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    Earth Day is here again. This is another chance to, if not be the solution, at least be less of a problem for Mother Earth. Don’t just treat this just as an incentive to pick up coke cans on a jogging trail (definitely go do that, as well). We can’t change everyone but we can looking at our habits and see the type of impact we have on our environment. Kits are down with with Earth Day, too!

    The rain stopped and Miss Gaea is out enjoying the evening. Tomorrow is going to be sunny but cold and then the rain/snow is going to start again on Monday.

    L8R and have a happy~

    nighty night with a pocket full of purry lovings



    We had nasty crisis last night just as Mr MS rrived home from work. He comes in the door calling out ‘Honey, I’m home, how was your day?” Then he walked in on the scene of cat yak across two rooms and a huge pond of cat pee around the litter tray and paper towels in scrunched up bunches all over. Poor HRH ate a sachet of Whiskas but I suspect it was too much too soon and she brought it all up. Poo baby. The good thing is she is hungry and today she has been getting one teaspoon every hour of Whiskas kitten sachet and she comes back looking for more and has been eating her new biscuits too. All positive.
    I forgot it was Earth Day but quite by chance I spent most of the day in the garden weeding and planting new vege seedlings. This afternoon KK, Mum and I visited the cemetery an placed an ANZAC poppy on Dad’s headstone as ANZAC Day is on the 25th April. He served in the Air Force in the Pacific. It was lovely that KK was visiting at this time. This evening KK, Meegz and I are heading to the hot pools for a soak although we have had a very hot day for April. 21C at 5pm. Nothing stops us going to the hot pools when KK or Airy are visiting.



    Had a fantastic soak at the hot pools, eventually we were the only people in the pool and had a great time. Picture this, hot pool with steam rising off it, low lighting and red and yellow up lighting into the palms and tree ferns that surround the pool. Underwater seating all around the pool. Bliss.
    I am heading to bed wonderfully relaxed.



    Happy Earth Day! Take your plants out for a non gas powered ride. Then smoke them. Hehe.
    The hot pool sounds glorious, and to have it to yourselves for a while is certainly a nice bonus!
    I’ll be doing some Earth Day cleanup in my yard today, the remnants of where a bear had a picnic. It’s a beautiful day so I might start uncovering some gardens, though it’s too early and too cold to plant anything.
    At work yesterday morning when suddenly a parade broke out right outside my window! Opening Day for Little League. There was a fire truck, bagpipes (the high school band is the Highlanders, and feature bagpipes), and kids decked out in their snappy new uniforms.
    Yesterday afternoon I went to my hometown animal shelter’s annual yard sale. I had donated a pile of stuff, and like every year, came home with a new pile of treasures!



    Happy Earth Day! Our largest Earth Day rally here in Montréal was in 2012, a huge and utterly peaceful march of some 300,000 people!

    No need to understand French to get a sense of the day. The old man at the beginning was Frédéric Bach, an illustrator and filmmaker who made a famous film abouut “the man who planted trees” who is planting an acorn with a little boy.

    I was walking alongside an old friend of the same vintage as Mr Bach, “Bicycle Bob”, Robert Silverman, one of the founders of Le Monde à bicyclette alongside Claire Morissette, in 1975. I was walking my bicycle, decorated for the occasion.

    Unfortunately, although it is sunny and not cold, the day is nothing like it was then, with many trees already green. It has been a dismal spring.



    Relaxing Sunday to everyone! I’m not planning on doing anything and so far it’s been a success!

    This was a two cups of coffee morning–it tasted so good I decided I wasn’t done yet. We had a fun birthday party here for middle granddaughter yesterday afternoon–everyone bringing their pizza of choice. Such a great idea and that way you get pizza from different places, different sauces and toppings and no one has to cook! Just had fun visiting and there is virtually no clean up. Everyone takes a mix of pizza home too, plus birthday cake.

