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    Who doesn’t love pulling on a cozy sweater on a cold day? Guess what? It’s Sweater Day! This day has been a great tool to get people thinking about energy conservation. It reminds us that when we don our sweaters, we can turn the thermostat down. Even the WWF supports this holiday as the earth and all the animals are affected by the various uses of fuel. Of course, we know how kits feel about sweaters…

    Have a happy~



    Tks PG for another KJ-type day!!!!!

    I LOVE sweaters!!!!!

    The one that Basement Cat is sporting could be worn by moi! Yarn gleaned from Southern Hem sheep is awesome!

    Right now I’m working on a warm hat. But then it’s back to sweaters … and more sweaters. And I still keep thermostat turned way up!



    Love the tortie with her daisy sweater. Her expression says it all. I once gave a cat a ball of wool. It went an amazingly long way, even further than the box full of tissues, very, very quickly. I didn’t realise just how many chair legs or stair rails we had.



    Sweaters, I had to put one on this morning, we had a nippy night(I had to haul the sheet over me)and an even nippier morning – barely 15C. Thankfully the sun came out mid morning and things heated up then.
    Great pics especially that kitty in the daisy sweater. Here we call a sweater a jersey or pullover. As for the Kiwi/Aussie sheep in February, the adult would be shorn but the scenery looks like NZ.
    AV, hope you had a great time at your young friends surprise party. 😉 😉
    PM, love your description of the ball of wool all over the house.



    Great pics, MS! In my part of Oz, for my generation, it’s a jumper. As in – What do you get when you cross and kangaroo and a sheep? A woolly jumper.



    PM, I had forgotten jumper, that was another one that was used when I was a child.
    What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a house mouse?
    Enormous holes in your skirting boards.
    Both those joke ere from my school days.
    Going on for midnight now and I am headed for bed. I managed to catnap HRH Shadz a short time ago and she is already upstairs in bed and no doubt sprawled out wide so I have to sleep awkwardly.



    Yes, Southern Hem friends, I remember not “getting it” when mention was made of “jumpers” ’cause when I was growing up a jumper was a sleeveless dress worn over a T-neck or shirt. But now I know better! 😉

    Anyway here’s my latest knit sweater. Ever so soft as yarn has bit of faux angora in it.

    And PG, here’s the faux mink chair cushions.

    NowI’m working on one of those “all the rage” hats using my huge amount of leftover yarn. I’m learning some new skills with this one as in knitting in the round without twisting the thing and having to re-start (3 times!) and using double point needles. It will be topped by faux mink pompom.



    Hi all – that sweater-wearing Black Cat looks like Comet! Comet doesn’t harvest souls though…

    Happy Sweater Day! Pretty sweater, KJ. I’ve been going through mine, keeping only what really works for me. Have to keep the pink one Mom made many years ago as well as the one with my high school band logo. Go Panthers!

    I still have baby Leela’s ball of pink yarn. She was the epitome of kitten vs. ball of yarn. Then again, she was a purrfect kitten. Comet eats yarn though, so it’s kept out of reach now.

    It’s been lightly snowing all day but has now changed to freezing rain. I’ve got five cats lounging around the house and two more in shelters outside. I haz a happy!



    Wow JJ, I can see how you haz a happy–it’s great to know you have made their lives comfy and safe. Peso has taken to laying himself on the back of the loveseat with his legs splayed on either side and sound asleep. I have pics of him like this, just so I can blackmail him at some point! 😆

    It was snowing this morning–so much so that it stuck to my satellite dish and it had to be removed to get a signal! First time ever that has happened and I was worried with it being Super Bowl Sunday and all…goodness! Glad that it was an easy fix without bothering to have to call tech support.

    Been a lazy day and I’m loving every minute of it. I may even go take a nap in my soft comfy bed with a cat or two.



