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    The humble hamburger is a mainstay of backyard barbecues, fast food restaurants and come in a million varieties. Many people don’t eat beef, however, we now have options to chose from today. So hang tight and celebrate with kits during Hamburger Month. I can haz hamburger?

    I’ve been watching MST3K today. We’ve had a nice rain today and it’s supposed to continue tomorrow. They had planned an outdoor party after Z’s Confirmation but that may be moved indoors.

    Have a happy~



    Dinner tonight will be leftover pulled roast pork in wholemeal garlic Pita bread with greens yet to be decided.



    Oh MS, your dinner sounds wonderful! Well, I for one LOVE cheeseburgers. I don’t like a bunch of sauce gooped all over them like some restaurants are famous for–spicey cheesy slop because you can’t taste the burger. Run it through the garden and hold the mayo…I’ll be good to go!

    I also loved Bishop Curry’s sermon…I thought maybe he might have ‘woken up’ a few of those Royals with his fiery love sermon! 😆 There were times during my career of being a church administrative assistant when the priest was gone that I had to get a supply priest for Sundays. There were a couple that had AWFUL sermons (even though they were great people) and they were waaaaay too long. Many times I wanted to get their attention and make the ‘cut across the throat’ sign and felt my head was going to bang the back of the pew in front of me…come on all ready, you’ve made your point!! I tried to not get them again… 😐

    I loved the bride’s tiara and veil, the dress not so much. It was beautiful, but for her..way to plain. A little ‘bling’ would have been good. 😛



    I too am a fan of cheese burgers! from good beef, to turkey, to fish …. give ma a nice slice of cheese, lettuce and pickles … yumm!!! Grilled in my 100+ year old cast iron skillet, nothing better!

    I typically like either coleslaw or marinated tomato/cuke/onions as a side …. potato wedges or chips are ok, but I like something lighter!

    It’s rained almost 24 hrs here (unusual), but we sure did need it. The fishie pond is full to overflowing, and Caddy hasn’t budged from her porch perch since it started. Abby watches it fall from her small donut bed by the french doors, curled up with her white kitty ….. Mr. AV is ‘sleep-watching’ his golf tourney, Son is talking to GF in Africa, and I’m enjoying my DVR’d movies and will shortly go to the porch to join Caddy and read. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday afternoon!



    Halp! I iz not cheezburger! Hehe
    The wee kitten at skool looking for a mini cheeseburger is adorable!

    I love cheeseburgers! Less is more for me too, just a fresh bun, crisp lettuce, and if the tomato is fresh enough, no ketchup is needed!

    That tiara was so beautiful! So glad the weather was purrfect for the procession. Reminded me of the beautiful spring weather we had when I was there many moons ago.

    It was drizzly this morning but the sun has been peeking out from time to time. Much warmer today, no fire needed. Yesterday a low fire felt great and kept the dampness out.

    Chance of t-storms here so no grilling burgers tonight, but we’ll have them soon.

    I would be remiss on this hamburger day if I didn’t send a shout-out to my late Shaddo. When he was a young whippersnapper he stole a freshly grilled hamburger right from the platter! No, he didn’t get in trouble, his striking looks got him out of many jams over the years. Hubby learned a lesson: don’t turn your back on the boy for a second!



    Actually, I was very impressed with Meghan’s dress. Very elegant, no bling – except for the antique tiara, of course.

    LIVIA remains the queen of all creation, though she was born in a shed, in an alley.



    Lagatta-You’ve been telling what a darling Livia is but we haven’t seen her as our Daily Kitten. What’s up with that?

    I heard the diamond bandeau tiara belonged to Queen Mary of Teck, the wife of King George the V. Its center brooch, which is detachable and studded with ten diamonds, was created in 1893. That’s the sum of my knowledge of “the wedding.”



    I’ll have to get a less tech-challenged friend to take a good photo and help me post it here!



    Never was much of a burger fan – even growing up unless that’s all that was offered. As a youngster we had “Kotletki” as li’l patties – meatball size in gravy over mashed potatoes as comfort food my dad preferred.
    Now I have evolved to choosing #MeatFree of #PlantBased!
    Here is my 2.5cent share:
    bleeding vegan burger
    #VeganBurger – almost looks like bleeding meat based version.
    Haven’t tried them yet…probably soon as Summertime Nomz choice for grilling! Probably will curb the usual response as hmm…why do you eat that…is it as good as…blah blah …that’s ok – to each his own! 😉



    The tiara was very elegant and went well with the bride’s gown. I hate those big clunky ones, which is why I designed my own veil holder for my wedding. Hair band with wired branch of tiny silk flowers and seed pearls wrapped around it.

    Yup the “girl you need a cheeseburger” c’est moi! Like when peeps say that one’s goggie resembles their master/mistress. Guess I’d have to get me a whippet or a IMHO prettier Italian greyhound LOL.

    Classy, yes?

    Well Dorry’s a slim Jim so I guess it works for kits too!

    Only veggie cheeseburgers chez KJ. I’m preferring the quinoa brand as suggested by our lagatta. I can’t remember what meat tastes like.

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