    Mr. KZ does his bit for the earth each spring and fall as he patrols our road and picks up trash (mainly discarded food bags and cans and bottles of beer) and then puts them in our trash. A few times I have seen needles discarded along the road, which these days you need to be very wary of and other ‘not so lovely’ trash–of the ‘rubber’ variety. 😆 We have a long tractor path that goes into the field by a cattle shed that people like to use for ‘romantic trysts’ and they like to leave their discarded treasures. I told Mr. KZ once that I was going to put a large trash can out there with ‘PUT YOUR CONDOMS HERE’ <<<<< and he was mortified…so I didn’t, but I would have like to. I would have like to have seen the cows lined up by the fence watching (because they are so nosey) as all that was going on. One couple left a couple of orange sodas too–dude was a BIG SPENDER! 🙄 😛



    Happy Sunday all! …. went to early worship, then quick grocery run and home/chillin’ before the rain hits later today! …. Mr. AV did a quick yard tidy, and Son is having friends over later to ‘play’ in the golf/man cave …. I’m headed to the porch to ready with Caddy

    Oh HRH! Abby will yakk everything up if I feed her too much all at once! you elderly gals need to take it slow and easy …. I give Abby about a table spoon every couple of hours through out the day … seems to work well, fortunately, I work from home so I can be at her ‘beck and call’ ….

    Tonight, though it will be stormy, is warm and muggy …. I feel like a lite dinner, so I’m making tuna salad served in avacado halfs … along with the traditional Israeli salad, which is one of my favorite things 🙂

    Hope everyone has a great afternoon!



    I’m not eco-minded at all, so didn’t realize that it was Earth Day. Although Google did a doodle on the subject.

    Starting to warm up – can true Spring be on its way?

    On way home stopped upon seeing some purrsons with the cutest goggie ever! Like mix of sheltie with some husky thrown in. Wee pup if one can judge by the floofy fur. Turned out that peeps found him wandering the n’hood and had decency to pick him up. He was dodging traffic! 😮 Wearing collar with no ID/license. 🙄 Even Dorry who is indoors-only has a license – it’s the law here. And friendly as one guy was carrying him with no probs. They posted his pic on FB and were planning to go into n’hood pet supplies store to see if any of the staff know his owners. I suggested that they also see if he’s microchipped. So hope he gets claimed. Although if he gets put up for adoption IMHO there will be a long line of potential takers. Hoping for a good outcome for this COA pup!



    Woohoo the site is back. I was able to get on but not post at all.
    KK has flown home, the chimneys at our, Meegz and Mum’s house were all cleaned and now we are looking forward to having a fire.
    HRH is not doing very well and hasn’t eaten today.



    Oh, HRH! Poor baby – Please we want you to get better.

    I bet you looked like that cat on couch, MS.

    Mr. KZ was mortified. 😆

    As you know we took our weed, er plants, for a ride and smoked them too. While reading USA Today, I learned Denver is the marijuana capitol on 4/20. What a distinction.

    It’s sunny and warm and the gang has been racing around to catch every sunny spot. Let’s hope the cold is over, KJ. I pay for the Hulu channel. It’s $8.99 a month and I have access to hundreds of movies, series and documentaries.

    I’m sure the goggie will be safe soon. It’s good someone cared enough to get it out of traffic. You should see the husky pup next door. So happy and playing-even when the kids are in school their parents walk the puppy. The mom put her rag mop out to dry on Saturday-oh, boy the puppy was in heaven. Running around, tossing it in the air, wrestling with it. LilBit and Miss Moppet are like that when they find their fave toys.

    We have a FB and Blog for our neighborhood and, everyday, I read about another dog/cat lost or found out on the streets. At least, people are posting info and many residents have posted pictures of their pets. I’m not fond of neighborhood and community activities because I don’t like most people and might have to interact with them but the blog is nice.



    For HRH



    Indeed, sending wishes for HRH.

    Earth Day was mostly local initiatives this year, in my case beginninng the clean up of our lane, which is officially a “ruelle verte”, and when it is warm enough, planting more vegetation there. Some of the asphalt has been removed, though we have to keep enough roadway for fire trucks or other emergency vehicles. The speed limit has been reduced to walking speed, and we may follow the lead of the block north of us and instal basketball hoops and other basic equipment for children playing there. The borough council here is very eco-minded so they are providing a lot of support. This also aims to fight garbage dumping at either end of the lane, though it is very hard to catch the culprits as they do it at night and the worst offenders bring large amounts of rubbish by pick-up truck.

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