.

    She is becoming more affectionate but it’s at odd times. Most often when I get out of the shower. When she’s in her lovey mood, she give head bumps. She usually sleeps with us. I hope as she becomes more cat and less kitten, play response will decrease and lovey mood will increase.

    She never did get long fur to my surprise. She is bunny rabbit soft though.

    She’s all UTD on vaccines and I got her spayed as soon as the doc said I could. She 5 lbs. and everyone comments how big she looks. Less like a 5 month old kitten and more like a small cat.

    So yeah, she’s happy, healthy and growing up. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice about this little monster.

    Calliope, 4.5 months



    If the pic never loads…



    Indeed Miss Calliope looks like she has the legendary callie-tude! 😉 Nice to hear that she’s doing so well. As for purrsonality, my Dorry is no lap-kit either, likes to get his own way, but I love him to bits!



    Miss Calliope is gorgeous and definitely has a callie-tude. It’s been a rough road for the both of you and I’m happy to know you’ve settled into a furever, loving relationship.

    Thanks for letting us know



    Actually, when she’s in her cuddle mode she very much a lap kitty. But only in her cuddle mood. She’s kicked off my Loki, who is the lappiest of lap cats.



    Calliope is a beautiful calico girl with such a pretty face. She is going to be great fun living with.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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