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    Hugging Day encourages you to embrace (no pun intended) hugging, and to give those you care about a comforting squeeze. Câlins, Abbracci, Umarmungen, Abrazos – Hugs are awesome in any language!

    Is there anything more wonderful than a kitten hug? I think not!
    Have a happy~



    We’ve all had a relative do that.

    Today has been very hot, as the day wore on the humidity did fall but the heat increased and one thermometre in the shade outside read 30C and the coolest room inside was 27C. We are not really used to those temps on a regular basis. Our overnight temp is supposed to be 20C, it’s going to be an uncomfortable night I think. On top of that I discovered two courgettes that had grown big and really needed to be used so I spent the afternoon in a hot kitchen making a courgette, yellow beet and carrot crustless loaf. In our house it is a ‘sawdust recipe’ as I made it up from my head as I went. It is cooling on the windowsill and will be served with a green salad and cold corned beef shortly.



    Love the photo of the ill, elderly lady sharing a hug with a tabby cat.

    Cats (and other companion animals) really do help us in many ways.

    Moonshadow, that loaf sounds wonderful. Is this a bread loaf, or a loaf bound with something else?

    We’re in another thaw. Tomorrow it will go below freezing again, but just normal winter cold, not the horrific freeze we experienced at the end of December and early January.

    We are already a month past the December Solstice.



    The weather people finally got it right – we have snow. There’s about 4″ from last night and it’s still coming down. WooHoo!

    I disrespected Miss Gaeas’ world this morning. I was shoveling snow out back and the husky pup thought that was cool so he followed me along the fence line. I, horror of horrors, chatted with him. 🙄

    It’s the final playoffs to see who’s going to the Super bowl 4/2/2018. I’m watching the games, reading the Sunday NY Times and will have to go shovel some more snow later. What an exciting day-Cya



    Hugs all around! 🙂

    Although I might not be in such a hugging mood come Tuesday when “they” say that we are going to get freezing rain!!!! 😮 😥

    Anyway, how fun it is (for me) when I can shop and do a sorta mitzvah (good deed) at the same time. Went back to new store to buy me awesome (Coach/Kade Spade style) small but roomy red tartan handbag.I think that it is the “KJ tartan” LOL, although I also think that all Canadians are entitled to sport the Maple Leaf Tartan. Wondered why store was closed on Caturday.

    Chatting with clerk discovered that store is part of community charitable org started up and run by observant Jews. Yes! So part of what I pay goes back to help with their awesome programs. Plus all the stuff is BRAND NEW as donated by the manufacturers, like an on- going bazaar (I have bought some awesome stuff at bazaars). I’m talking Pajar coats etc. I will be passing the word on at the gym as store is right in the area and I feel that lots of locker room peeps will be interested. Now I have my eye on an orange footstool, as they also have soft furnishings, but need to be able to carry it. 🙂



    That’s awesome you can shop and give back to the community, KJ. You can look awesome and feel warm and fuzzy inside. 😀 Maybe they’ll deliver your footstool.

    I just came in from shoveling more snow. We’re at 6.5″-yes!! Miss Gaea supervised from the garage until she got disgusted with it all. She’s on my chest demanding attention.

    I think I need some popcorn for the games.



    PG, if you check the wormhole I believe that there’s a bucket o’ popcorn with your name written on it. Enjoy the game. I’m watching “Body Hack” where host is trying out being a Bollywood stuntman, which makes Hollywood stunt work look like walk in the park.

    Footstool is quite light, but cumbersome. So I would have to buy it when I’m not carrying other stuff. Not a prob.

    Going back to previous posts on boots/boot trays. In our condo there is rule that no mats etc. are to be kept in hall. What to do? Well n’bours and self have our mats in our own places. But when we come in with dripping mucky boots we simply leave them in hall until they are dry – no rule about that. Which mucks up carpeting. Stupid as referring to bldg administration? I think so.



    Good morning all, I have a tired. The temps din’t drop much overnight and despite open windows and several fans going the bedroom was 25C. I finally fell asleep at 4am then woke at 7am to 24C which has gone up to 25C and rising. We’ve had sun but have low cloud which is holding the heat it and also had drizzle with more rain forecast so damp and muggy will be today’s weather. I got out early and hand scrubbed down a section of our balcony in preparation to re-staining. What a job.
    Lagatta, the loaf was made up as I went along, I used grated zucchini, carrots and yellow beets, diced onion and garlic, chopped chives and some smoked paprika and grated cheese and then added 4 beaten eggs and enough flour and breadcrumbs to thicken mix a bit then put in loaf tin that was greased and crumbed with some grated cheese and toasted sesame seeds on the bottom. Baked for about 50 minutes then cooled and sliced. It is very moist and medium dense. I’m wondering if quinoa would make it less dense. It was delicious. It was just a mix of what I had and threw together and hoped it would work out. Maybe self raising flour would help next time.
    PG ! You betrayed Miss Gaea’s trust. Oh girl are you in for it now, sleep with one eye open.
    Okay you are all getting some nasty weather and despite the fact we will be getting rain we will still have the humidity so I will turn the fans towards you all so you can share the benefits of warmer temps.
    KJ, sounds like you have found temptation in the form of a store, and it sounds really good. Have fun buying stuff knowing you are giving back to the community.
    LOL, have to laugh at Miss Gaea being on your chest and in your face demanding attention. You’re paying for chatting to the ‘DOG” !



    Hugs to all!

    It was somewhat mild today here in Jersey. I had the wood burner going and a few windows open. Nice to get some fresh air in the house!

    Berta’s new nickname is Goldielocks – she’s been trying out all the chairs, cat beds, kitty towers, etc.



    Happy late Sunday all! Oh MS and Lagatta, those recipes sound so good!

    So nice to see our old friend Marnet back! I miss her and so many others!

    Next weekend the big Gasparilla parade will be even larger than normal, as it’s coupled with the big NHL event here that Tampa is hosting ….. oh joy, almost a million predicted to attend! AND THEY ALL WALK PAST MY HOUSE!!!

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