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    Hi everyone – I’m updating the TDK mailing list just in time for the holidays!

    If you are not on the list and want to be, please email me at lv655b at yahoo dot com. Please provide your TDK name, real name, email, mailing address, household family, pets and birthday (day and month only!).

    Being on the list does not obligate you to send cards. Just as in TDK land, no one judges you. The list is shared only on TDKF, a closed fb page. I will email the list to anyone not on fb.

    The list comes in handy not just for spreading holiday cheer, but for celebrating each other’s birthdays and keeping track of our furry family.

    If you are on the list and have any changes within the past year, please email me.

    Please consider joining in the fun! The list is long due to most being on the fb page instead of here, but we are a small fun group and there are a few of you who I would love to send a card to! Remember, just because you get a card doesn’t mean you have to send one. I have found tremendous happiness in sending cards to TDKr’s.

    Happy Holidays!



    Tks for taking this project on again JJ! You rock!



    I am the same as other years JJ but will not be ‘snail mailing’ this year as I left it far too late. OOps 😳
    Thank you for doing the list JJ.



    1. I think I’m on the list; if I’m not, please tell me at 16catsguardian at gmail dot com (I made up that user name 2 cats ago.)

    2. I’m not on Facebook.


    Cheri Hoyt

    I would like to be on the list. My email addy is cherylhoyt1960 at yahoo dot com.
    My girl kitty is Babydoll and my birthday is December 22nd. Thank you,



    JJ, you are an angel for doing this, but for the first time in a decade, I’m not snail mailing ….. too late, and too discombulated. … so sorry, I love you all so much, and you’ve meant the world to me for over a decade now!

    I feel so bad 🙁



    Thanks so much Joan for your Pawsome Purry Effort to keep TDKrs in the know!
    Sad to say no paper cards this year from me either. My new schedule has thrown a wrench in my extra time…plan earlier/ahead for next year! As always you are t’e best on the ‘net!
    cat writing letter 🙂

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