    Good afternoon all, very quiet here I thought and then I realised that it’s superbowl day.
    KJ, interesting, we’d call that sleeveles dress to wear over a Tshirt a tunic. 😕 Great looking sweater, I love the colour.
    JJ, you have a real cat house going on there now and who can blame them for being inside with snow and freezing rain.
    KZ, you had me almost choking on my lunch with the ‘blackmail him at some point’. I used to say something similar to the girls about some of the pics we took like Airy asleep face first in her mashed potato. 😆 😆 Not quite sure how successful it would be with a cat and what the currency would be, cat treats maybe. Yikes now interrupting the signal on Superbowl Sunday ! ! Tragedy. I heard that it could be -14 degrees at kick off but they didn’t elaborate which scale that was, C or F. Either way the brass monkeys would be crying.
    I’ve had an interesting morning getting txts from KK who was picking up mu daughter Meegz from a nearby town. Trouble was the road was closed after a traffic accident so she pulled into small town to await road opening. Next txt said her car battery was flat and assistance was an hour away. Then public restroom had no loo paper but cleaner appeared at the perfect time with some. Then car assistance can’t get there because they are on the other side of the road block. DOH ! New assistance person arrives from town she is in and changes battery. Road opens briefly and she is on her way. Meantime Meegz was in strange town with luggage to lug about making the best that she could of it. KK txts that road closing in four minutes for 3 hours while crane clears away truck removed from road and she’s probably not going to get through. Yay, txt to say she got through but now they are stuck for hours with only shopping to do. 😯 😀 It really was a comedy of errors getting these txts from them both as things went well and then turned to custard. Talk about entertaining this end. They will laugh about it one day.
    I spent the morning hanging streamers on my fig tree to scare the birds away from my precious fruit. The morning was HOT and humid but now we have a thunder storm and rain warning in effect. HRH will be angry if it rains again as her ‘nest’ in dry grass outside has finally dried off from the last deluge and she was quite lost when she couldn’t sleep in it the last few days.



    MS, sounds like the KK/Meegz incident would make a good film plot – in retrospect of course. 😉

    Well I might have beaten my unset record. Finished knitting a hat in what would have been just a day. And renewed my conviction that double point needles are not fun for me, but whatever. It was well worth at least learning the technique. Plan was for hat to go with ALL my winter coats while using leftover yarn from sweaters. Ergo: black, dk blue, red, wine, green, grey, brown. Sorta slouchy look, but it will work. Right now it’s in the wash. ‘Cept for the pompom which won’t be purrmanently attached anyway.

    And I’m literally sitting on ice as I must have slightly strained a glute muscle. :-(. It’s been about a week and physio says these things take some time. Plus this purrticular muscle is always in use, could even have hurt it while trying to navigate on icy sidewalks. And with no padding to speak of even sitting as per usual on pillows is not a joy.

    Guess some peeps are watching the Superbowl. But not understanding anything about football, I am not one of them.



    Wow KJ, those knitting needles must have almost been smoking with the speed. The hat looks great and warm.
    Oh no, poor glute, I have been dealing with the same thing recently but after about 4 weeks it has healed and no more pain. I found the arnica really helped at night.



    I love your sweater, KJ. You’ll be strolling along in your jaunty knit cap tomorrow. The glute muscle is slow healing because, well, you sit on it a lot. My calves are feeling better today.

    I’m glad your cat house is full, safe and comfy, JJ.

    KZ-does Peso snore? Miss Gaea does and it’s so funny. She’ll never admit it though. 😆 LilBit is on my arm again. He was sleeping but now he’s cleaning my forehead. Apparently,, I don’t wash my forehead good enough because that’s the only place he cleans.

    You, KK and Meegz had an interesting morning. Oh, poor HRH. She finally gets her fave spot back in order and bam! here comes another storm. 🙁

    Yes, Yes – Philadelphia beat NE in the Superbowl! Woohoo! I need to go out and drink to this 😀 😎 😆



    Glad that your team won PG! Definitely merits a drink! 😉

    MS, tks for reminding me of the efficacious arnica. I plan to slather on a goodly amount once I settle in for the night.

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