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    Hi All,

    As has been mentioned before, TDK has been struggling financially for a while. We have been working on some ideas to ensure we can continue to run TDK as a free site for all. As part of that, we have setup a store (sponsored by with a variety of kitten/cat products. We would appreciate it if any time you are going to buy from Amazon (cat related or not) you follow the links from the store. We get paid a small commission for each purchase and this goes towards paying the web server and maintenance.

    KM 2.0

    P.S. As always, I welcome any feedback you may have.


    Cool, KM 2.0! I buy from Amazon frequently and will be sure to use your link!

    Also, years ago I used to surf the web via a link to a specific cause and they got money for that. I wonder if the web still offers things like that. I’ll search my computer and see if I still have that link.



    Oh how exciting I’ll be taking a look tonight..



    Great idea KM!



    I agree, this is a good idea! Thanks KM2!! 🙂



    Many products are labelled ‘free’. I don’t get it…


    KYKAT 12 23

    Does this work if we buy non-pet stuff from Amazon?


    Yes, KYK if you use the link to the TDK store there is an Amazon search box up at the top for other products and anything you order from there will still benefit TDK.


    KYKAT 12 23




    Way cool. I’ll remember to look for that and also to tell my hubby.


    KYKAT 12 23

    I just tried it and it only searches through selected products. It doesn’t search the wider world of Amazon



    Whoo hoo!


    Dang, KYK! I thought that would work based on what KM 2.0 had to say in his post. Will email him and see what we need to do for TDK to get credit.



    This is great! I have a Cat-It fountain and I need filters – so perfect timing, I have ordered some through TDK!


    Sorry, I thought the search at the top would do Amazon too. Turns out it is just the site. I’ve just added an Amazon search box on the left which will work. Also if you click on the banner for Amazon pets (also on the left), this takes you to Amazon and then anything that you browse and end up buying in any category will earn TDK commission.

    Also if there is anything obvious that is missing from the store that’s kitten/cat related that you would like to see in the store then let me know and I’ll get them added 🙂



    Just a suggestion, but maybe add some of the basic dog supplies too–I can’t have cats because of some health issues my hubby has but I do have dogs. I know some of the other members do too.



    Noticed a lot of stuff labeled free… Oh KM can you see about getting those litter catching gel mats that go beside the litter tray.. I can get them in Ireland at all!!


    This is the only thing I found with a “litter mat” search:



    We buy from Amazon all of the time! *If* I can figure out how this works, we will certainly try and make sure that TDK is credited.



    I’m not seeing the “search box on the left”???

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 55 total)

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