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    Oh… okay I see a box that says TDK store now open. But it’s only for pet related items. Can any purchase from Amazon count? And if so, how?



    There is an Amazon search box WWM–I think you can search and buy anything from there.


    The new search box seems to have disappeared, KM 2.0. I’ll try a different browser to see if that is the problem and report back.


    It’s there on IE for me (I don’t have ad block on there). On Firefox, which is what I use at home, I have the ad block on. I can see and access the store but the new search box didn’t come up. I disabled ad block for just that page and the new search box was there. So give that a try, WWM, and see if that might be the problem. With the new search box (which once you are in the store is on the left of the screen) whatever you search and buy will be credited to TDK 🙂



    Very cool! I love Amazon, and will definitely access from the TDK store from now on!



    I noticed some items listed as free as well, though the correct amount is listed in the cart. Free items would be fantastic but wouldn’t benefit TDK financially!


    Thanks for the feedback and help, all. Some people have made purchases already which will all go towards website server costs at the moment.

    We will look into the issues some of you are having – it will be an ongoing work-in-progress project.


    We’re looking to add some new products soon. Any other feedback? Would be great if you could all share the word as every little helps when it comes to costs 🙂



    Hi KM – I am looking to buy some more lysine treats. Can they be added to the TDK store?



    Adding another product to wish list. Cat Vita-gravy comes in Salmon & Chicken.

    I can no longer buy it at my local PSP!

    Saw it listed on Amazon…

    Vita-Gravy Salmon Cat, 8 oz.

    Vita Gravy Lip Lickin’ Chicken – 8 oz



    Hmm… Pet Naturals offers great supplements as Daily Vitamin, Calming, Joint, UTI, L-lysiene…wish list to order thru TDK…

    BTW…I saw both products inquired about on Amazon link on TDK Store Page. Does TDK get credit if ordered thru that link? Oops, just read your post KM2 on beginnning of thread…will try & order thru this link, thanks…done!



    Yay my orders have shipped, thanks in part to TDK Store/Amazon & KM2 woo hoo!


    Glad you are liking the store 🙂

    I’ve added a few Pet Naturals items on the store now, as well as the Cat-Vita gravy. I will add more things to the store every couple of days. Next I’ll put some simple dog products up there as I’m sure that many of you have got dogs as well as cats.

    Just to clarify that once you are on amazons pages from the search box or the banner on the left hand side of the store that ANY purchases you make will be credited to TDK 🙂



    Seeing as we’re always recommending KMR, it would be good to add that to the store 🙂 And Feliway.


    Cheers JCat, I’ll take a look at getting some of those added 🙂

    In the mean time, I’ve added some books to the store, not that you guys need guidebooks on looking after your cats and kittens 🙂

    Are there any books that you think are missing? Is there an “ultimate” cat/kitten book which you would recommend to anyone?



    Hmm, just thinking out loud here but the ultimate cat website we’re always recommending on here (for abandoned kitten care but also all sorts of other things from living with disabled cats to cat lore and history) is Sarah Hartwell’s Messybeast. Maybe you should get together with her and do a joint ultimate book on cats and kittens, with her knowledge and illustrated with TDK kitten and cat photos. It would be the dream collaboration for me:



    I buy from aMAZON ALL THE TIKE, I will use the links so TDK can profit…


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Jane, that is a wonderful idea, we do use that link as a “go to” for advice on wee babies 🙂


    Hey JCat, got the Feliway and KMR into the store 🙂

    Are there any other products or brands that are recommended by TDKers?



    Great news, KM, then we can always tell people where to find it.

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