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    Hey everyone,

    Just testing the forums, do you all see this?

    How is the new site for you?


    Kitten Master



    Hi Thomas! Looks cool! Thanks for all the effort 🙂



    I can see this, yay!



    So far, so good. Looks awesome. Yes, yes and yes!



    Can’t seem to get my “credentials” approved so that I can attempt to submit new forum. And yet I can respond to this posting. Will try again for a bit. Any pointers?



    Wah! Finally after dozens of failed log in attempts I am on. It prompts the authentication login, where the username ‘human’ and password ‘password’ is required before logging into the actual site.
    Up until just now I had been getting a 524 error, offline website. I wasn’t sure if that was just for me, or not?



    Submission form for the daily kitten does not include an upload bar, and looks like it is just a comment field. I was going to try to upload Harry again, because I had submitted him before Ron and Hermione but maybe he got lost again? Will inputting my description and clicking submit take me to the pic upload field? Also! Question (sorry for dropping this all on you KM, I know there are still kinks to work out) when posting a pic from photobucket is it now possible to use the [ img ] tag to embed photos? Or do we continue with the direct links? Thanks :3
    (I’m kind of an amateur beta test and debug nut)



    Also sorry to bother you after KM what seems like eons of work, but while I can get past the initial log in and add comments on main cat pages (and “Your Account” appears in upper right of window), I cannot access/start forum topics except it would seem this forum. I go through the prompt to input my actual site name/password, then I wait, and wait for “credentials” to be approved but nothing happens. Do I not have the proper “clearance level”? I hope that I have not incurred any infractions LOL.I am not extremely tech savvy. Totally unrelated, so Chaos, as you seem to have posted here, how is your sweetie Harry doing?



    Is it a blue box that says authentication required?
    Harry is ok, he had trouble peeing yesterday, and his surgery was postponed for Friday because of a schedule conflict. I’ve been doing sugar soaks to keep the swelling down until Friday.



    The FUZZ have finally chased down all the bugs in the system.

    The new format is very arty.



    Hi Chaos, Poor Harry having to wait. Re logging in, after the initial “human” etc. prompt a 2nd box pops up when I click on Log In button that seems to have some FUZZ checking out my “credentials” for what seems longer than a long wait at customs LOL. Then I was able to start a topic in General Chat, but not in the TDK Café area, or perhaps that’s the way it was even in previous format. Interesting also how the time zones do not seem to be regulated, but where I am it’s “bedtime”, so I think that I must give my cyberspace initiatives a rest. Good nite anyone/everyone!



    I think there will be a slight learning curve, but we still have everything we had before and more. I like the ability to add some formatting to my posts.



    Well, I am in. It has been a bit of a rocky start but things will smooth over in time.
    Time to go exploring to see how it fits my fingers.



    Oh there is Harry!
    I keep getting kicked off, but that may be my Internet. So far I haven’t needed to use the human username to get in again. Before it wouldn’t log me in until I put in the username, and I had to do it with each login.

    Just wanted to say the site looks great (: its got a very clean and simple yet elegant interface. You did a great job KM (:



    I can see this, still looking through the site to see where things are KM.
    One question, what has happened to the ‘Meet-up’ photos, I see they are no longer on the site. There are a lot of special memories in those photos.


    Hey everyone,

    KM here, thanks for your patience and feedback, we’re looking into fixing all the issues you’ve mentioned. Top of our priority list is the login issues & the sluggishness.

    Going forwards, the site should be up all the time, we had a ton of problems when the site launched on Monday and finally managed to get the server upgraded last night to cope with the new site.

    We’ll be keeping an eye on things over the next few days, fixing bugs and generally tidying things up.

    I’m so pleased the response has been positive so far, people usually only speak up when they have problems, so it’s been great to hear positive words!

    Thanks 😀

    Kitten Master



    Yes we should still have all of the photo’s, we’ve only changed the look & feel of the site, all the photo’s and data are still around.

    We’ll work on getting it available for you over the next few days.

    Thanks 🙂

    Kitten Master


    Just found an old post about the TDK meet up pics. The site that used to host them (Webshots) changed ownership and closed it all down. If anyone has any TDK meetup pics if you can email them in to me, I can create a page on the site for them rather than relying on an outside site to do them.

    I think Kitten Whisperer had a fair few, but if anyone has some then please send them in.





    KM, thank you for all your time and effort!!! We truly do appreciate all you do and know that you put in an immense amount of time, work, and expense behind the scenes that we can never really fully know about. So, again, thank you!

    Couple of issues/suggestions, if I may, please:

    1) Although I’ve been able to sign in and post using Internet Explorer, when I tried to do so using Chrome there were problems. In Chrome it let me enter my username and password but did not show I was signed in, would not let me post comments, but would not let me try signing in a second time, even after I closed Chrome and reopened it. So the site still has that glitch you need to know about.

    2) Reading the forum is proving difficult for aging eyes. Is it possible for you to make the font a bit heavier/darker and possibly a bit larger, please? The very thin, pale font against such a white screen is hard to read, for me at least, with aging eyes.

    3) Thank you for all YOUR patience to keep doing all you do so the rest of us can enjoy this wonderful forum/site. As the old saying goes: “Ya done good kid.” 🙂



    Well hello!….. this is the first time I can post !!!

    I tried to log in this morning on my (older) computer, that has Vista opperating system, and it let me log in on the home page, but when I went to the chat, I couldn’t post – it said ‘you must login/register’ …… also, I couldn’t see the home page photos (cuties)

    I agree with Marnet, the old format with thicker/bolder type was much easier to read

    As all have said, we appreciate your hard work, and the feedback is meant only in a positive way ……. our common goal is to continue to make this the ‘fluffiest’ site on the web 🙂

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