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    I found some goats milk and want to switch to it from the formula. Although we finally got poop, it has now been 2 days again and I’m afraid we are back to square one.

    Question, should I wean over or just go cold turkey? I tried a 50/50 mix and he wanted nothing to do with it. Then again, he seems to want nothing to do with any food the last couple days so maybe that is it…




    Hi Mary,

    The Goats’ milk is great, helps with digestion and should help your kit have and maintain poops. I would go “cold turkey.”




    I went cold turkey with my last kitten with no bad results, only good ones….and poop! So go for it and keep us posted!!



    Thanks all! I did it and things seemed going well. He started having loose stools yesterday though so now I’m worried the pendulum swung the other way. Sigh! I’m hoping this is a spurt. I’m going to try and start weaning him this week. I doubt he’ll take to it right away, but this syringe feeding is getting harder and harder to get enough in him. He can’t seem to get the bottle, so I figure maybe he will get the lapping/eating easier. Fingers crossed!



    Breath deep Mary, exhale….again. It sounds all is going well. An occasional bit of runny stools isn’t a problem unless there’s blood.

    You can mix baby cereal or wet food in the Goats’ milk to give him some bulk. Given his age, it’s going to be challenging to get him to eat from a platter. However, if he has access to it and is hungry enough. Prepare yourself for a messy transition! Many peeps believe transitioning from milk before 4-5 weeks is early but as long as you’re giving him milk and wet food, he’ll be OK.

    What’s his name? Keep in touch



    Thanks pussigato! I needed some reassurance. Pickles is our little guys name. He is still having diarrhea today, but is not lethargic and is still acting hungry. I tried backing off his servings in case it was over feeding, but he is a hungry guy. I am going to try to top off the food with pedialyte to fill his belly without overfeeding until I can get to the vet. He is 3 weeks so maybe he needs de-wormed?? Trouble is he is only 5 ounces now up from 1, but only gaining slightly for the last few days since this started. I just need him to make it a few more days until we can afford to get to the vet. Fingers crossed this passses!



    I found that Yuri itches like crazy with goats mi!k and his ears turn a pinkish shade of red. It’s bad news. I also thought it was better than KMR but neither seems an option. If you have to feed adult food I’d go l lysine or equivalent to ensure all vitamin requirements are met. At present Yuri’s aren’t and I have to get the vitamins as soon as I can. Headaches are a problem and i imagine they and the chest congestion won’t be after that. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a vet and it’s all trial and error (goats milk over KMR for example) outside air is a must and you don’t need a harness if you start yours at 4 or 5 months. Older cats need a harness when just starting out. He knows the leash after Wed used it just two days. So it’s pretty easy. A collar for a chihuahua is easier and they have ones that are easy to put on and take off and are cheap. I thought it was a torture before I tried it and am comforted by the fact that not only is it not? He gets the benefit of going outside as much as we can and what it does for himemotionally and physically.


    Katie judkins

    Thanks for all of this advice. I’ve been following this thread as my 10 day old, Darwin, is struggling to poop. She seems to be getting lots of nourishment. She’s gaining an average of 1/2 oz per day, but she just can’t seem to poop unless she gets some mineral oil, and even then it’s sporadic and firm. She’s awfully happy for a backed-up kitty. I think I’d be cranky as all get out, if it were me, but she just snuggles and enjoys her belly rubs. 🙂 This is great info. This website has been a life saver! I wish it had been around when I fostered my first neonatal kittens almost 20 years ago. Just goes to show that, no matter how much experience a person has, there are always opportunities to learn something new and helpful!

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